PDF's/Vids of Dubois, Leighton, Myriad

In an attempt to refresh our memories and give us a better view of what is happening, I am attempting to place all relevant PDF’s, videos and any other communications, into one place.
I am also attempting to put them in chronological order. If I have missed anything that is relevant, please feel free to post it here. If possible, please date it. Some items are actually dated earlier than when we received them during the ARG.



If anyone would like to pull these files out and post them here, please feel free to do so. If any relating to this topic are missing, please add them. :blush:


In addition to those there are also these bits of info:

June 6, 2017-- My name is (?). You must help her find the way. If you’re receiving this signal, please, help us. You must save us. Without the videocom to help us, we’re pretty much stuck. They can’t find our devices. Help us. Tell her about Saladin (?)

July 9, 2017 Hello. My name is Elizabeth Leighton and I’m the CEO of the Atlas Foundation. Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of the line. The final answer. You’ve proven your value beyond any shadow of a doubt. Thank you for everything you’ve done so far. I’m sure you have a lot of questions. Why is the Atlas Foundation doing this? What are we hoping to accomplish? What’s your part in this? I’m here today to answer a few of your most burning questions.

July 9, 2017
Hello, Citizen Scientists, and welcome to your final challenge. You’ve done tremendous work.
Today, we truly stand before a crossroad in history.
This will be your most intensive challenge.
We’ve completed calibration of our system, and are now going into the live test. Our simulation has already predicted everything that’s going to happen over the next few days: What you’ll try and do, how fast you’ll work, whether you’ll succeed or fail.
You’ll need to work together as a team. We’ll be stretching the very limits of your creative problem solving abilities.
Thank you. All of you.
You may never fully learn what you’ve done here but I promise, you’ve brought a new era of humanity into existence.
You have much to be proud of

August 2017 End of phase 3
Hello, Citizen Scientist [ XXXXXXXXXX ],

Thank you for your contributions to Waking Titan. The developments that took place during Phase 3 were somewhat concerning, but together we have set in motion truly world-shaping events. We will continue to inform the Citizen Science Division of privileged information or any need for collaborators on a new project.

But we do have a few loose ends to tie up with you before we move on, so let’s proceed.

First, we’re pleased to announce that all 10,000 Level 4 Atlas Passes are in production. Note that due to transit times for mail, some may take several weeks to be delivered.

Next, our CEO Elizabeth Leighton has asked us to include a personal note of gratitude:

"Thank you for all your diligent efforts, Citizen Scientists. It’s been an amazing journey for all of us. I’ve watched you thrive and achieve from those first Phase 1 radio ads all the way through the intensity of Phase 3. I’ve been impressed at every turn by how brilliant you’ve been, how voracious, how kind, how thoughtful.

It’s been an honor and a privilege. On behalf of the Atlas Foundation, and on behalf of the world, thank you."

The Mercury subroutine has concluded successfully, and a new memo from SM about this process is coming in the next 24 hours. We hope it will answer a few key questions you have about our program, and about what comes next.


Then the words of Emily (?) followed by the most recent event:

June 10, 2018
It’s working! My communication subroutine is working! I think? Do you hear me? So much interference.

Dear Citizen Science Division, I hope you will receive this message. Much of my subroutine was damaged following the W/ARE incident. Atlas put my existence at risk when they tried to deal with the corruption within the Myriad network. The origin of the corruption isn’t clear, but it put at risk a major experiment from a company called W/ARE.

Please listen to me carefully: W/ARE technology is groundbreaking and must be protected at all costs. It is a major step in simulated environment and will have tremendous implications on our future.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condemn Atlas’ action to contain the situation, but you must help me resolve this peacefully. A lot is at stake.

My Precon subroutine gave me a false positive, and the future I see right now… let’s say, we have to be extremely, extremely careful on what we do next. Part of my AI resides in the memory mainframe of the Myriad cloud. This is where most of the live data from W/ARE was running when things started to degrade. As we speak right now, there’s a number of individuals on Earth that are currently stuck to a W/ARE dev kit and unable to disconnect safely. I seem to be able to interface with some of these “dreamers”, for lack of a better word, and manage to safely disconnect them. But the memory mainframe is badly degraded.
I’m connected with Myriad Satcom-70, a system that you helped put online! When Satcom-70 and the Uplink App are fully functional, we’ll be able to begin our work to extract the last Dreamers that are still stuck.

I’m unable to predict the outcome of this mission. It’s odd for me to say… we’ll see together.

June 10, 2018
Myriad field team dispatched to noncompliant Sacramento facility.

Field team has breached the facility, stand by for additional information.
12 comatose individuals located in facility. Field team moving to secure.
12 apparent test subjects secured, safely transported out of facility. Field team will clear the rest of the site and await further instruction.
ALERT: Security breach reported at Myriad sublocation.

This is a transcript of Elizabeth’s side of the phone call:

Yeah. Yeah, I’m holding.
I hear you.
Wait-- can you hold that thought? I need a full report. What’s the situation on the field team?
Okay, that’s good.
At what point?
How many?
Fifteen labs? But–
How many do we have access to?
And–and–and what’s the situation on the first one?
All dead?
All of them?
Sophie, this-- this changes everything, this completely changes the game.
Whom? Your friend at the DoD?
This isn’t under their jurisdiction. We have to deal with this ourselves.
Okay, I’ll ca–
[cut off by explosion]


OK, here goes (part 01 of lots):

Elizabeth Leighton 01, undated, from phase 1


Elizabeth Leighton 02, undated, from phase 1


Elizabeth Leighton 03, undated, from phase 1



It is interesting how similar those videos are to the one we just got from Emily.


A cynical person might think they were made by the same people.


10th July 2017

Four versions of the same Elizabeth Leighton message, with slight variations.


At the time the last ARG ended I always felt Elizabeth’s videos to be still quite strange and unexplained, she didn’t really seem like she was currently running any sort of company or transmitting from anywhere “official” looking. Almost like she’s in the same space artemis was trapped in.

At the time her videos felt like they directly corrollated with the briefings we’d been getting but is it possible this whole time, every video like this we’ve seen of Elizabeth is about preventing incidents after the explosion?

I do recall some sort of time travelling message wizardry floating about during the first phase or two and then it kinda diminished and focused more on loop16s future prediction methods. Correct me if im remembering wrong.

Thanks for collecting all this stuff guys, great info dump and resource.


Emily stuff


Phase 1 PDF Files

June 2nd 2017

June 7th 2017

June 16th 2017

June 22nd 2017

Undated, June 2017

June 16th 2017


Phase 2 PDF files:

Note - dates on documents are not the dates they were revealed. Phase 2 ran in July-August 2017.

June 24th 2017

Transmitted June 29th 2017, but refers to October 2014

Memo revealed July 29th 2017

August 4th 2017

Dated March 4th 2015. Revealed August 5th 2017

Undated. Revealed August 5th 2017

Dated August 5th 2015. Revealed August 6th 2017

Elizabeth Leighton Video, August 6th 2017


I find the 5 August 2015 file most interesting since it speaks of the end of phase 2 of WT but is dated 2015…:scream:


Emily and Elizabeth Leighton have the same hair style… ?

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Yes. Like the ARG was first planned for the original launch of NMS. Then that was delayed…


Phase 3 PDF files

August 6th 2017

Dated August 6th 2017

August 7th 2017

August 7th 2017


Yes. I have always noticed that and thought it very peculiar.

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Enough for today. Some more tomorrow.


The second 6 August file is dated 201A… ? Another interesting anomaly.


Could just be typos. I can imagine a tiny team, frantically typing these things, whilst trying to co-ordinate events all over the world.