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Hi guys! I have some questions that’s been bugging me for a while and so I thought that I’d ask them here, hoping for easy answers :slight_smile:

(1) On the wiki for games detective for WT, you can read that the very first video of Elizabeth has been transcribed to contain the following audio:

My name is (?). You must help her find the way. If you’re receiving this signal, please, help us. You must save us. Without the videocom to help us, we’re pretty much stuck. They can’t find our devices. Help us. Tell her about Saladin (?)

Question: how was this audio obtained from a heavily garbled video? and why hasn’t the remaining videos been analyzed in a similar fashion?

(2) Since I was away on a short vacation, I missed what was the Marcury process 2/3, even though I quickly (on my phone) did partake in the voting of the RGB values, that lead to pink being the winner I believe.

Question: on which website or on which document is this pink colour manifested or shown? how has this colour affected the WT ARG if at all?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

  1. There was a thread recently where we tried to analyze what she said:

  2. Step 3 of the Mercury process hasn’t happened yet. The color voting was Step 2. The pink color showed up briefly on the Superlumina site. The color hasn’t played any further role.


Yep, @solarparty is right on this.

BTW, that Game Detectives transcription is pretty bunk. (With the exception of “without the xxx to help us…” part.)

But anyway, the underlaying garbled text has not been different at all in previous videos. The new one has three new syllables at beginning which sound to me like “let me be.” (But “be” could be nearly anything… and it’s possible it’s a three syllable word rather than 3 words as I hear it.)

I dont know how the GT folks heard what they did, but in my experiments with this, I used spectral editing and other tools to attempt to restore intelligibility – which actually damages the audio somewhat, but turns it into almost a vocoder-sounding vocal which SLIGHTLY is more intelligible.

See the link Solar pointed to.


Thanks to you both @solarparty and @KCrosley !
Regarding that EL video, all I hear is “what if we’ve tried this already” or something similar at 12 seconds in (when she is seemingly speaking to someone else, maybe to the person holding the camera)… all the other audio is for me incomprehensible… are you saying that it is purely based on hearing perception, regardless of audio editing trickery? In other words, the filter bringing the audio back to its unaltered state has not been found?


Hi @bcatrek,

Yes, there’s no simple filter like an “invert phase and subtract” one file from another that will magically restore the “damaged” portions of the Leighton video. Using different techniques, I’ve made different versions that bring out different characteristics of the (seemingly more distressing) underlying audio. (For example, in a previous version, I’d emphasized sibilance.)

Given that we’ve now made contact with Elizabeth Leighton in the present (we know this because, in her livestream, she interacted directly with questions posed to her from investigators in real time), I’m a little less interested in fully uncovering what it is that the damaged audio is trying to tell us.

Which is to say, we’ll be hearing more from her, I’m sure.

As for what the audio is trying to tell us, I’m not sure that it matters. As Elizabeth and her organization are (by her own admission) behind the riddles, passcodes, and deliverables presented by the site, she surely knows what they say and what they imply.

Currently, we are left with the following possible interpretations of the “distress message”/“recruitment” videos delivered to us as rewards for unlocking the sigils:

  1. They are entirely fabricated by Atlas Foundation as a way of piquing our interest and recruiting us as Citizen Scientists. The “damage” in them and their cryptic nature is entirely artificial.

  2. They are, in fact, examples of Superluminal transmissions and the messages are (in whole or in part) actually from the future. The damage/distortion in them is not artificial, but a side-effect of the Superluminal transmission process. But they have been used with the same intentions as in #1. This one’s a bit of a brain bender as it implies that present Elizabeth and future Elizabeth collaborated to create these deliverables. (But, presumably, Elizabeth is used to such weirdness by now.)
    … This also implies that the various distressing components (the “hidden” message, “what if we’ve already tried this before?”, etc.) are entirely known to present Elizabeth but she’s like, “Oh, yeah, time loops that strand your future self in desperate situations, spooky messages from your future self and all that? Well, yeah, shit happens. You’ll get used to it.”

  3. The videos that WE see as deliverables from the wakingtitan sigils are not the same ones that Elizabeth sees. Perhaps from her perspective, they are something akin to what I’ve described in option #1 or #2, but she either cannot (or does not) see that, in addition to her intentionally cryptic stuff, there are artifacts that imply some looming danger. This option is horribly “meta” if you get my drift, but it’s a possibility.

I’ve assumed here that the videos either are (or synthesized to appear as if they are) examples of the types of distortion caused by Superluminal transmission. But you could also make these same arguments/interpretations of the videos assuming they were created (or created to be like) using other Atlas technologies such as “echos” (the Elizabeth in the message is an echo Elizabeth – “hey, Echo Elizabeth, read this creepy message for us!”) or simulated realities.

In any event, she’s what we’d call an “unreliable narrator” but we’ve really no choice in playing along with her for a bit if we want to see more of what unfolds here, eh?

Exploring the meaning of the last transmission in retrospective

Hey @KCrosley thanks for such a detailed response!
It helps a lot given that my video-magic skillz are virtually zero (= I know where the play button is).

It’s an interesting link you make between the EL videos and Superlumina… I started a thread here solely focused on Superlumina, please feel free to join in! :smiley:

Edit: wording last sentence


I’ve been directed here from other threads, and I’m finally conscious enough to throw down some paranoid rumblings. Loose ends? I’m a frayed knot. :yum:

I am a little afraid, but it’s natural to be afraid of something this weird, which could end up changing everything, literally. There are so many portents from what has been thrown at us that it’s a bit overwhelming. Loose ends? There are so MANY of them! “We are the mystery hiding in plain sight.” But I’m wondering if we aren’t faced with an onion’s layers of double entendres. The U.S. government is involved, and in particular the military, as Major Sophie Dubois is at the very least a liaison if not a director, and the government is all about misdirection. What is “plain sight,” and just what are we seeing? I’m going to be Captain Obvious for a while, but I need to collect my thoughts.

I feel like everything being shown to us is coming from an alternate universe. Times are jumbled. The “Saturday July 9th” message from a weekend ago caused a lot of consternation because that Saturday was the 8th. And it wasn’t corrected. A mistake would be, so is it a clue, is the date right “over there”?

Why does the contact area at multiverse-75 show two colliding planets in the background? Who on Earth would make a webmaster think that was the perfect image to inspire someone to ring them up?

The heck is up with that “alien crusade” announcement at Superlumina-6c, and what’s with these glitchy images at all these websites?

Why does the map at the myriad-70 contact page point to the secret military complex known as Area 51?

In particular, that old tome discovered… somewhere, it nags at me. At least I assume it’s an old book. It’s described as holding a valuable dataset. In fact, it’s secrets are considered so monumental that… well, they said this:


Now, what the hell could be so earthshaking about something in a half ruined old book, perhaps a sailor’s diary? Information pilfered from an ancient civilization which has relevance to our Atlas problem? Ancient secrets from some cult wrapped up in discovering the true nature of reality? Information sent from the future somehow? Evidence of time travel, including talks with the Traveller? Evidence of alien artifacts, or alien encounters, with crucial information? This thing really bugs me.

Also note that we’re seeing that message over an “unsecured network.” So whether or not this is a red herring or really does hold some sort of earthshaking information, we have at least one leaker inside the Foundation. But what are their motivations? Because they’re so utterly baffling, are these deliberate leaks by our Masters? This is the problem with an Illuminati Scenario, when you have a secretive bunch in control and constantly toying with you. After a while, you don’t know what to believe.

Elizabeth Leighton is as confusing as any of it. From what we have concluded, those cryptic, corrupted messages of hers are from the future, or “a” future. We have multiple timelines and multiple universes to consider in this mess. But in spite of their apparent warnings, she seems completely unconcerned - and surely Superlumina has better technology than we do to receive these messages and glean info from them.

I’ve speculated that Mz Leighton is

  • Trapped in her own organization as it is being controled by the government, and is using her polished presenter’s facade to maintain order as she works out some scheme under the surface.
  • Not the same person: either an Elizabeth displaced in time from us for some reason, a parallel Elizabeth in another dimension connected with this one, an alien, a synthetic being, or something even stranger.
  • A Mastermind herself, either involved in the conspiracy or working on her own scheme in competition with Major Dubois and the military. It has been leaked early on that the Major doesn’t approve of Elizabeth’s pet project, evidently the Citizen Science initiative, and considers it a risk.

And there is the whole issue of the plans the Masters have in all this.

We have surmised that all these projects under the Atlas Foundation umbrella have direct correlation to many facets of the Simulation we’re all taking part in. That the Simulation is a model of what is going to happen to the entire cosmos when the Atlas Project reaches its ultimate state - or even that the Simulation is the universe transformed by the use of the accumulated quantum mechanics-based technology. And the technology may well be alien tech recovered by the government, researched for decades, and only now are they able to properly comprehend the arcane properties and capabilities involved. It may be why the alien Crusaders are suddenly so intent on coming to our planet. Either way, at some point, Atlas is going to achieve sentience and harness the technology in these research labs to “hack into the universe” as I put it, and cause transformations that the Simulation may only be a surface glimpse.

Is this their goal? Is it someone’s goal, wanting to play god with the cosmos, and jumping at the chance to harness this project for their own megalomaniacal ends? Is what happens an accident, as the computer becomes so powerful, it overpowers its makers and decides to do what it wants instead? Are we doomed to disappear like Emily, to be transformed into Echoes which coalesce into the Convergence? Or do we become the Travelers, being of free will, but with puppet strings attached?

Does anyone have any bright ideas? I’m a frayed knot…


I found that this happened July 9th 2016



July 9, 1960 (Saturday)[edit]
Rodger Woodward, a seven-year-old boy, became the first person known to survive an accidental plunge over Niagara Falls. Roger had been a passenger in a boat on the Niagara River, when the outboard motor failed. He fell 165 feet over the Falls, but sustained only minor bruises and a cut, and was released from a hospital two days later.[16]
Congo Crisis: The Belgian national airline Sabena began airlifting Belgian citizens out of the Congo. Over the next three weeks, 25,711 flew home.[17]
The nuclear submarine USS Thresher was launched. It would be lost in 1963.[18]


All I see is a grey blob over a black background, hanging over a light horisontal strip with more black beneath it. It’s most likely the 4th alien race of NMS trying to make contact with us :smiley: