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I got the password for the second triangle in the hex… suspiciously easily. :stuck_out_tongue: But someone with more self-confidence than me is going to have to call that phone number.

Also the far bottom in the right says 84.190.188, which links to a track from the movie Run Lola Run. 84.190.188 is how certain IP address in Germany begin, and the movie was originally in German… but I have no idea what that means.

We need someone to provide their voice. Any volunteers? Emily wanna use your vlog?

If you use the search feature, on the right there’s some numbers on top of a ton of what looks like hexadecimal. The numbers convert from decimal to ascii spells “paste” but i can’t get the hexadecimal to mean anything. I dunno what I’m doing with that stuff.

Yup, website is now live, and also deciphered password on home page. We now have on the third hex glyph will deal with radio station broadcast on June 17th from Puerto Rico (WAEL) 96FM station! So another waiting game for now.

Echo 64 voice mail.

Weird message when calling:
“echo is in transition and there for do not accept new input when we achieve are predetermined finite state we will take new input and get back to you”


Wow, nice work!!

Thanks! This is really fun =-)

This feels too easy. I almost thing is the red herring and these seemingly unrelated things are the real mystery. Or maybe that’s what they want us to think?

Haha…that would be so wrong if true. I literally watched CobraTV’s live video about all this, had zero clue prior to what was going on, but found it so intriguing that this could all be related to No Mans Sky. Very cool indeed.

I googled pre-determined finite state, which lead me to Finite-state machine or FSM.
If this really is connected to NMS, it makes my mind tingle.

I also email their careers email with the job titles: Perhaps those might give us some of the email addresses we are missing? I’ll let you know if I get a reply!

"Please look at the openings listed below. If you meet the requirement of any job listed below: Please contact our hiring team at with your resume and cover letter. In order for your submission to be accepted: Be sure to include the position’s ID number in the subject field (IE: “JOB #1234”).

Thought this was weird how they put " In order for your submission to be accepted: Be sure to include the position’s ID number in the subject field (IE: “JOB #1234”)."

On the Echo-64 website, there are 5 icons under “Start living again”

If you click the icons wrong you get the message “The order of things are formed by the angle of its measure.”

If you then choose the icons based on their shape. It unlocks and you get the message “This breaks white into seven…”

I will update as I discover more.

Update: Obviously a prism breaks white light into the 7 colours.


This has been solved. Click them in order with least angles to most. It gives the next clue, on which the answer is prism, the password for the second glyph.

Good searching though!

Yeah I sent them some mails as well. I immediatelly figured that the Job #1234 in title is probably some kind of a hook for them to check mails.

Wait can we give the password out here? That’s how I unlocked the second hex glyph to see the third glyph is now showing a broadcast from Puerto Rico station on June 17th. Sorry, not sure how revealing passwords and such works here…

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Am looking thru the ‘foundation’ names in the background. So far we have,

Louis Creed Foundation - Louis Creed is the main character from Pet Cemetery.

Bonanno Institute - The Bonanno family was a big part of the NYC Mafia.

Rekall - Which is a real life Memory Analysis framework.

Atlas Network - NMS obviously.

The Secure Key - There is a real life company called Secure Key that deals in online services.


The Hex text that comes up on the right when you try a search on the website translates to mandarin/korean. I guess it’s a copy and paste. There’s a lot of it…

Glad it is June 17th - this is like drowning in a flood of information and trying to stay afloat on the digital tidal wave this echo site created :stuck_out_tongue: and for now, share anything, in my opinion, because so much is being missed…

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