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“Oh, Emily. As if you’re the one with the power here.”

Sinister. Intriguing.




I’ve been looking up different neurodegenerative/developmental disorders, nothing I’ve tried worked. Also tried looking up neuroscience institutes in Davis (pretty sure California) he could have worked with, and things to do with MIND. Nothing. I personally think it has to do with neuroscience related things though, as that was a major topic, at least in my chat with him.


Two things, the RBD seems to be implied in the text to be some form of equipment malfunction, something with the headsets, and if I had to guess I’d say this guy here is likely one of WARE’s staff…he knows where he is and he knows what he’s doing…probably anyway.


REM behavior disorder, or RBD, is a type of parasomnia. Parasomnias are sleep disorders in which strange or dangerous events occur that affect or intrude on sleep. Other examples include sleep terrors, nocturnal dissociative disorder, sleepwalking, and sleep talking.


Of note, when asked if he’s a liar he asks if we realize what a dumb question that would be to ask a compulsive liar…he seems to imply he’s a compulsive liar…and most definitely seems completely resistant to giving ANY information. It’s most certainly safe to assume he’s hiding things and he’s most likely lying about everything…even if he isn’t a compulsive liar he’s likely lying to not be found out.

I don’t think he has any power and I don’t think anyone has more power over the simulation than Emily but he seems confident that Emily can’t crack him to get any information out of him…that’s how I’m reading that remark about power. Would be useful if @Emily could chime in a line or two about the impressions she’s getting from that interview.


For me Tarik is the W/ARE Tech Supervisor. There is a T.H on Alexander file, and Philip for Medical Examiner, for Tarik Hamari sounds credible.


Have you tried that name as a code?


Tariq Hamawi

Researcher in Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative disorders, a university employee cooperating with various laboratories, among which something called “MIND”.

Ask about the time that others entered the satellite and he says

Feb 21: working at uni, had drinks with friends
Jan 18: out-of-city conference (in San Fransisco)

If you believe him you get no more information, if you don’t believe him he becomes defensive and cuts the line, so no info there either… I’m kinda stuck


Yes, one of the 2 possibilities is the good one :wink:


W/ARE Tech Supervisor


Lives in Davis (just outside Sacramento). Left after 7, home by 6. Conference in city S… (not San Francisco)


He first says “S…”

Then he says “San Fransisco”

Maybe he meant Sacramento and he just couldn’t divulge the truth due to some NDA.

He lives in Davis California which is on the outskirts of Sacramento. Most likely as said above he is a W/ARE Researcher named Tariq Hamawi :slight_smile:


Yea, I HAVE to stop thinking that passwords are one-word strings without spaces in between. Not that I would have gotten it regardless :wink:

Nice work @kerdorin and @SingularGleam !



San Andreas
Santa Rosa


Anyone find it particularly strange that Emily says absolutely nothing to us about that conversation after it ends…especially if it ends on a note like “you have no control here”.


So we now know one W/ARE “Doctor” and Tech Supervisor from the “maverick branch”. It will be hard to have good infos from him (and to be very involved to save him :stuck_out_tongue: )


Nicely done.