June 30-Precon007 data dump 4-Live Drop, a plushie awaits


is now updated

June 29 Precon007 dump 03

It still says Soon.


Lol it’s an elephant plushie!


Nice, can’t wait for the livestream


lol i called that yesterday


Your precog is on point!



Didn’t Toby say he liked having his favorite elephant toy sitting “in front” of him in a circle?

Look at the pattern on the ground. It’s a full circle…


Ooh maybe they will need to get more plushies


I actually have an elephant plushie stored away, similar to the one I used to have when I was just a kid.

I bet the poor kid misses their plushies… :frowning:


maybe inside the plushie is a USB with a trailer lol


Very doubtful, but I did notice something.

Like I said moments ago, the elephant is sitting on a “compass” on the Long Wharf of Boston. Judging by the lettering of the precon photo, it’s facing west-by-southwest.

In Toby’s messages, he said he liked to eat “in front of” his favorite elephant plushie. We may need to find whatever is in the direction the elephant is facing to get the clue… or I may be completely off course.


Or what’s directly behind it, the way Toby would be facing


I hope people are bringing plushies to the live drop so tobys elephant will have some company til Toby gets home :slight_smile:


If I was in Boston, I would bring my elephant plushie. Sadly I’m stuck in Australia… :frowning:


I don’t think they brought plushies, here are a couple CSD members on site @Zoid is on the right


You mean Sean Murray is on the right, right? n.n;


Someone tell the guy on the right (their right, stage left) it doesn’t count unless it’s below the waist :roll_eyes: if you’re gonna carry on the tradition of old analogue memes, at least do it right :joy:

Looking good guys, have a great day at the live drop!

Beard? Check. Hairdo? Check. Flannel/checkered shirt? Nope… I don’t think it’s him :wink:


If you would please, post the live stream here when it becomes available. Thanks!


Here’s Zoids stream (for when it becomes active).

Patient Intervention Thread - Toby

Can do ma’am- never mind there ya go