April 27-29 W/RE Dev Site-May 11 Dev Kit Winners


A lot of changes on the W/RE site under the arnaud log-in. Thought a new thread for discussion would be a good idea. Any thoughts so far? The Documents and Task Manager tabs are now accessible. The missing location notes sound like a possible live-drop? Or are we to deduce something else?

Ringed planets in NEXT?
Is this the build that should have been No Man's Sky?



Is anyone working on any of this?


I’m helping get the word out about this puzzle


4 could refer to a dam/hydroelectric generator?

  1. Inverted pendulums are/can be used in dams to monitor structural movement


St. Basil’s Cathedral, in Russia is what the image is of

Deploying a team for possible package seizure.

Once the location will be secured and package examined, onsite examination will be possible.

WARE will not allow package to leave location. Taking pictures will be permitted.

Confirmation of Location: Place d’Armes, Montreal, In front of the fountain

Confirmation of Time: Between 7pm and 9pm, local time

Just please let it be someone who takes good pictures, lol. :grin:


Do we know what day the drop will be?


Not finding it atm. Following W/ARE R&D on twitter. Just gives the time. Has also updated on the WARE Dev site but no date


Drop was extended to 10pm, all the discords still looking for someone who can go.



Thanks for keeping us lurkers informed!


So the drop is going on now then?


It would seem so. I hope we get to see it. I hope they find someone to go.


Just have to post this because it makes me laugh.


Ok, we know where the location is. Someone named Hanz is heading there. He isn’t streaming it, but CobraTV is livestreaming and talking to Hanz on his chat.


Here is Cobra’s livestream:


The live drop was a piece of notebook paper that said “I came two years after the ursuline nuns. Now set in stone. This is my legacy. -G. Naseau” Any ideas what that means?


snagged this screenshot quickly