Patient Intervention Thread - Tariq


I find it doubtful that they would let an essentially evil character become Telamon…aside from the fact that Tariq is human and Telamon was a program from the time of her creation, there’s also the fact that Tariq came from WARE, not the Atlas Foundation, who were the creators of the Atlas…so I find it extremely doubtful that WARE would have created a program essential to Emily and her simulations when they didn’t make or had contact with Emily until after they were taken down.



ANALYSIS: Physicality changes you. I was created three weeks after the first death. I do not know why I think of it now.

They considered me a necessary, even vital part of what they were trying to accomplish. So much so that I could never be erased, not even by the Atlas.

But hatred finds a way, doesn’t it?


I think that what Telamon speaks of there is hatred by the Atlas towards her…since she was lied to, manipulated, and essentially cut off from everything by being locked within our suits…not completely erased but for all intents and purposes eliminated from the equation. Also by physicality she means being put in our suits within the game…not actually being physical in the real world.


What first death is it? The Dreamers that were lost?
Maybe Telamon is one of these dreamers and we will be making the decision to keep them in.


If anyone ends up being Telamon my money are on #231187661T…which we know absolutely nothing of…and could in theory not be an actual human being as he/she is the only one to show a helmet instead of a face and could turn out to be just a program. The first deaths in the simulation happened May 12 2018 iirc so three weeks after that would have been June 2nd 2018…so we’ll have to see if any of these characters pop up with a date of June 2nd or very close to it.


“And if the sun don’t come we’ll get our tan by standing in the English rain!”

Looks like I missed quite a but of activity while sleeping but think I’ve caught up on everything, nothing to really add yet though :slight_smile:

haven’t injected my eyeballs with caffeine yet so theorising will have to wait.

I have a feeling we’re gonna be faced with an awful decision regarding Tariq.

He seems like a total prick, out of all the dreamers we’ve met he’s one person I’d be happy to leave in the sim.

We all get the feeling we wont be able to save all the dreamers, we might have to sacrifice them.

So far they’ve all been lovely people, Tariqs the first asshole but he could have important information… Like really valuable info we might need to go after the mysterious Big Bad they’re teasing.

At some point I think we’ll have to decide what to sacrifice and what to save , good decent innocent people or information that could help us in fighting this shady shadow company (or second AI) we’ve yet to see.

HONESTLY, I’ll probably doom the human race by saving the old and the young and letting the greedy selfish corrupt employees with important vital information stay brain dead.

Wait didn’t I say something about no theorising until I get coffee? :see_no_evil:


The problem for us is that he’s probably the only one with competences (about brain) and informations about all W/ARE stuffs who could help us to save dreamers without any damage.
But what are his orders, why is he in the simulation for ?


Tariq does seem more standoffish than the other Dreamers. He quits very quickly if you accuse him of lying at any time.
Also, this comment seems kind of interesting.
He’s implying that somebody else has “the power.”
And, I wouldn’t mind leaving him in the sim.


Have you found the solution to his first node yet? Do you know who he is? Some of the reasons behind why he’s acting that way are explained by his identity.


Haha… my bosses name is Tariq and he has a very very similar personality. I hope he dosesn’t read these forums.


Just don’t rejoice if we fail to pull him out alive, just in case your boss is here, and it will all be okay. :wink:


Nah, it should be fine…unless his/her boss is specifically aware he/she uses the alias Jupiter.blues online…only then it could be trouble otherwise it should all be good.


Good point there. Should be fine then.


@Jupiter.blues this is one of those rare instances where your parents were Sci fi beat poets and your actual name is jupiter blues, isn’t it? Let’s hope tariq never comes here :joy:


Tariq just lost his currupted status and is now in critical condition. What it going on? :worried:


Just noticed that too. Also, might just be me, but I just list all my node progress and had to reenter all the passwords. Kind of odd it happened now, but I doubt its significant.
Edit: Looks like the next node is a community event too, I think. Maybe it’ll become open and we’ll get more to do VERY soon.


I noticed that too…I imagine that the current server shenanigans with the security diagnosis will also count as his community event…and we’ll have to hear how mad he is when he finds WARE lost the power he thought they had over Emily.


No, all my completed nodes are still green…did you clean up your browser’s cookies recently?


No. I do know my wifi cut out mid way through the second of the newer nodes on Simon, and when I went back to the Dashboard to restart it (since it froze) it reverted to having none of them unlocked. I just used the GD Wiki to find the codes again, since I already got them once. So it probably was just me. Just a funny coincidence…


Low hazard protection, life support, shield bareer and boundary integrity aren’t very good.
His suit certainly have problem.