Live Session with a Dreamer: 00:00 UTC Deadline!

Hello everyone! I’m testing out a new feature for the Satcom-70 network. We ran a short test of it yesterday, which some of you might have seen. Basically, I’m working on a way to establish live sessions between Dreamers and individual CSD members. I can do FIVE today- but there will definitely be more in the future, right now we’re just stress testing and making sure it doesn’t cause problems. I can’t guarantee that the sessions will work exactly as you might expect, but at the very least it will be interesting!

I’m reaching out to five different communities (if you’re reading this, you’re in one of them!) for them to nominate one person to participate in a live session with a Dreamer. I’m not going to give you any specific method on how to pick someone, but keep in mind there will be more of these live sessions down the line. You should select someone who is able to host the conversation through a screen share so that your community can participate together.

Once you select someone, have them contact me via private message either on reddit (/u/atlas-loop16), the CSD forums (Edisonica), or Discord (Edisonica#8435). I’ll send them a message a little bit before it’s their turn so they have time to set up a screen share, and then I’ll send a special one-time-use link for them to access the live session.

I’m giving you a deadline of 00:00 UTC to come to a decision, I know that’s very short notice but I have faith you will be able to make a decision in time!

*/!\ UPDATE /!*
The new feature works great, thanks so much for your help, you guys!
Connection 1/5 (CSD Discord)
Connection 2/5 (NMS Discord)
Connection 3/5 (CSD Forums)
Connection 4/5 (GameDetectives Discord)
Connection 5/5 (NMS Reddit)


We have to get this moving, who can screen share?
Edit I cannot

Not me. Nor my 10 characters.

Might have been a good idea for them to have checked who could do this beforehand. And made sure they would actually be available. 10 past midnight here in UK.

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Where is @kyle-culver, doesn’t he have a good setup? He just posted too

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So who’s all around here that could stream such a conversation?

And the deadline @Emily is more specifically 23:59 UTC tonight on Sunday UK time? Is that correct?

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Haha, yes, I guess that’d be more accurate. But it’s okay if we’re a minute or two early or late!


Phew! I thought a 9m task was very quick indeed!

@MacForADay might be able to do this.


Screen share is that like Skype? More people might come forward or show interest if they could have some tips on what software could be used. @MacforaDay would be a good first choice :slight_smile:

@MacForADay is the only streamer I know that is frequently active around here but I think he only runs the satcom app on his phone…not sure if he can do it. @LPlaysGaming has an account here too though I haven’t seen him around here too often. But it would be awesome if either of them could do it.

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@Polyphemus can you @ (everyone)? Sorry I don’t know how.

I did the closest thing possible to that by stickying this thread globally. Hopefully someone will see it!


Thank you @Emily


I’m hitting up people on Discord that are also members here - but they already stole @Zoid for it

Do you want me to put links to the other streams here? Or someplace else (and where)?

Thanks for the shout! I have time, and will message @Emily via Discord!


Woooo, good on you ! We need to pick a dreamer to contact as well
Probably a couple just in case,

NMScord has chosen 2311 as their first pick

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