Precon 007 status change 7-6-18&7-7-18

precon007 command has been updated to say “Calculating PSN coordinates… Estimated time 16:00 EDT. Be ready for urgent travel.”


:astonished: I thought that said 1600 GMT which is right now :joy:

I’m ready and waiting :slight_smile:

2000 GMT for those wondering

Uhhhm… PSN coordinates? Livedrop in NMS on PS4 or what?


No idea at all, I’ve heard this mentioned though


Ready to go anywhere in Euclid with my creative mode save and anywhere within Eissentam with my normal save.

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Likely a message bubble to be found in game like they had for us last year.


Unfortunately I am nowhere near Euclid, but I’m looking forward to w/e it is nonetheless

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Start new game in creative mode…you start with all glyphs…that’s all you need to go to any coordinates in Euclid.


I didn’t think of that, I already have a creative save for base building - thanks

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Would be a bit pointless to get coordinates when we already know where the place is… But I do think it likely that PSN in this case stands for something else than playstation network.

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Well…we don’t know where this place is…and I seriously doubt it means anything other than PlayStation Network. It’s like an in-game live-drop…we had one of them last year before 1.3 but it was tougher then without portals as only PC players could travel anywhere quickly and they had to do it via save editing I think.

I agree. The statement “Calculating PSN coordinates” makes no sense as Playstation Network. Why wouldn’t they say something like “Calculating Simulation coordinates”? Are we going to be expected to find server locations for PSN? It makes no sense.

Well they didn’t say they needed coordinates, just calculating them and giving an ETA.

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No…not those servers…if they wanted to tell you about those servers they’d have updated the Status command…that’s where updates for those servers live. And “PSN coordinates” makes perfect sense…because we’ll HAVE to be online, logged to the playstation network, to see their message…and PSN coordinates specifically makes sense because if they build a message terminal on PS4 it would NOT be there at the same coordinates on PC…PS4 and PC don’t mix in NMS.

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Exactly…they’re giving us coordinates around 4pm EDT for us to go to.

Could it be PSN code for a download?

What time is that UK?

this should tie in with Simon’s event which is starting around the same time, probably a comm ball

Very doubtful…likely a location…the time is in 3 hours and 43 minutes from now.

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Will the coordinates appear on the uplink app?