June 19th and 21st - New Guidance Protocols + Element 3 Discussion


Loop16 command on Waking Titan dot com has just updated to say “New Guidance Protocol Initiated. Keyword: Liability”

June 14th-June 19th - Uplink App Update In Progress
NEW UPDATE on Myriad-70.com/status (approx BST 2140hrs)

It can be entered into the phone app to start Liability subroutine


Guidance protocol activated
Emily :
Initiating Liability Subroutine…
Emily :
Dear Citizen Scientist,
Emily :
The positive impact you’ve had so far on the dreamers is astonishing and has been a tremendous help in rebuilding their memory blocks. Remember that we need to gather as much information as possible on these individuals to safely extract them from the satellite.
Emily :
Please note that your interactions with the dreamers follow a Personal Simulation protocol which is intended for you to get to know the dreamer personally. Seeking help from fellow CSD members before getting to know the person whose consciousness is stuck in the satellite might impact your future decisions.
Emily :
However, it is recommended that you discuss the Dreamers’ stories and personalities with the CSD community after you’ve finished talking to them. Keep in mind that we are hoping to save all the Dreamers, but you might need to make some difficult choices in the near future.
Emily :
You can always ask me questions by typing help in the Uplink app to rerun the full Guidance Protocol.


Guess she is saying for us to read everything instead of just entering the code


Difficult choices… doesn’t smell good :frowning:


Looks that way. There’s background stuff we need to know. We need to obtain and publish all the possible branches.


I guess that’s the excitement over for today :slight_smile:


Not really. Get digging.


Will do Dad :smiley:


What does the disconnect code mean (if anything)



I’m afraid you forgot something important at the end:


Probably a key to use theLlibrum


Curiously, no, I didn’t. It didn’t appear for me.


It didn’t finish by:
Emily :

You can always ask me questions by typing help in the Uplink app to rerun the full Guidance Protocol.
You :
Got it!
Emily :
Good Luck.
Emily :



A gentle reminder that we are supposed be working alone to solve the puzzles. Remember the survey question about group vs. individual participation?

Does seem to be conflicting instructions with work on your own, but discuss what you find with the CSD. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Keep up the good work, this is heaps of fun!


We are discussing what we’ve found. And a good thing too, because we’re finding different things.


Myriad Dashboard appears to have crashed. I can’t get anything.


Yeah its like Detroit Become Human so many branches of the storyline


works for me


We can now replay our discussions so maybe we should. If there is something new or later what we will have to do will be so in a hurry it wont be possible to read notes.


Exactly. So discover and publish all the possible conversation branches.

Which I will do, as soon as the Dashboard starts working.