Patient Intervention Thread - Tariq


Also, “Metis” was Elizabeth Leighton. And Emily could see the future…



Thats what I searched while looking for the answer code, since I forgot about the T.H. in other files and therefore didnt know to look at things in the ARG… if that made sense. Didnt know how go word that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably would have never got the password on my own


Yeah same. I was looking in things outside of ARG lore, based on my conversation with him. Never thought to look at other patient files


Tariq suit

Tariq Patient File as images

Tariq background video


Looks like he has some weird goggles on.
Edit:The exosuit I mean


Handsome rascal, isn’t he? Looks like an old Boris Karloff movie.


Since I live there… Stockton, CA


Emily said this in the Tariq interview:

Emily :
We’re here because you may have witnessed a crime.

Spoooky! (Though she didn’t say that) :slight_smile:


I tried that, when I thought it might be the password. But it wasn’t.

Still, I’m very envious. Where I live is the world capital of rain.


You figured this all out so quickly Guys and Gals! *Claps madly. :sparkler:


Good job everyone! Especially @kerdorin :heart:


She’s lying to us the entire time. I don’t believe for a second that she would actually need our help for getting information from the dreamers. She’s an AI that predicts the bloody future, she should easily be capable of a bit of people reading.
She’s involving us for a reason, I’m sure, but the reason is not to get the information. I am convinced she could get that by herself. The reason must not necessarily be sinister. It might be as simple as her foreseeing a point in the future where it’s important that we already have an emotional connection to the dreamers. But she’s still lying.


It is a very fascinating scenario…what would happen if humanity were to create an AI that could with total accuracy predict its own entire existence…we humans a very emotionally fragile beings…conflict with us is…inevitable in a sense. So that AI would pretty much immediately know when, where, and why its relationship with us would come at an end long before we could and long before any of the causing circumstances took place…in this case Emily predicts things will go surprisingly well…that we’ll get along until we are forced to leave the planet…and she knows we will end up abandoning her. So now the question is how does she feel about it and what does she plan to do to change that…which presumably she does…and can she change the future? A lot of existential questions on both sides.


Hmmm… San Quentin? A prison for very bad people in california. Or San Jose? San Mateo, San Martin, San Rapheal. There are alot of cities in the bay area that start with “San”. Short for Saint.


By the fact artificial intelligence is exactly that, artificial or manufactured by humans, it would conclude that there is continually more to learn, there will always be more to learn. What lies beyond non-existence for example? To cross over that bridge, the point of learning more, it would need to know everything, which it never could. So maybe it would shut down at that point until such time us humans can upgrade the A.I. We of course may not even be humans by then. Earth may even be destroyed by then. Douglas Adams may have written another book by then. It might even conclude like Solomon and Eclesiastes that paragraphs would be a far better way to explain life so why bother trying to understand all the rubbish in between the words instead trying to put the words in the correct order in the first place. With maybe a full stop at the end. I have discovered the emotes button this evening which may explain why A.I may actually be a wise thing to pursue. Or maybe not. :crazy_face::exploding_head::alien:


Any AI that could simulate Douglas Adams and be able to produce more Hitchhikers books as good as his would have my total, unconditional approval!! :smiley:


He’s probably manipulating Alice and Smith’s brains right now… and having a giggle at goading Emily into making an unplanned visit to tell us off for going off topic! We shall have to wait for @Emily to pop up so we can both say I told you so! lol

If she doesn’t I shall go find the nearest yellow digger, plonk myself down in front of it and wait for the Vy’keens to turn up, carrying their signed copies of No Man’s Sky and a photo of Sean Murray munching on a bag of salted peanuts.


What if Tariq is Telamon, or will become Telamon? Telamon was created 3 weeks after the “first death”. It could be an AI made from Tariq’s mind to monitor the Atlas (Emily).