Uplink Page Updated

The W/ARE - Uplink page changed.

Hmmmm. Looks interesting.
Also, the Myriad Dashboard page has changed. Might want to check it out.
There is tons of new stuff on the Myriad Dashboard!

I think that it’s a uncorrupted version of a picture earlier this year.
The “community support” page links to the No Man’s Sky discord.
The “information database” links to the Waking Titan Phase 4 game detectives wiki page.
Also, clicking “view element one” links to this video:

I hope that I’m not repeating already found information.

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Ringed planets confirmed!? :+1:t2:

Darn it. Just saw that this has been already discovered.

Yes, @projectcartwheel, please check the below topic for current events:

I will close this topic to prevent further discussion here.