May 17 - 19 Final 5 Glyphs Active / SM Interview / Voice Recordings Task

Here is a nice summary for today and I am happy with the events because we got a sneak peek. :sunglasses:
On the 19th of May, the reddit post was updated to contain a hint to the puzzle. Upon finding this hint, players realized that they needed to reorder the stars according to their background color. After this, the stars were numbered 1-7. That number then told players which letter out of the star name to take. This gave players the letters ANNAETN which was found to be an anagram for ANTENNA, which when put into the waking titan terminal, gave a new image.

When unscrambled, the following text was given:

Reconstructing language database
Comment with filename of Wikipedia DB ending with D97C0
Then, the wikipedia database with the filename D567CE8E2EC4792A99197FB61DEAEBD70ADD97C0 was found. The name was commented on the post, then the post was edited to the following:

D567CE8E2EC4792A99197FB61DEAEBD70ADD97C0 - Valid . Command updated - Erpbirel . System entering standby . CR now loading . Support instructions: igS4Tzd6
The satcom-70 website was then updated. Erpbirel was a terminal command for waking titan that lead to an image. The second part, Support instructions: igS4Tzd6 was found to be a part of the URL for a pastebin link. The text of the pastebin is as follows:

Vocal reconstruction database required
Source: Wikipedia (any article)
Length: 1 sentence
Format: MP3 audio
Minimum samples : 100
Minimum languages: 5
Minimum unique voices: 33
Sample origin: Homo sapiens
Upload instructions: Submit all samples in a single message to u/satcom-70
Deadline : Tuesday May 22nd, 10am eastern time


Hope you are right!



Been working on it…



Mannnnnn that was a LOT to read but in the end we got sneak peaks of future content just likelast year! I love it!

It looks like potentially procedurally generated battle ships! Two can be seen with the same hexagon design in the center, its a subtle thing, but it seems to be suggesting that its the same ship/type so maybe its a hint to the ability to customize the same ship? :scream:


Guys! We need more submissions to finalise our voice-submission!

Head over here for more info on what to do: Voice Recordings Deadline May 22

or just send your voice recordings from wikipedia directly to

Let’s hear your voices! :smiley:


Newsom is great!!

They do look very procedural (even though they seem hand-drawn) The two smaller ones share an interesting skid-like structure, highlighted with unreadable text on the second one, that suggest some sort of docking mechanism.

Looking at the details they seem pretty big… We could call them Corvette class.
The lines are very ocean-like… but the underside turrets throw me off on that idea. They at least look more aerodynamic than freighters… More suited for atmospheric monouvers?

The three seem to share the same basic middle structure… So customization of a same ship could be the theme!


did you received my e-mail?


Wow, a lot going on today…

I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but the image with the scrambled text from earlier today is an image of text that can be decoded by reversing the image left-to-right and splitting it into 8-pixel-wide strips. These can be reassembled into a message.

I’m running out of enthusiasm to do the decoding, but I’ve gotten far enough to see that there is something there. Maybe someone can take it the rest of the way?

Here is a partially reconstructed test image I am/was working on…


All of that has been figured out already

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Here’s the unscrambled version.

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I’m wondering if either of these are I. Fact connected with the crashed frieghter we saw in the really early trailer for NMS, the one that had its boosters sticking out of the ground, that we haven’t seen yet!

To me it looks like a building, maybe the kind you can build with friends. The front looks like it has beams holding up what would act as a canopy.

@lordkenpo @Virakotxa she thought me the name of the stars overhead, that I wrote down in my ledger :slight_smile: out of likes for another seven hours so take this in their place


Another little piece of data I reconstructed from the image… The three profile schematics of the ships. (I’m pretty sure they are some kind of vehicle) About the size of the small freighters already present, but way more detailed!

They have a Tatooine Jabba-Skiff vive to them…


I’m thinking new freighters.


Sarlacc pit confirmed!!


Here is an artistic rendering from twitter by Velca


Wow, those look really cool. I know it’s a rendering but it looks like a cleaned up version of what we are seeing now. I’m excited to see if they release a full version like they did in the last part of the ARG :grin:


You look like Matt Lees, the creator of the Youtube channels “Cool Ghosts” and “Shut Up and Sit Down”, A video gaming channel and board gaming channel, respectively. He has played No Man’s Sky but he is British, not Irish so you probably are not him.