Elizabeth Vids

Ok so I watched this overlay of the vids. Waking Titan: Phase 4 Overlay | GAMES - YouTube
although it does kind of highlight it really well…I found watching each of the vids separately helped me get more out of it.

There are a couple of possibilities here.

  1. Elizabeth is trapped. Watch the 4th vid closely. (my wife has taught to lip read partially) there is her trying to reach out to us. “is this going to even reach anyone?” It’s hopeless. or please help us. comes out as well. There are 2 videos going on here. Atlas seems like it is trying to stop her video for help by making it seem like a video for recruitment

  2. Or the very real possibility that a different dimensions video has melded with ours. Our world is advancing slower than another, and we are being warned about Atlas from that dimension. Portals may lead to helping ourselves. Either by time or via another method.

Not sure if anyone else can glean anymore info from the individual videos, but wanted to know if others thought that there was actually 2 versions of Elizabeth going on.


Definitely more than one video. Maybe one with more skills than me can try to transcribe the two videos seperately, and see what parts are missing?
Would be very helpful for future reference

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I agree. I dont know why we are overlaying them. Im sure there is a reason.

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There are parts of all 4 videos that lineup, then there are other parts that seem to step over each other, which is really interesting. There are also one or two parts where it seems like the video is no longer lined up, like if you line up the hello in the beginning later on there is something identical in two of the videos that now is almost a second off… My guess is there is competing interference from SOMETHING.

Also very important to note, the first 3 videos were almost identically 30 seconds each which was another reason to overlay. This fourth video goes a full 45 seconds and almost nothing is recognizable in the last 15 seconds but clearly there is more to the message then the first 30 seconds.

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Here is my attempt at editing the audio from the 4 video messages received so far:


Hello, my name is Elizabeth Leighton and I am the CEO of the Atlas Foundation. If you see this video, then congratulations. You’ve proven your value beyond any shadow of a doubt. We’re hoping to find people capable of … just about anything. We can’t do this alone and the stakes are very high. Now that we found you, we can only hope that you are willing to do this.


Nice! Do you also have a version with the other part of the videos? (the ‘help us’ part)?

I’ve been stating with others about how something wasn’t making much sense. The way she speaks in each of the videos, the “clues” in each video are making it harder to understand which goes in what order (time-displacement or the “fragments” aren’t in the right order) and why there are oddities in each of them (that there are portions of her saying “help us” and “congratulations” which make no sense to have both in the same video).

As you said, it sounds as if Elizabeth is trapped. Looking at the current Waking Titan sites (Echo, Multiverse and Myriad) we know that each site serves a purpose and that they (Atlas Foundation) have been working on a number of things ranging from speaking with dead people (using echos) to Myriad being able to use/copy biometric readings, biological material and cryostasis (a high possibility that this is related to “uploading” ones mind and/or body to a server/system).

There is a high chance that Elizabeth is not just simply copied/transferred in to the Atlas, she’s now “trapped” in there (with who knows how many “experiments” the Altas Foundation has concocted). The “oddities” in the video however may be from another source, the Atlas itself. If the Atlas was to in some way become aware (aka a self-aware AI that’s gone rogue), it may also be that Atlas is mimicking Elizabeth with a fake video, trying to “trick” us in to accessing Atlas while the real Elizabeth is trying to either warn us not to enter or is trying to get us to help get her “out” of Atlas (again, there may be “others” trapped in there).

To give you an idea of why I believe there may be a real Elizabeth and a fake Elizabeth, take a look at video 3. There are clearly 2 silhouettes of her (neither of which we can hear due to the corrupted audio) and in video 4, the “Hello” segment near the start is more upbeat (either in pitch or this is a “separate” Elizabeth video or version of her).

Which also leads to the next clue that was pointed to over on Reddit the other day. So far there are 4 of 6 sigils solved but there are still 10 glyphs left. The clue revolves around Carl Sagans video involving how we live in a “flat” universe where a “3-dimensional being” shows us there is more than “one” universe. Looking back at the sigils, we also have the 10th glyph and how it points to the upper-left sigil. It is highly possible that what we’re not just seeing a flat shape but a “cube” that uses triangles in square formation to create that cube. It’s highly possible that once we’ve solved the 6th sigil, we may not get a whole video but we may have more sigils (and glyphs) to solve afterwards in order to get the rest of the video (or videos). This may also explain why there are still over half the cassette tapes out of circulation (and order) that have yet to be sent out as every one to date has had “clues” in some way, shape or form on them.

These are some of my theories though. Nothing is truly certain at this point, we’re still no way closer to solving what’s happening to Elizabeth and much of the Atlas Foundation is still shrouded in secretcy. We don’t even know exactly “what” the Atlas really is, all we know is that the further we dive in to the ARG, the more we’ll find out in time.


ok, I did a bit of a process of vid listening and timing things. below is the correspondance from each vid, and from what I can gather, the info from the 2 sources. Calling them Atlas Vid and Real vid. Is anyone capable of splicing the videos together with a couple of timings? EG the “HELP US” as a key point.

Video 1
………… …………………. ……….help us ……………… …… ……. ……. ……. ………
Video 2
Hello, my name is Elizabeth Leighton, and I’m the CEO of the Atlas foundation,… ……. …… …………is anybody gonna even see this……

Video 3
……… …. ….I’m the CEO of the Atlas Foundation, if you are seeing this video then congratulations……… …….(you have proven your valor beyond any shadow of a doubt)…… …… …… …… ……
Video 4
Hello,… ……. ……is anybody even gonna see this (looks off cam)…sighs….we’re hoping to find people capable of….just about anything(help us)……now that we’ve found you (we can’t do this alone)…we can only hope that you are willing to help us (and the stakes are very high)…(please)

Atlas Vid.
Hello, my name is Elizabeth Leighton, and I’m the CEO of the Atlas foundation. If you are seeing this video then congratulations……we’re hoping to find people capable of…….just about anything…….now that we’ve found you….we can only hope that you are willing to help us……………………

Real Vid.
Hello?..is anybody even gonna see this…sighs…you have proven your valor beyond any shadow of a doubt……….help us…we can’t do this alone….and the stakes are very high….please…………….


So its basically a “help wanted” ad. Kind of like how Google recruited help in its early days.

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sort of. 1 vid looks like recruiting, the other looks like a plea for help, like despair.

having said all that. watching the 4th again this morning, not sure about the transcriptions. I need to figure out the timings.

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@ohwell I can give it a try with the less obvious or distorted parts and see what comes of it.

What I did so far:

[details=Download the video source]* Download the actual source for each video.
Note: Video source URLs can be found below, but this is how you would get them using Google Chrome.

  • Developer tools (F12)
  • Network Tab (F5)
  • Make video play and you will see the .mp4 appear in the list
  • Right-click the mp4 and open in new tab > Download the source.[/details]

[details=Strip audio from video]* Get the audio from the video above.

  • Media Tab
  • Convert / Save … (CTRL+R)
  • Select ‘Add…’ and browse for the mp4 (Open)
  • Select ‘Convert’ from drop-down under ‘Convert / Save …’
  • Under Settings, select the Profile in the drop-down menu
  • Select an Audio profile, preferably FLAC (lossless)
  • Browse for location to save to and give the file a name
  • Click ‘Save’
  • Click ‘Start’
    I now have the audio stripped from the video as a lossless FLAC.[/details]

[details=Create an Audacity Project]* Create a Project

  • Open Audacity
  • Drag each of the audio files you stripped from the video into Audacity (4 total so far)
    Alternatively use ‘File Tab’ > ‘Open’
  • Using the ‘Time Shift Tool’ (F5), I synced the audio of the first 3 files.
    The first 3 are all of the same length and seem to match each other really well.
    The 4th however appears to be quite different.
  • Adding labels (CTRL+B)
    For each track I then started selecting parts of voice as precise as possible (Zoom) and adding labels. This is really useful and will give you a good overview of each track. I used different formatting to indicate Elizabeth, distorted/other voice and static. Now I can just select labels and selection will easily snap to them as well.
  • Select the ‘File’ tab.
  • Select ‘Save Project As…’
    A warning will show that this is only going to be an Audacity project file and not being saved as actual audio.
  • Give the project a name and hit ‘Save’ (.aup file)[/details]

[details=All video sources]
Video #1
Video #2
Video #3
Video #4[/details]

The above is what I am working with. Besides syncing, I have not applied any filters or made actual changes to the audio. If I wish to do so, I create a new track (Tracks > Add New) and mess with it there. Alternatively, I could make changes directly, but then just not saving the project, to make sure I have a clean project to work with.

Here is what my project looks like:

Anyways, this last video really confuses me in comparison to what we had received prior. We still have Elizabeth talking, but the ‘Hello’ at the start appears to be the only left-over from previous videos, when it comes to a clear message from Elizabeth. Everything else she has to say seems completely new. Of course we still have the distorted voice saying things that are hard to make out. This distorted voice has so far been in all of the videos and we can recognise a lot of similarities between the new and old videos. The total duration has changed as well, from the 31s they used to be, to a total of 45s now. However, the last part after we have had the ‘clear’ talk, starts with heavy static, to then be followed by ‘already known’ distorted voice with additional ‘echo’ applied. Removing this last section would bring the total duration back to about 30s again. Still something feels off, due to the message being so different from what we have heard and been able to puzzle back together again. This last message just seems … ‘new’.

Others have mentioned before that it seems like multiple messages mixed together, like @KCrosley here: https://forums.etarc.org/t/sigils-videos-elizabeth-video/339/14 and I agree. Maybe we are being side tracked by the more ‘clear’ voice of Elizabeth and we need to focus more on what the distorted voice actually has to say?

Let’s all give it a try and see what we can come up with? We now have so many parts to work with, that applying filters and/or other edits, may possibly give some ‘clear’ results?

Edit: Maybe spectral editing is the way to go, but I am personally reasonably new to this. It might be the ‘better’ tool to use to rid of unwanted parts to ‘clear’ up things.


Could Elizabeth be Nada or another kirvax in the form of an echo, trying to give us options like we get when talking to korvax…just spitballing here


Yep, I think the very distorted message underneath is very different. I’ve not messed around with the newest video yet to see if any of the distorted parts are more clear, but I didn’t think so upon first listens…

I kinda sorta think it’s not recoverable, but I definitely got the impression in this new one that the “clear” messages are intentionally hiding the distorted one.

Like, we’re not meant to hear that yet… but boy do I ever wanna hear it!


From a content perspective, it doesn’t seem like we are missing much more of the message. She has introduced herself, complimented us, called for help, explained that she needs able individuals. She’s said everything except what she actually needs us to DO. I’m guessing that last bit of info will come in the final video.

I’ve been of this mind since the first message, seems too close to Oblivion… Plus, I can’t say atlas is good or evil 100%, but I know not to trust it entirely. If I can’t trust NMS atlas, why should I so readily trust WT atlas?

Just a thought from a madman.


“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

  • Hamlet quote from echo-64



Another potential - one video is Elizabeth making a recruitment ad as mentioned earlier and then the second is her trying to use the same method to get a message out and not sure if that process is still working or allowing a message to get out.


I’d also like to point out the apparent “echoing” (or reverb) effect in the 4th video near the end. I recognize the audio effect, technically, but thinking about it in terms of WT, it makes me wonder if time is rippling through the end of that message. She doesn’t make any gesture (like her hands being pulled up to her face, seemingly holding a pair of goggles?) and just sits there instead, with no more movement.

I feel like maybe something happened while she was recording the message in that version? Anyways, just a thought specifically on the reverb at the end of vid 4. :slight_smile:

Wow man, really awesome insights! All that you said really makes sense! Thanks for sharing, really helps me in my attempt to get the whole picture of WT stuff <3

I think that’s a good guess. Remember one of the previous PDFs from Elizabeth talked vaguely about the “problem” they were dealing with in their Atlas experiment, but encouraged her staff to move forward anyway for now. Maybe they “crossed the streams” and ended up having a collision of multiple dimensions or timelines.