Sigils videos / Elizabeth video


So the cools kids are calling the triangle sigils so that is what I am referring them too (just kidding I know that is what they are called din the video source .

So today I decided to try something. I wondered if the 2 movies we had with the scrambled audio were not just one.
So after a quick import into my video editor (Yes @Emily I do video too not just radio) I had this

A quick look at the audio makes it look like it could be the same video (the distortion creates different peaks but the area seem to match in the vast majority)

So then I decide to overlap them and just chop of the scramble bits where in one of the videos we could see Elizabeth’s face. End result is below.

What do you guys think. Are we getting a full bit by bit?


thank you for doing this!


After she says “is anybody here gonna see this” (or something like that :confused:) it sounds like the echo of this exact phrase so we have to way for all videos and can’t just overlap them to get it all. But I think your way of chopping of the scramble where we have good audio/video could work.
Thanks for your work


Great job! Fantastic work!


Yeah there are bits that sound bizarre like that echo you mentioned. Not sure if it is just the scrambled distortion or if the full thing will be longer. I think at the moment we can only wait for the other pieces of this jigsaw puzzle.


Check this:


Both videos appear to be identical in duration and even the bit rate is close to identical. I decided to extract the audio from both mp4 files using VLC (Convert > mp3). I then checked these in Audacity, clearly seeing that identical audio has been used, with just the few differences where the voice of Elizabeth was clear and some differences in distortion. I then made both tracks mono, to allow for inversion of the track. This basically mirrors the audio waves vertically on the center 0db. A single inverted track would still sound the same when played back. With two tracks it allows to hear the difference between them. If exactly identical, they would rule each other out and you would hear nothing. In this case they are only partially identical, but would remove the identical parts in theory. Had to sync both tracks to line up exactly as well, only slightly shifted.

Here is the resulting audio (mono):

Edit: Appears I may have done what @TypicalHog linked to above.


Spent some time doing the same thing this weekend. The parts that interest me are those very distorted portions that get (more-or-less) cancelled out when performing this shifted phase-cancellation.

One CAN (I used spectral editing to do this) clean up the audio in video 2 a bit and restore some clarity to those portions.

Once can discover at least a bit of what she’s saying in the obfuscated parts:

WAV format:
MP3 format:

She says:

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Leighton (“help us…”), and I’m the CEO of the Atlas Foundation. If you’re seeing [receiving?] this video, you’ve gone through the files. Indeciperable… … [a dear friend…?] to help us… You’re doing fine! [or “you’re getting stuck/sunk”?]… [Indecipherable - interference of two tracks… “Is anybody gonna even see this?”]… Of this [his?] existence… None of it/them [something] for me…"

Have a listen!

Do you think she’s been Echo-ized? Hmm.


Oh, some additional processing has been done here (using tools like Zynaptic Unchirp and Zynaptic Unveil) to enhance intelligibility. Also, I found the watery parts easier to understand with this all slowed down a touch. (So this file is not the same time length of the original.)


Where you put “you’re getting stuck”, it sounds to me like she’s saying "your ability sucks!"
The last line you have sounds to me like "one of them’s awfully/already tardy."
There’s also a small robotic voice saying “echo!” right before that last line.

I’m wondering if these are supposed to be different moments in time overlapping each other.


“Is anybody gonna even see this?”

is there maybe something we missed?
or is she just talking about the transmission?


There are a couple of potential ways to interpret her message

  1. It is a plea for help and that line is in desperation of anyone seeing the message

  2. Elizabeth Leighton was connected to helping make Echos or similar tech and this is a test (help us do something wonderful kinda of phrasing) and then she wonders if their testing is going well and if it is even going to be seen.


Its sound like the sentence “Is anybody gonna even see this?” is not part of the original video the voice and Intonation are different its like the 2 videos are one over the other


Yep. There’s definitely tracks of audio (or multiple voices) on top of each other (which is probably one of the things that lead folks to try phase cancellation experiments with this, though that’s also just an obvious thing to give a go!).

I also had the impression that perhaps we were hearing two different recordings/transmissions OR she’s talking to “herself”. As for the tone (or emotional content) I had originally thought that we might be hearing a fight/conflict/argument, but that might just be the distortion.

Whatever it is, the part that I hear (sort of) as “you’re doing/getting fine/stuck” sounds particularly emphatic, but the exact emotion isn’t clear.

Frustratingly tantalizing for sure.


I am with you on this. To me it seems like there are two things being said, maybe two messages. It’s like the distorted voice is talking something different, with Elizabeth giving her message on top. At the beginning there is the first ‘help us’ for example, interrupting what Elizabeth is saying.

If two different tracks are being used, instead of a distorted Elizabeth and a clear Elizabeth, it complicates editing the distortion to yield results. Smart way to make sure the message can not be decoded before they allow us to. I think we are forced to be patient. For now we only have the two video messages with a clear result from Elizabeth at the start. Still a lot of distortion towards the end. Additional videos are required to fully figure this one out I am afraid.


Yep. It is darn well obfuscated. Waiting for new… Apparently, “Waking Titan” is a Friday night/Saturday morning show. :wink:

I’m a little jealous of the dorks who are still trying to puzzle out whether NMS and WT are related. At least they have a puzzle to work on! :stuck_out_tongue:


Some were already trying to figure out their ‘Portal Mystery’, including me, even though I don’t even own the game. The cassette tapes certainly created hype and hints towards a next update. The cassette puzzle itself was quickly solved and in my opinion rather disappointing for that matter. Whether NMS is involved with this ARG is yet to be seen, but the timing and inclusion of NMS for one of the puzzles in this ARG sure came as a welcome event for those who love a NMS mystery.

I am not jealous at all and I hope for the NMS community that Waking Titan is actually involved. So far I am truly enjoying it all, but what will happen next? What if NMS and WT are related and what if not? If related, will I still be able to enjoy it as much as I do now, considering I do not own the game? If not related, will the NMS community be disappointed? Not sure, just throwing this out here, but I certainly am curious where this is going either way …


So, I’m one of those that clearly sees the connection between the two. (It’s over the top obvious.)

Rather than get meta here, I’ll point you to my comments on Reddit about what I originally thought to be a “narrative or technical failure” related to the disappointing thing you mention. And, actually, these two issues are pretty closely related…

The following comments describe the evolution of my thinking on this issue:

A short time after having become acquainted with WT:

The next day:

The “failure” of the tapes seems intentional to me now:

What if “portal” is… only a clue:


It’s not even a question as to whether or not they are connected to us NMS fans anymore. Most on the subreddit are in agreement now, with only a few sceptics holding out. Those of us very familiar with NMS lore and images can see that there is no longer a question about it.

Let me give you a few of the most glaring pieces of evidence:

  1. The Waking Titan hexagon with sigils is identical to the door on Atlas space stations. And I don’t mean similar, its line-for-line congruent.

  2. Two of the sound bytes for Waking Titan have now featured the “Atlas Pulse” sound effect that was at the end of all the old NMS tailers (both the “we are the mystery hiding in plain sight” audio, and the echo-64 commerical, in both instances, the sound was at the beginning, rather than at the end like in the trailers). You can hear the Atlas pulse sound at the end of this trailer: and this youtuber points it out at the beginning of the echo-64 commercial:

  3. The most obvious one: a code hidden in a communications stations in the game, which was likely intended as a wake-up call for our community so that we would get involved. Tons of NMS youtubers have begun to cover WT since then.

  4. Emily’s recent interview in which she admited there seems to be a strong connection between the two.

There is many more pieces of evidence, but I’ll leave it at that. Just trust me, Hello Games’ fingerprints are all over this mystery, even if they aren’t the current puppetmasters.


I am certainly not denying that NMS has been involved. I am aware of the evidence, other than the one puzzle that required NMS to be solved. I am just not yet convinced that this ARG will be fully based on NMS with Alice & Smith being tasked by HG to create this ARG. Don’t get me wrong though, it may very well be the case and I would not mind at all. I may actually wish to purchase NMS if required to be able to fully participate in this ARG. For now I just keep an open mind, knowing that ‘using’ a game only as part of this ARG is still a possibility. I am certain that the further we get into this, the clearer this will become. We shall see … I am loving it either way.