Patient Intervention Thread - #231187661T

This thread is for discussion, collaboration, and speculation about the dreamer #231187661T. If a special task is required to help this dreamer, it will be shared in this thread.

Please try to keep off-topic chatter to a minimum, thank you!

Patient Support Thread on Reddit
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Heart rate 200 and still alive ? Wow, stong person.


200?! I hope he’s okay.

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We need an activation code to connect.

Indeed, i hope someone’s got something.

I’m not able to simulate this dreamer, so right now you won’t be able to connect. Sorry!


why is it a digital siren ?

I mean if that’s the first traveller, they’re meant to lead people astray, right Emily ?

Is it first, or is it last? Pleasure regardless!



100% defrag ? Maybe this dreamer isn’t like the others he’s not sleeping. What about him sending corrupted files ?

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Wait. We’re #231187661T. Remember the start of the game?

no that is the traveller before us, when we jump in the ship we got our desiignation, 231187661T is the one that started it all off, with the Telamon


So, even though the data is corrupted, we can still enter an activation code. What are the odds that for 231187661T, who is directly referenced in NMS, we won’t get an interview, and have to use a code based on the lore?

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High. Considering these logs that I found a few lines above the mention of this Dreamer’s iteration in the language files.

I went down to the beach today. There’s something about the sea at this time of year. It draws you in, distorts your sense of time. Salty frost on stubby grass, the sand blowing off the tops of the dunes. No-one else for miles. People love the sound of waves, but it takes grey skies and high winds to really feel it, to understand the power behind their never-ending crash, the drum they beat upon the land. It makes me shiver.

It’s been years now, but I still remember. 5am, the sun already climbing. You can’t stay in your tent. You have to get out, start walking. No socks, just bare feet on short grass, the dust nicely warm between your toes. The clearing was huge, a field really. 400 yards from our little camp to the edge of the forest. Nothing to do but boil water for tea and enjoy being awake.`

It isn’t found in any of the in-game lore logs, and isn’t written in the game’s typical tone. In fact it mentions themes completely unrelated to No Man’s Sky itself.


Help how do you talk to them on the phone it takes me to the add this to home screen page and doesn’t let me talk to them

Try using the desktop version, see if that solves the issue.

It worked thanks

Can you still requisition items on that certain page (I forgot where you could do that…) and get some meds which could lower the patient’s heart rate slowly? I wonder if that is part of the interaction phase.



Someone found the 1st code. What was it ?

I haven’t heard anything about anyone having found a code, are you sure someone found it?