Direct links to the elizabeth videos


These are a bit clearer without the ripple and glitch effects from the site:


This is very handy.

In the fourth video after her frustrated question, she says over herself,

“We’re hoping to find people capable of… just about anything.”

“We can’t do this alone-Now that we found you - and the stakes are very high-we can only hope you’re wiling to help us.”

In the background after some stuff I can’t make out, she says “Using this device… fifteen timelines… unaffected symbols…” And then it becomes hash. This is what I hear in the background of the fifth video, copied from that other thread:

[quote=“stryker99, post:13, topic:986”]
I/it may be
If you’ve seen this video, you’ve (got to decide / gone through the signs (got the device?))
Not this one ???
We’re pretty stuck
Fifteen/sixteen timelines, unaffected symbols
None of this matters ???
Help us
If anyone can hear this, the last thing they have to do…
(echoes) If you’ve seen this video-- [/quote]

If she does say “You’ve got the device,” we might have to “build” one (online, use a webapp), or have one given to us in a drop.