Dreamer Extraction- July 20th, Concluded - Galactic Atlas Website Launch


Hey all! I’m reaching out to five different communities (if you’re reading this, you’re in one of them!) for them to nominate one person to participate in a live session with a Dreamer. This is going to be a little bit more intense than last time, so we’ve tightened up the requirements slightly.

Your community representative needs to be able to:

  • Use Google Hangouts to share their screen while they’re connected to a Dreamer
  • Read and interact with the Twitch chat during their live session
  • Participate in a test stream on Thursday so we can calibrate our display system
  • Be available at 21:00 UTC on Friday, July 20th for the extraction event.

I’d also suggest that you select someone that you feel will listen to the greater community, and that represents your specific community well. I’m giving you until 16:00 UTC tomorrow, Thursday July 19th. You should have your selected representative message me on Discord (Edisonica#8435) to tell me which community they’re representing and which Dreamer they’d like to be paired with. If another community has already asked to be paired with that Dreamer, I’ll let you know and you can select another.

I posted more information about this process (as well as a list of Dreamers and community representatives) on Reddit:

Element 6 unlocked and NMS NEXT Trailer Discussion

If he’s available what about @kyle-culver?
I sadly cannot volunteer


CSD citizen call to nomination:

Top 10 contributors to ARG step forth.

We can vote after that.


PS only if you can.


Yes, I second @kyle-culver. I don’t know if we have another streamer with the experience needed and @MacForADay is on PS4 so can’t do it.


I know that @LPlaysGaming was unable to do it last time but I figure it’s worth asking if he can this time.


True. Ask both of them.


I messaged Kyle and L Plays both on Twitter. Since Kyle has done it before, I think he should do it again if he is able. If he is not available at that time, L Plays can fill in for him. If neither is able to, we will have to think of something else.


Hey folks, appearing for the first time here to remind whoever you choose as your Community Rep that I’ve compiled Dreamer Profiles as a resource for just this occasion.

I hope it can be of great use to you & others in the stream chat during the Extraction Event!


Welcome @Gmr_Leon
and thanks for your contributions.


Once we’re paired with a dreamer we can work up some questions, suggestions and info to ask them; then come to a consensus of how to work the conversation. I can see I’m not getting much sleep again this weekend, lol!


Oh, I was wondering why your name looked so familiar, you keep popping up on my suggestions on Twitter. Just followed you :slight_smile:


I would also like to see Kyle Culver handle this. As much as I think LPlays is adorable, Kyle is my #1 choice.

I like the idea of LPlays as backup though.

Gonna be interesting regardless.


Hey everyone! Thank you for tagging and nominating me! I think this will depend on when the test stream will happen on Thursday, but I’m optimistic that I can participate on my set up that I would be using. I’m very familiar with Google Hangouts, so should be a piece of cake.

I’ll message Emily on Discord to see if I can get times and coordinate something.

@MacForADay - Got your message. Consider this my reply :wink:
@Gmr_Leon - Thank you for the doc with all the info! Will definitely help me get up-to-speed for sure! Maybe I won’t be so slow in my responses now XD

The next question is, who should we connect with to help get out? I’m not gonna lie, I have my own personal connection to Eun Ha at this point! lol. But I’m open to suggestions if anyone feels differently.


Here’s my post from the last Live Session Chats. It has all the questions that have already been asked & what we learned about the Dreamers thru their response. Hope it helps! :grin:


I’m a regular at Dm21 and will be helping out if i can on there


healthy people:

  • Kwon Eun Ha (woman 30 y)
  • Alexander Bordeleau (man 86y)
  • Claire Sandfield (woman 15y)
  • Tobias “Toby” Mulligan (boy 5y)
  • Simon Quinn (man 23y)

The “normal” priority should be Toby, Claire, Heun Ha, Simon, Alex.


Hey @kyle-culver! That’s great news that you can represent us! I’m late to the party as usual (just reading now about the call from Emily) and was thinking to volunteer in case you wouldn’t or couldn’t do it. But I was really happy reading that you’re up for it!
Go @kyle-culver!!! :muscle:t3: :muscle:t3: :muscle:t3:


Good choice to have @kyle-culver represent the forum community. I would not mind to have Eun Ha as a first choice, but I am fine with any of the 5 dreamers. I do however want to remind everyone about the following:

@kyle-culver would be our direct contact, and most likely being busy for that part of the communication. It would indeed be best to have someone or a few of us to keep an eye on the greater community. Keeping up with events in other communities and their extraction, as well as possibly stream-lining communication from our community towards Kyle, or at least help out. Maybe a direct line with Kyle, to notify of any important events/info.

The extraction has been said to not be easy, it would be best to dive in well prepared :wink:


I can tell you now -it is almost 100% that NMScord tries to go with Toby, as the last live chat with @Zoid went well. There is a lot of Toby supporters there(not that there isn’t here as well) and with the emotional state coming in to play - I think they probably should take Toby if Zoid is voted for the rep again. I mean Toby called him Mr.Dan how cute is that?


We could certainly use Discord for this, if @kyle-culver is on Discord he could have a small support network feeding him information.