Waking Titan Live Drop #2 (LONDON)

This is the second Live Drop for Waking Titan - this time in Marble Arch, London. Listen to the info here:

The location is the Cumberland Hotel - can anyone possibly attend?
EDIT: @moulesmariner is en-route to the hotel! Thanks guys!


I’m over an hour away, hopefully someone in London could help :frowning:

Yeah, I could go but I don’t fancy spending £100 on train tickets and 4 hours each way :joy:

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Isn’t Emily close??? but I am guessing that ppl on the discord channel have this in hand hopefully :slight_smile: the joys of a waiting game…

Paging @Emily

Oh gosh, I wish I could. I’ve got an obligation for work today and I can’t make the trip. :frowning:

I’m so nearby, but in the middle of a trip I can’t break… damn.

Coasting by London on a train right now.

My brother lives in london. Ill check.

@moulesmariner is en-route to the hotel! Thanks guys!


Fantastic! I’m excited to see what this is going to be :smiley:

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On hype train now, will report in on discord every now and then… :grin:


So agent 59 has the package/document(s), with @moulesmariner on his way.

Meet agent 59. Passcode. What was the first?

Does that mean we need a passcode to retrieve it? Is it referring to the 1st delivery and we have to introduce as Dr. Putnam?

Wish someone would make up their mind on what the password is, 16 or Orion or something else…

Literal hype train!


Wasn’t Hyperion the very first password to enter wakingtitan?

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Right now, I have Dr. Putnam, Orion, 16 and Hyperion all as possible passwords. God damn…

Just try them all :smirk:

Hyperion? :thinking: