Loose Ends

Since we have some time to kill, lets coagulate all the loose ends we have yet to resolve so we don’t forget in case they come up:


  • Glitching in her last two videos
  • Talked like she was disappearing
  • No forum interaction in the last 4 days
  • Facebook profile?
  • Cold in summer in vlog 2?


  • No changes to the site
  • Possible contact form
  • Possible count down
  • Noodles?
  • hex code embedded in one of the images, unknown meaning

Waking Titan

  • Saturday July 9th ?
  • 10 more gliffs
  • Elizabeth videos, same timeline? different timelines?
  • Wakingtitans.com ?
  • Latest memo
    – Myriad API #90
    – Alpha 2621


  • Contact image glitched? possible contact method
  • About us page, 3 names look like possible anagrams
  • Contact image resembles front page images
  • Red home page image has stripes in them
  • Pink, was this JUST for the short term background
  • Youtube link added to homepage
  • The meaning of the the -16.0e998112 and -32.1af1983 in the boot of Superlumina website.
  • The Le petit prince french extract from the Superlumina search page


  • Shield 3 still diagnosing
  • 30 day window for rescheduling
  • Glitched image, possible ship?
  • email clues pointing to Battle of hastings, joseon, royal society and Alan turing.
  • Loved by 89044 developers, possible nevada zip code near base

Mercury Subroutine 3/3

  • Yet to happen?


  • Holes showing up in multiple audio files
  • Portal shows up in first wave of casettes

Thanks to Shota for the synopsis following:

A Hamlet Quote was found at the end of the puzzle on the search page, it’s from Act 2, Scene 2:
“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

Odd numbers on the website:
1974 (This number is mentioned on the history page and either the + or the number is out of place “has grown to 1974+ employees” )
84.190.188 (mentioned at the footer of the site, may be related to RGB. Also links to - YouTube)
1799, 1802, 1808 (the job-id numbers on the carreer page, though they could also just be random.)

Possible Theory
As @maff pointed out in the replies, there is a theory concerning the numbers relating to interstellar transmissions.
1974 was the year the Arecibo message was sent.

1799, 1802 and 1808 career numbers are part of a Fibonacci sequence (thanks to @crushbrain): 1799-1802-1808-1820-1841-1877-1937-2036

2036 is the year the Cosmic Call will reach its first destination. The Cosmic Call page mentions Arecibo and the Rosetta Stone.

While these two transmissions do offer a connection between the numbers, it has so far not been connected back to Waking Titan, or to a final answer to any puzzle. As such, it should be considered as a theory only.

Various PDFs were found during the solving of the puzzles, they contain a series of characters that can be used as youtube links, but their association with youtube could also be coincidence. In addition they are also valid Base64 numbers, or they could be anything else.
pdf1: =O3QcsBFH6zY (59 116 28 176 17 71 235 54 dec) - Kavinsky - First Blood (Official Audio) - YouTube
pdf2: =dKVhodA_q-g (116 165 97 161 208 42 dec) - David Bowie. The Man Who Sold The World (1970) - YouTube
pdf3: =d7UFvwguCPU (119 181 5 191 8 46 8 245 dec) - - YouTube

There is encrypted data on in the “research fields” section of the website.
This data can be decrypted using a Bifid cipher. So far, the data has not led anywhere.

SCHRODINGEABFKLMPQTUVWXYZ (The J was removed from the key given on the page to make it fit a 5*5 block used by this cipher.)

Radiation Belts
Wc snpsigdd cpfrrcxnfi hikdnnp dm crc Fcb Pdeug vueageacc vtyl sa zxm crebzp lyoeuaiwpv.
Decrypts to (block size 74):
We recreate conditions similar to the Van Allen radiation belt in our secure facilities.

Eqsigcmsn ngi cddipnsttkdnl ivacsdmi sw a nllhiiiizlrcd bcrh bb ummsdcnsqpcwm: Nt hfv smcimi rilbzpk qwv ciwp vn lukncve mpx ocwxeai zh vcvuodm banqwdmuxab zyce gtwuesnlm-rebgfryoy wetnplloa.
Decrypts to (block size 163):
Exploring the possibilities inherent in a computational view of consciousness: We are always finding new ways to enhance our ability to process information with naturally-occurring phenomena.

Magnetic Fields
Biimbf cb ya cwmhhbo bidmspi ikik iq fscrccstr pisoigrcfmh sbbgmoiwmmn ndfkqd: Kddk bipci cissntv ayv rssdwzzkle vuotz anq xs okolpvqd tzdu cvl iavtdyz vdbwcuocgkl we mviwdpxx sqyixypv.
Decrypts to (block size 157):
Adding to an already massive pool of knowledge surrounding fundamental forces: This group studies how industrial tools can be improved with the liberal application of magnetic energies.

Wgmigcesc vd itb tpbrsenp sw Btrfngp Rchmgapheligdap, cr hmk pn fari medwlo kyn tx wlp zanlhuoz/gura cdecrvrwyuuo xqwr pewswk ycp xraqce az, rzavv ymr.
Decrypts to (block size 124):
Venturing to new horizons in Quantum Electrodynamics, we aim to make better use of the particle/wave interactions that happen all around us, every day.

Particle Acceleration
Fcdgc fc bvm cskaddt-dsimpirpsh BIHI Mdsifodsmcrrcxp Qrdba Cbhmchpk mph sti Satidpc Lkfodsrmbs, taf bfcbpdd ooklousm weslwyawyea wp koepz wo maqwylz rbut xz ppsudti zce zmu, pc w yueqy rxoa ucve mrrowyerqh ecrczaiwpv.
Decrypts to (block size 182):
Based on the already-successful CERN Superconducting Super Collider and the Cornell Syncrotron, our private particle accelerator is built to perform tens of studies per day, at a lower cost than comparable facilities.

Please post any others you guys can remember, i joined right before myriad so not sure about all the loose ends prior.


I dunno if it’s important but it feels like it relates to Emily being out of sync with our present time/space continuum, in her second vlog she was recovering from a cold/flu, now its possible to still come down with the symptoms this time of year but ordinarrily it takes a back seat and hayfever reigns supreme… Possibly receiving symnptoms from future or past instances of herself in the winter months?

I think the best guess for Noodles was it being an anagram for Old Gods. It may be some foreshadowing as to what to expect in the next phase or it might be a useful clue.

I think the Saturday July 9th thing is a sign that as things go on, timelines etc are going to get more and more out of sync with our own. This could easily be information being recieved from a universe where the gregorian calender was introduced a day early or something along those lines. That or it’s an honest to god error on their part :slight_smile:

The rest, I havent a clue…

Fantastic work on the loose ends post, a tip of the cap to you good sire!

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Please add:

Superlumina-6c changed: New Youtube Link in “Reinventing Communication” text.

There’re too the clue in the e-mail of that lead to the Limite function: Battle of Hasting, Joseon, Royal society, Turing.

Holes in frequency spectrogram of the ad (we can even see some in the 3 last (I cannot say for the 4th one cause can’t seem to find a recording of it)).

The meaning of the word “portal” in the fist wave of cassette.

The meaning of the the -16.0e998112 and -32.1af1983 in the boot of Superlumina website.

I already asked myself if the new Ads would have these “holes” too. Can you do me a favour and upload some screenshots to your “Holes in Ads…” Thread? If possible in identical appearance?

Here: Waking Titan Atlas ad 1-4 - Album on Imgur

They are very feint, but can discern them.

And they is the Le petit prince french extract from the Superlumina search page too that lead to a dead end for now.

Updated through here

Thank You!

@lilprog this link ( https://forums.etarc.org/t/open-unsolved-issues-puzzles/741 ) is where I posted the open issues from the multiverse and echo websites before. None of them has since been solved, so the list is still valid.

Edit: also, we have the wrong date in this latest PDF (it says “JUNE 16TH, 2017” at the top) and we have a bunch of missing tapes yet. One was sent through the ARG and contained nice stuff, but half a dozen are still unaccounted for.

Edit2: added the link.

I’m new to the ARG, just found out about it today-- wow… incredible stuff so far.

One thing that I’m not sure has been addressed is the suffixes for each subsite.

Echo-64, Multiverse-75, Myriad-70, Superlumia-6c, Atlas-65

64 75 70 6c 65

Some kind of hash?

Yes, it has been addressed multiple times, it’s hex code, it reads “duple”.

Edit: for example, here: https://forums.etarc.org/t/pdf-investigation/87

Ah, apologies.

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Just a few non-essential thoughts from me on some of those points.

Just coming out of a really serious cold myself. There’s people that get a cold as soon as the weather changes, no matter whether it gets colder or warmer.

Yeah… Noodles seem to be getting a recurring theme for Waking Titan. :smile:

2 More phases to the ARG… 5 glyphs per phase, probably.

I hope so! :smile:

I think those would have been the clues for the password for the package drop.

it didnt post a link fyi, pop it in here and i can combine the lists

My bad, I must have forgotten to actually paste it in there, here it is: https://forums.etarc.org/t/open-unsolved-issues-puzzles/741 :slight_smile:

what about the Shakespeare’s pastebin in the echo search page?

It is listed on that page:

A Hamlet Quote was found at the end of the puzzle on the search page, it’s from Act 2, Scene 2:
“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

All the steps of the puzzle to obtain this result were omitted, but can be found on Waking Titan - Game Detectives Wiki among other places.

The “duple” finds its root in latin for “two”. So I looked up the ascii hex value for 2. Lo and behold, it is 32. There is an atlas-32.com website. It is an odd site. I signed up for it and there is some beautiful music on it, but I haven’t had a chance to dig deeper. Thoughts?

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its on the same server as cockandballstorture.com has to be legit… I think its just coincidence


Reminds me of Casino Royale. Anyway, guess its nothing then, but it does seem odd an easter choir rehersal would use atlas-32 as their site name.

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