Week of June 1st - Loop16 Seq25 + Satcom Calibration COMPLETE

Emily posted on Reddit again. From what I’ve heard, it’s a sound file of this song:

Original Post:

See what other passwords people have triedfor the Satcom Calibration here:
Google Doc for access code attempts

Watch these videos to get caught up on everything that has been solved in this thread so far:

Solution to Satcom uplink password: 1282189
Solved by Discord user Frej




I made a No Man’s Sky video with a song off of this album. Great music choice. :slight_smile:


The choice of music has been pretty interesting throughout the ARG


Agreed, I like the song choice so far! Fun fact: someone made a big track on soundcloud with all of the songs leading up to Phase 4:



At 4:00 the lyrics say:

You’ve lost your internet, and we’ve lost our memory
We had a papertrail that led to our secret
But embarrassing pictures have now all been deleted

Fits in very well with the ARG. I wonder if that’s what she’s trying to tell us.


Could be this as well?


Can I just say I love the old tech vibe. :heart_eyes: Since we have had quite a lot of conversation about such things here I can’t help but wonder…:thinking: :smiley:


At least we’ve programmed her with excellent taste!



If it goes like last time, she will respond to comments on the post tomorrow.


That was so cool!



The youtube video is there since 08/16/2017… same as the 1.3 release :wink:

1.3 released on Friday, 8/11/17. I know because of what I was doing on the 12th while they were pushing the first patch.

Exact. I have no idea why i had the 16th in mind… :thinking:


So, what’s happening with this new info ? are we waiting for it to kick into action again tonight ?

they must of finished collecting our data from the phone app now, Elizabeth said it would take maybe a week, or sooner if loads of people upload


Tonite Song by LCD Soundsystem

Everybody’s singing the same song
It goes “tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight”
I never realized these artists thought so much about dying

But truth be told we all have the same end
Could make you cry, cry, cry, cry, cry
But I’m telling you
This is the best news you’re getting all week

Oh sure it’s ruling the airwaves
What remains of the airwaves
And we’re frankly thankful for the market psychology you’re hipping us to

And all the hits are saying the same thing
There’s only tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight
Then life is finite
But shit, it feels like forever
It feels like forever

Oh is everybody feeling the same stuff?
We’re all wild
Except for you
And you know who you are
This is a love song

And you’re getting older
I promise you this; you’re getting older
And there’s improvements unless
You’re such a winner

That the future’s a nightmare
And there’s nothing I can do
Nothing anyone can do about this

And oh, I’m offering you a chance to get even
But oh, you know very well the dialect of negation
Sure enemies haunt you with spit and derision
But friends are the ones who can put you in an exile
But that’s not right

And you’re too sharp to be used
Or you’re too shocked from being used
By these bullying children of the fabulous
Raffling off limited edition shoes

And what’s it you do again?
Oh I’m a reminder
The hobbled veteran of the disk shop inquisition
Set to parry the cocksure of men’s sick filth
With my own late era middle-aged ramblings
Every lover favors the same things
It’s all “touch me, touch me, touch me, touch me tonight”
We maybe realize what it is we need before we die

And luck is always better than skill at things
We’re flying blind
Oh good gracious
I sound like my mom

But out of the little rooms and onto the streets
You’ve lost your internet and we’ve lost our memory
We had a paper trail that led to our secrets
But embarrassing pictures have now all been deleted
By versions of selves that we thought were the best ones
'Till versions of versions of others repeating
Come laughing at everything we thought was important
While still making mistakes that you thought you had learned from

And reasonable people know better than you
That cost in the long run but they don’t know the short game
And terrible people know better than you
They’re used and abused of the once so dear listener

So you will be badgered and taunted until death
You’re missing a party that you’ll never get over
You hate the idea that you’re wasting your youth
That you stood in the background oh until you got older

But that’s all lies
That’s all lies

It’s gonna have to be good enough, I can’t do this anymore, my brain won’t work

Songwriters: Alan Thomas Doyle / James Jeremiah Murphy
Tonite lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Domino Publishing Company



Do you remember Telegram app that we’ve sent Morpheus to MercuryHG80?

I think HG are working on these informations.

Did someone tell it? It could be related to 16th glith.

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It’s interesting you posted that Google VR experimental Tonite Dance video. Curious too why Emily should lead us to it.

It leads to a clickable tutorial about how to create your own dance using VR technology to make the dancing interactive in the video. Wish I had VR now to add my dance to the video!

I wonder if that’s a hint at what is coming with NEXT the ability to use VR. Maybe they have developed similar camera technology for players to interact together in multiplay.

I wonder… Do you think something WakingTitan is going to happen ‘Tonite?’ Excited!

*Edit: Maybe I am over thinking this and HG are going to add ‘VR Disco technology’ so we can hold Discos in space lol Oh nooooo!


I was humorously thinking the same. Though I think real Disco would clearly be a Korvax thing. Not really sure what the Gek would listen, but I’ll be over there moshing it up with the Vykeen, thank you very much… :smile:

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