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Compilation post echo-64
Please let me know (tag @Ohwell) anything I missed! I’ll try to reference relevant posts
Last update 12/06

For everything before echo-64:
- Resources and information thread
- GameDetectives

  • Header/footer
  • Homepage
  • 5 Companies are referenced. Their meaning/purpose yet unknown:

    • The Secure Key
    • Atlas Network
    • Rekall
    • Bonanno Institute
    • The Louis Creed Foundation
  • 5 Images with shapes are shown. This leads to the password of the second sigil as explained here

  • Search page
  • This shows quite some hex numbers on the right side. Explained here
  • Some queries will return other results, but none seem important
  • About us
  • Nothing of interest found
  • History
  • Echo 1, “F.A.Y.”, made in 2009. Possibly slang..
  • Number 1974 is stressed. Discuss it here
  • Our Team
  • Images are stock images. These are of no interest
  • Second echo ever created: Gerry Mishrason mother’s echo
  • No other relevant information about these characters is found (so far). Join the discussion here (echo team) or here (all characters)
  • Careers

Thanks to everyone contributing and tagging me!

Echo-64 has updated
#231197661T - some questions

Nice compilation, it should allow everyone to get up to date on what was found on echo :smile:


This anything to do with Echo? (If not I just learned something new lol)
Echo was an Oread in Greek mythology, a mountain nymph that lived on Mount Kithairon.
Zeus was quite attracted to nymphs and often visited them. Hera, his wife, jealous of his various affairs, followed him trying to catch him. However, Echo would engage Hera in long-winded conversations, giving the time to Zeus to evade her. At some point, Hera realised the plot of Echo and cursed her to only be able to repeat the last words that another person just said.


Could you please include this hidden sites into your compilation:


There’s more than just those. Though the /echo/, /time/ and /atlas/ ones are the only ones we’ve found that were probably added in manually (rather than being default WordPress sites). See my other posts about these here (comments 10 and 11).


Previously mentioned, FAY is also a slang term for Nymph or Fairy…


Thanks for all references guys! I’ll not all the page links, because there are simply to many.
Fay might indeed be just that


Someone on Reddit did a search of the logo and came up with this website: It might be a legitimate site, but it’s theme seems very much like Echo’s. Might be another Sci-fi themed site they wanted to point out to us for some reason.


Thanks for reminding us of the “F.A.Y.” term. It led me to a discovery all of you might want to take a look at in the Shakespeare thread I just posted.


Mac the two icons are the same for deep and echo. Hope it’s not fake =-) Echo logo is white so it won’t show here lol.


Yep, that’s the logo that led them to the Deep Knowledge site. People have looked up the founder, and he is an actual guy who has been on the news and things. So this is a real business, but it uses advanced technology to extend peoples’ lives, so it is very similar to Echo in a way. So that is probably why they used the logo from it, to give a real world tie-in.


this one to reminds me of the sigils


Its weird though. I’m seeing wt in a lot of things now lol.


It sounds like a quote from a sci-fi novel. I’ll give it a google. The use of the word “shells” ties in to NMS yet again though because of Korvax shells (or casings).


This quote is from the War of the Worlds by HG Wells.


Dangit! you beat me to it, was about to type that. Waking Titan has made references to Mars before, and the aliens in War of the Worlds are from Mars. Mars is definitely a theme here. Mars was the Roman god of war of course, Greek name Ares. So another tie to Greek mythology as well. Not sure how that helps at all.


What are you talking about? The second set (behind the break) converts to opqrstuvwxyz.

What you wrote would be amazingly long in binary.


The logo for echo-64 is actually a Shutterstock clip art logo, so that’s probably where Deep Knowledge got it from. I wouldn’t look into it too far; the people giving clues on Waking Titan have been good about providing hints that lead to other sites, but I don’t think we should go out of our way to search for other sites that may be similar. The clues WT has left are very deliberate.


dang! now i’m wondering where i got that from too… i was doing a copy paste from the pdf to the converter and did it twice. ok, i feel very dumb now. removing my post. sorry!! will be better about checking my tests. doh!!!


The names of the employees are quite odd. In particular, “Mishrason” (but also others). Google doesn’t return a single result of that name appearing anywhere on the web (there are some results, but every single one of is just a typo of “mishra son”). I don’t think there’s ever been a person alive with that name. Why and how would they have chosen that name (or others)?