Echo-64 Numbers

There’s a lot of numbers on that seem to have no real ‘connection’ to anything else, but are in similar ranges. Let’s collect them and connect dots where we can!

From the footer: 84.190.188
From ‘Careers’: 1799, 1802, 1808
From ‘History’: 1974

Any that I missed? :blush:


Well we also have Act 2, Scene 2, page 11 from Hamlet - 2211?

A couple of references to the number 3. 3 founding members, Ivan Greshnev is father of three, Grief counseling included for up to 3 family members, 1-3 years of experience… but that could be a bad lead.

The year 2012 is suspicious. Because the Our Team page says GROWING AND IMPROVING SINCE 2012. Patricia Gorevsky also seems to have: Headed our first public Echo test in 2012.
But the history page lists 2009 as the first public showing and 2012 is the year when:

API Development Unveiled

After two years of codebase revisions and gauging the market, Echo offers API access to major social media companies.

The phone number (408) 703-2077 itself is probably irrelevant.


A lot of them sound like years, but without further info we don’t know how they’re linked.

84.190.188 sounds like an IP address, but someone said they tested every permutation that uses them but no dice. :frowning:

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11, 22, 33 are considered Master Numbers in numerology.

11 - Old Soul
22 - Master Builder
33 - Master Teacher


84.190.188 is an internet IP range owned by Deutsche Telekom AG, which is in Germany. The linked video to that number sequence was a song from the German movie Run Lola Run.

However, a reddit user in the No Man’s Sky subreddit also noticed that 84,190,188 is a RGB value. That color is the approximate color of the sky in the No Man’s Sky cover art. Notice also in the art is a long-necked creature which resembles the dinosaur-ish symbol on the site.

My feeling is that the references to Germany are a red herring, and that has something to do with the No Man’s Sky game.


That RGB piece is pretty smart, actually. Especially since the name of the guy who made the site, Rickley G Brown, has the initials RGB as well.


Holy cow that’s right! And 84,190,188 in HEX is #54bebc which in ASCII is T¾¼. ¾ + ¼ = 1. T1! Ok I don’t know where I’m going with this… But the RGB thing with the initials is pretty neat.


Ah, good catch, Jamcow! That does lend credence to the RGB value being a legitimate clue.

As for the other numbers, they could be dates, but they could be something else. Looking at Wikipedia for 1974, two things caught my eye in that year.

  1. On Feb 8, the crew of the Skylab 4 space station returns to Earth (fun fact, that crew was the only space crew to go on strike due to being overworked).

  2. The Arecibo message is sent into space. It was an “interstellar radio message carrying basic information about humanity and Earth sent to globular star cluster M13 in the hope that extraterrestrial intelligence might receive and decipher it.”

Considering the recurring subjects of echoes and messages, the Arecibo message is interesting, though it could just be a case of confirmation bias. I am not seeing a pattern formed in the other dates with regards to messages, or scientific discoveries. Perhaps these numbers have some other meaning than representing years.

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Could the Job IDs be a pattern?
1799, 1802, 1808, 1817 (+3,+6,+9)

But it skips 1974 if you follow it:
… 1829, 1844, 1862, 1883, 1907, 1934, 1964, 1997, 2033 …

Maybe a different one?

As found on Reddit

Treating the lyrics to Franka Potente - Believe and 84.190.188 as book cipher we get
"Don’t Panic Believe"

Interesting. Well, “Don’t panic” is the famous line from the book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Agghh. this is mind boggling. I love it. Any luck finding new numbers @Emily?

Hello, I’m new here and for what it may or may not be worth, if there is a true link between and WT, then their ‘Project Manager’ has a blog referencing Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.


3, 6, 9 - Isn’t that supposed to be the key to the universe?

Something about angles, kinda fits in with the angle puzzle on the Echo page.

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Link Okami? A few earlier comments referenced the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy moto (dont panic) to the german ip run lola run video.

There’s a bunch here - and if I put my tinfoil hat on “Milestones” are what the achievements in No Man’s Sky are called.


Also if you drag the cursor over the heart it changes to a gray color. Maybe significant, probably not

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No problem. I was going to link originally, but not certain if this site is connected and didnt want to stir up a red herring. In any case, this can be deleted by admin if it is irrelevant in any way.
Forrest Christian’s Twitter:
If you notice he has a link to in his bio.
His entry Closing Time has a paragraph midway through where he mentions meeting a Robbie Stamp that worked with Douglas Adams on Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. It is kind of fleeting and may be unimportant, but I felt it may be worth a mention.

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Those “year” numbers are bothering me. Perhaps they are not a sequence and really do point to some significant events in those years. Could the categories they are under be important to deciphering them?

Speaking of deciphering, in 1799 the Rosetta Stone was discovered in Egypt. Maybe unimportant to solving this, but certainly relevant to us!

These are odd years, if that’s what they represent. I’m just spitballing here, but are these related to No Man’s Sky somehow? Perhaps the four numbers relate somehow to the four pillars of gameplay in NMS (fight, explore, trade, survive)? Those concepts are vague though and could be found in any year, so I am doubting this is worth exploring.

In 1802 H.W. Olbers discovered the asteroid Pallas, named after the mythological Titan. I searched for asteroid discoveries in the other years in hopes of finding a pattern of Titan names, but could find none.

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As a ps4 player of NMS myself, there is more to this that seems oddly familiar to me. I can’t quite put my finger on it, though…

1974 - Funding for AI has been cut back rapidly because of slow progress. Also relevant to the topic but might not be significant.

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