Patient Intervention Thread - Tariq


My dashboard also resets, almost weekly. It usually happens as I successfully enter a new code. Instead of the normal confirmation message, the popup shows the initial help routine message, and everything else resets. I’m thinking there’s an error updating the cookie. In any case It’s getting increasingly annoying to reenter all the codes as the numbers increase. :frowning:


Yup. I had to re-enter all my codes last night after I figured out Simon’s most recent node. I noticed Tariq was in critical condition, then. And it seemed some of the other Data Corrupted, too. Data that wasn’t corrupted before.
I thought I was losing my mind, glad it wasn’t just me. :fearful:


Somebody bring the man some zink and some thamium! Or is it sodium now?


oh no! :scream:

Myriad Security Diagnostic Testing (Important!)

We have lost our first dreamer - server shutdown killed him…


Wow , odd that the Ware Tech Supervisor is the first to go.


:scream: !!!


He did seem like the corrupted type though :wink:


Woah, what? Could we have done anything to prevent this?


Oh damn… was this our fault or just meant to happen?


I think he was receiving data from the servers, it happened right as they took them offline.
As to why that killed him, I don’t know


Status Update:
Infected servers shutdown in progress.

Malicious elements removed and destroyed.


Maybe he was actually causing the corruption and caught the backlash when the server was disconnected?


Right, but he was supposedly trapped on the satellite with everyone else - so how was the data even getting to him?


I did say only 4 will survive


That’s interesting? Where are you getting 4, though?


It seems pretty clearly it was intended to happen…we were intended to take down the compromised servers…and doing so would kill Tariq. If A&S intended for us to be able to save him we’d have got some kind of warning about him going critical.


Where did you get that idea from? It never seemed likely that all would make it but I suspect that most if not all of the innocent people in the headsets will make it out.


Not sure which other servers were taken out but 3 of them did have W/are programs running one could have granted him extra access
555197 warerundll.exe
40144 warespoolsv.exe
67240 - wareappframehost.exe


And espicially the Baby :elephant: I’ll be upset if something happens to him.