Phase 3 day 2


I made this for today sense the last thread was getting massive and if today is anything like yesterday we will need it. Ad here is a link for anyone who needs to catch up like i did


we’ll certainly need this, if not already bookmarked :wink:


Bump. It’s a good idea to keep things tidy!

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Yes good get it right at the top so it’s easy to find and not lost in the mess


This could be handy, too:


damn, just got back from montana, had no access to the interwebs. looks like things are starting to get even more interesting! Over halfway done with the glyphs! good job everyone!!


@fractalsauce these are not the same symbols though… same aesthetic language maybe, but different symbols…


Disregard this legend, though the glyphs are the font they bought off google, they jumbled them up for their own interpretation

It only gives us insight into what future characters will look , but we have enough in the cypher as is to decode nearly any word we’re given from here on out.

I noticed it caused a lot of confusion yesterday with people taking it as gospel without the context behind it, so I feel this is worth pointing out just in case.


guessing loop16 wont wake up till around 12 pm est


What is the recommend amount of sleep for time-travelling sentient AI’s? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m guessing more than any of us have gotten sense this started :weary:


Ah ok gotcha, that makes sense. Well hadn’t seen it posted or mentioned so I thought I’d throw it out there, but hey I learned something I guess lol

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It’s not accurate at all. Delete it dude.


I took over 80 screen shots yesterday :sweat_smile:


It was greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


its really simple I just miss out on the discussion but it helps bring more people into the fold who cant see the stream so I’m more than happy to help if I’m on


As it pertains to the “A+B” box vote, do we have an ETARC general consensus yet? I’ve held off my vote thus far.


SimplyLucid took over screenshot duty today.
You guys were awesome. Several of us were either on low data, phones or whatever and could see nothing. At least with screenshots you can put a bit of an effort in. Its not like you can make any sense out of the babble on twitch. Super apreciative.
I’m all outa likes but you deserve a bundle.


B box by a wide margin


Thanks, appreciate your help, living in an area with sllllooowww metered internet tis hard sometimes to keep up, some days it is better than others, area suppose to be upgrading to fiber optic by February! (crosses-fingers!) being done by international companies not the local/state governments - they fight among them selves as their ancestors have done for the past 100 years.

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