Phase 3 live test


Figured I would make a thread for this sense we are starting phase 3 today hopefully.

Phase 3 Reporting Thread

As there was some confusion regarding time in Phase 2 a good website which indicates DST is


So, anytime, now… Maybe a new email?
Is it usual that unlocking a glyph do not turn back anything as result?
This android device that has helped me keep up is not allowed in WT… And the ones from back then, which answers I copy-pasted, I seem to remember all giving something?
Either video, pdf, image… New clue…


Yes, as far as I remember that has always been the case.


Soooo the “screensaver” on the twitch stream since Phase 2 ended looks exactly like a planetary retrograde motion. Coincidence, or hint?

Here’s an example, Mars in 2005:


Today is actually the anniversary of the Curiosity Rover landing on Mars, not sure if that’s relevant or not :smile:


I mean… Bet we all marked the “I’m the curious kind” option.

#8 Calibration 3 unlocked!


Current screen. Has the symbol on the atlas logo been identified yet?


It just changed to this:

Dream mode…



To sleep, perchance to dream…


project-wt , calibration 3 has started


Top left screen displayed “cycle A” before changing to “Loop A”


Calibration Layer 3 Locations:
San Francisco
Bueonos Aires

Does anyone recognize the symbols on the middle screen?


Identify csd

Edit: 6 hours!


Memo related to Calibration 3:


Dream catcher on the right



Ten unique groups of citizen scientists

  • do all of 10 unique groups are known ? i remember there was 8 i think?