Patient Intervention Thread - Tariq


He knows Emily’s name. She hasn’t told him.


His profile is 100% defrag by that little exercise by the way, and is totally corrupted beyond today… so how will we be able to continue with getting him out safely?


It was actually @kerdorin who nailed this one but yeah, nice job to both of them.


That was all @kerdorin, he made his post and triggered it in my brain.


He’s part of WARE…it’s probably safe to say they knew of Emily.


My apologies @kerdorin, kudos to you.


well done guys


So everything else of his is corrupt… Is he able to leave whenever he wants or is he trapped?


Unclear at this point…probably in his best interest to not try leaving if he is capable of doing so as he’d likely be arrested…WARE are not in control of the facility anymore so he probably wouldn’t get very far before caught. But he may be genuinely trapped…the reading on him is corrupted so he may not be safe to just step out of the simulation.


The big question is WHY is he there ? We know we had corrupted signals from Sacramento. Maybe his job, as neuro scientist ? And for him "something or someone else has the real control, not Emily.


I read it as a last ditch effort to maintain control…they knew they were going to get caught and their operation ended so they decided to leave someone behind in the simulation…likely to try to damage control what we find about their operations.


Speaking of the Corrupted Dreamers: #231187661T, Phillip and Now Tariq. I wonder if there will be some kind of Mini Game for those Corruption blocks. Or will we have to sort of solve the password with information from other Dreamers as in Tariq’s Case?


Why was Emily so eager to interrogate this one?

Is there another AI?


Maybe she already knew who it was.


I don’t know…something seems off about Emily…she was a bit aggressive with Alexander and now she seemed eager to interrogate someone almost as a criminal without knowing the person…even though this one seemed to deserve it in the end. That’s why I am really curious to find out what was going through her mind after that conversation where she had little to no control.


But then why would she lie to us about it?


Fair point.Maybe she’s exited about that late entry date he has - and figures he has answers.



But maybe she saw him in a possible future last year, so she knows he help to “kill” people during old experiments.


Possible…she also says she spoke with him a bit so it’s likely she at least knew he was shady as hell if nothing else.