Solving STATUS update Memory Dump & PAX East 2018 Live Drop


W/ARE asked on their discord for anyone attending PAX East to email them. Might something happen there regarding the ARG such as a live drop? Today (Saturday) and tomorrow are the last remaining days of PAX East in Boston.

Deciphering Clues from PAX EAST Live Drop
STATUS update ( - W/ARE Dev Studio Application
Stuff is happening (STATUS updates-Myriad-W/ARE-NEXT)
Deciphering Clues from PAX EAST Live Drop
Stuff is happening (STATUS updates-Myriad-W/ARE-NEXT)
STATUS update ( - W/ARE Dev Studio Application

To everyone who didn’t know this:

Alice & Smith, the ARG company behind Waking Titan, will be at PAX East to speak about the future of ARGs and more at 2:30 PM, Sunday. This information is posted on the online schedule for PAX East. Screenshots of the schedule and its description below:


Thanks for letting us know!


Somebody was contacted by WARE a few days ago about a meetup they had alluded to on their Discord. Perhaps there will be a live drop soon.


New email! We’re getting a live drop tomorrow.


Curious. How do we know it’s a live drop?


Just a tinfoil hunch :wink:


Is there a map or floor plan of the venues? It sounds as though the enforcer is walking a set route.


I believe this is this year’s map. Don’t know if it is relevant. The instructions could be math plus direction but where is START? The enforcer also goes E 3x’s then S the W 3x’s then N, so definitely a circuit.


Cool. I better grab one too, just in case :laughing:


I’m itching for another live drop and would love to solve one of those remaining glyphs!


Any updates?


Now we wait…


I don’t think we can solve anymore glyphs until Waking Titan website changes again since we are on a new page of glyphs.


From A&S Nite team Forum,

Visit us at booth 17123 at PAX East in Boston this weekend, and get a first look at the newest version of NITE Team 4!

And stay tuned throughout PAX for more updates and news


Yeah, that makes sense. Wishful thinking on my part.


Discord quite active at moment…all greek mythology stuff


A&S confirmed they are not there for WT or NMS - They are promoting other ARG stuff. The WARE clues we got from the Live Drop is the key now :slight_smile:


I was just building a new base in creative yesterday thinking, it’d really be nice if we got some updated building mechanics; like being able to flip a Cuboid room on it’s side, opening up a whole new world of possibilities with the infrastructure pieces.

Oh and what was this PAX live drop hint thing that just happened?


guy’s stuff is happening,

can anyone decipher the code.