Open/unsolved issues/puzzles

There are a few puzzles/issues/odd ends that have not to this day been used to solve any glyph or sigil, and may belong to one yet to be uncovered. So if you want to have a little warming up before the next broadcast tomorrow, or just want to have these ready to see if they match up to anything new you find, here is the list of all open issues.


A Hamlet Quote was found at the end of the puzzle on the search page, it’s from Act 2, Scene 2:
“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

Odd numbers on the website:
1974 (This number is mentioned on the history page and either the + or the number is out of place “has grown to 1974+ employees” )
84.190.188 (mentioned at the footer of the site, may be related to RGB. Also links to - YouTube)
1799, 1802, 1808 (the job-id numbers on the carreer page, though they could also just be random.)

Possible Theory
As @maff pointed out in the replies, there is a theory concerning the numbers relating to interstellar transmissions.
1974 was the year the Arecibo message was sent.

1799, 1802 and 1808 career numbers are part of a Fibonacci sequence (thanks to @crushbrain): 1799-1802-1808-1820-1841-1877-1937-2036

2036 is the year the Cosmic Call will reach its first destination. The Cosmic Call page mentions Arecibo and the Rosetta Stone.

While these two transmissions do offer a connection between the numbers, it has so far not been connected back to Waking Titan, or to a final answer to any puzzle. As such, it should be considered as a theory only.


Various PDFs were found during the solving of the puzzles, they contain a series of characters that can be used as youtube links, but their association with youtube could also be coincidence. In addition they are also valid Base64 numbers, or they could be anything else.
pdf1: =O3QcsBFH6zY (59 116 28 176 17 71 235 54 dec) - Kavinsky - First Blood (Official Audio) - YouTube
pdf2: =dKVhodA_q-g (116 165 97 161 208 42 dec) - David Bowie. The Man Who Sold The World (1970) - YouTube
pdf3: =d7UFvwguCPU (119 181 5 191 8 46 8 245 dec) - - YouTube


There is encrypted data on in the “research fields” section of the website.
This data can be decrypted using a Bifid cipher. So far, the data has not led anywhere.

SCHRODINGEABFKLMPQTUVWXYZ (The J was removed from the key given on the page to make it fit a 5*5 block used by this cipher.)

Radiation Belts
Wc snpsigdd cpfrrcxnfi hikdnnp dm crc Fcb Pdeug vueageacc vtyl sa zxm crebzp lyoeuaiwpv.
Decrypts to (block size 74):
We recreate conditions similar to the Van Allen radiation belt in our secure facilities.

Eqsigcmsn ngi cddipnsttkdnl ivacsdmi sw a nllhiiiizlrcd bcrh bb ummsdcnsqpcwm: Nt hfv smcimi rilbzpk qwv ciwp vn lukncve mpx ocwxeai zh vcvuodm banqwdmuxab zyce gtwuesnlm-rebgfryoy wetnplloa.
Decrypts to (block size 163):
Exploring the possibilities inherent in a computational view of consciousness: We are always finding new ways to enhance our ability to process information with naturally-occurring phenomena.

Magnetic Fields
Biimbf cb ya cwmhhbo bidmspi ikik iq fscrccstr pisoigrcfmh sbbgmoiwmmn ndfkqd: Kddk bipci cissntv ayv rssdwzzkle vuotz anq xs okolpvqd tzdu cvl iavtdyz vdbwcuocgkl we mviwdpxx sqyixypv.
Decrypts to (block size 157):
Adding to an already massive pool of knowledge surrounding fundamental forces: This group studies how industrial tools can be improved with the liberal application of magnetic energies.

Wgmigcesc vd itb tpbrsenp sw Btrfngp Rchmgapheligdap, cr hmk pn fari medwlo kyn tx wlp zanlhuoz/gura cdecrvrwyuuo xqwr pewswk ycp xraqce az, rzavv ymr.
Decrypts to (block size 124):
Venturing to new horizons in Quantum Electrodynamics, we aim to make better use of the particle/wave interactions that happen all around us, every day.

Particle Acceleration
Fcdgc fc bvm cskaddt-dsimpirpsh BIHI Mdsifodsmcrrcxp Qrdba Cbhmchpk mph sti Satidpc Lkfodsrmbs, taf bfcbpdd ooklousm weslwyawyea wp koepz wo maqwylz rbut xz ppsudti zce zmu, pc w yueqy rxoa ucve mrrowyerqh ecrczaiwpv.
Decrypts to (block size 182):
Based on the already-successful CERN Superconducting Super Collider and the Cornell Syncrotron, our private particle accelerator is built to perform tens of studies per day, at a lower cost than comparable facilities.


Nice compilation!

I’m pretty sure these links are meant to be youtube links.

I would like to add that there are even more mysteries that might be unsolved:
The message on the NMS planet:

  • Who or what is instance16(status)
  • Does loop16 unexpected error have any significance?
  • 97C-303N-5884-P was the password, but does it also mean anything?
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97C was the dataset id in one of the pdfs but also the first three digits of the password.

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On the Multiverse site there are still the unused bar graph numbers:

Computationalism …80%
Magnetic Field Applications …90%
Radiation Belts …95%

As well as the 100, 18, 15 numbers in the Research section, and the “daily test runs” number that counts up to 10,000.

People who are better than math at me (which is most people), is there any significance to the fact that 100/18 = 5.5555555(repeating) and 100/15 = 6.66666666(repeating) ?

There are indeed more questions that can be asked regarding both sites. The ones I posted (possibly minus the job-id’s) are the most obvious ones, and thus have the biggest chance of yielding interesting results. That being said, it is indeed quite possible there are more.
My personal opinion is that the “16” is a recurring theme, and well, a password is a password, although I do agree that it is quite an odd one, so if any password has a hidden meaning, it’s probably this one.

As for the math, other than the obvious, that they are repeating decimals ( Repeating decimal - Wikipedia ), I’m not sure. 100/15 can be simplified to 20/3 and 100/18 can be 50/9.

One could do more tricks on the numbers, I’m not sure if they are any more than page fillers. Then again, it never hurts to check if they in any way relate to the decoded text or anything else. :slight_smile:

I feel like the quotes deciphered using the bifid cipher are merely for flavor/lore; I don’t really see how they could be relevant. However, they’re probably going to be relevant later, if at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, none of us know how they’re relevant yet, or they wouldn’t be unsolved. It’s like the Hamlet quote. It could be “flavor”, just telling us something about Atlas, or this girl on the tape. But at the same time, as crushbrain mentioned in another topic, why would a public part of a company site be encrypted? If it’s part of the lore, it would have likely just been text. So someone encrypted it, and it looks fairly bland, not really relevant info (not even from a lore perspective). Which raises the question, what is it supposed to mean?
This ARG is a puzzle, and it has shown some real depth in hiding things (just look at the recent tape analysis), so most likely, we are still missing something.

A final thought: we see this site having 2 glyphs, but we know there are 15 solvable ones. That means all sites are supposed to have 2.5 glyph. Meaning we may very well have missed one already. The 4th was likely triggered by that email someone sent. But what if that wasn’t the only one we could invoke?
Just because there doesn’t appear to be any glyph to solve doesn’t mean these puzzles are not leading anywhere.

I’ve been pouring through the Echo and Multiverse sites trying to find anything we missed. Has anyone run a spectrograph on the voicemail messages from Echo and Multiverse? I don’t have the capability sadly…

re: the numbers, true, I’m just trying to leave no stone unturned. Perhaps some of the numbers on these sites are purely for cosmetic appearances, but I don’t want to rule anything out. It would be nice if we had someone around with a math degree to make sure we’re not missing any patterns or relationships.

Im pretty sure the Echo-64 numbers were solved and relate to interstellar radio messages.

1974 was the year the [Arecibo message] (Arecibo message - Wikipedia) was sent.

1799, 1802 and 1808 career numbers were part of a Fibonacci sequence (thanks to @crushbrain):


2036 is the year the Cosmic Call will reach its first destination. The Cosmic Call page mentions Arecibo and the Rosetta Stone.

@DevilinPixy made the link to RGB from the Rosetta Stone, you can read the post here with the rest of our workings in that thread.

[quote=“Shota, post:7, topic:741”]
The 4th was likely triggered by that email someone sent.[/quote]

No, it became active at the same time as the third one. As far as I know the mail that made the package being sent was mailed afterwards

@maff It is indeed possible that these numbers relate to interstellar transmissions. One could in such a case consider a word like “transmission” or “message” or any similar word to be overarching. But even if they do, that’s like finding the Hamlet quote, it’s a step in a chain of puzzles, but it doesn’t seem like the solution yet.
Also, while they do have these obvious connections, neither the Arecibo message nor the Cosmic call have a direct relation to Waking Titan. That being said, I’ll update the original post to include this possible link.

@ohwell ah, could be. Maybe I am chasing ghosts there. :slight_smile:

1974 was also the year that Sagittarius A*, the possible supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way, was found/confirmed. Seems very relevant to NMS.

The other three numbers being part of a Fibonacci sequence seems obviously significant.

I looked up possibilities for those numbers representing years in scientific/astronomical history, although none seem particularly relevant and this is probably a dead end (just putting it out there):

1799 - Andrew Ellicott Douglass makes first record of a meteor shower in North America (Leonid). Also, Laplace began publishing Mechanique Celeste (Celestial Mechanics) in France.

1802 - Herschel first uses the term binary star, and also coins the term asteroid. (Herschel also pioneered the use of astronomical spectrophotometry - possibly relevant to NMS but not to 1802 in particular)

1808 - Mercury occulted (eclipsed) Saturn

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