Stuff is happening (STATUS updates-Myriad-W/ARE-NEXT)



Type that in… stuff is happening again!!!

W/ARE event summary
It's happening again
STATUS update ( - W/ARE Dev Studio Application

I woke up early (5AM) and WT changes.

Kinda weird.


Its still changing


Have you seen the latest? It keeps updating the STATUS




What about the other websites? Anything changing there?

#6 is back up… contact links glitching


I just emailed it, let’s see if there is a response…


Nothing beats the feeling of when Waking Titan awakes


now it shows…


32 digits (16x2)

That possibly means something but i am far too stupid to figure this code stuff out.


It is using the a-f & 0-9 from the previous sessions…


Back to work boys…The Titan has been awoken!


Alright. So, if you go to the myriad website there is a tab for contact that is glitching out. If you click it, it brings you to a page with a google map. I’m pretty sure it’s pointing to “area 51”.


I think that has always been there


I can’t seem to find much info on what the websites were like before, so it’s hard to compare just by memory.


Well, I sent emails to both sales@ and Info@ with the service code in the subject and the message “I am awake”. Will see if there is a reply back.


It was, yes


Well for those that don’t use discord we are still stuck on the 32 digit code.

I have a feeling the previous message is relevant to solving it


Are the code discs any help? I don’t know what I did with mine. I’ve been asleep too long.


What are the code disks?