We need to talk about Emily

Folks, we’re now going on day 3 of forum inactivity from Emily. I’ve been biting my nails about this since her last vlog displayed high strangeness. I guess I’m an anonymous internet person with no real reputation to destroy, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it was NOT due to some camera malfunction. The camera captured faithfully something strange happening to Emily. It’s time to start getting worried. I hope that I’m wrong and that she’s fine and just got pulled away for work or something. The last time she went this long without posting was during a period from May 22-31. She took a day off on June 2, 16 and 25. So she has taken some time away from us crazies in the past. I just have a bad feeling. @Emily, I hope you’re okay.

@Gruffham @mimi @MisterB


Maybe she’s been gone for years and what we are seeing are her Echos, probably been mentioned before tho


I’m starting to think that cold she had in her belated second Vlog had more to it than just a passing remark. It’s hayfever season, not cold season (though still possible to pick up, of course). Seems emily has been out of sink with time for a while now. Hoping she’s okay and know’s we are thinking about her.

edit Please correct me if I’m wrong about her having the Flu and it was actually some other illness she mentioned like a bug or virus etc, can’t rewatch video at the moment cos work and thing.


I sent her a message a few hours after her last blog and never got a reply, hope she is well. @Gruffham


All this trouble with Emily has had me checking the status on other original members of ETARC, while @gruffham and @mimi haven’t been active since they launched the forum, it might not hurt to try reach out to them? Maybe they’ve been in touch with Emily or perhaps know if she’d shared any strange goings on with them in the past week? (or in the spirit of everything, shared it with them NEXT week :wink: )

Also, has Old Gods profile always been so active? It said he’s made posts (last one was 27th june) but there are no records of these posts, and also he’s been reading EVERYTHING according to his profile statistics. I mean, EVERYTHING.


Re: Old Gods I don’t know but I noticed that activity too. Pinging @gruffham doesn’t seem to do the trick. Maybe he needs more likes. Everyone should Like his single post.

@mimi @MisterB

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Why not pinging @oldgods? :grin:
Maybe he knows if Emily is ok…


too scared.

for now.


I felt nervous just being on his profile page… His avatar burns deep into my retina and haunts me for a time after.


I’m becoming a bit paranoid about all this.

It’s stupid, really, feeling as if I’m in some 21st Century Cyber-Lovecraft story. Right?

RIGHT?? :disappointed_relieved:

But this situation is just too weird. It’s like we’re in separate rooms with a terminal in front of us. We’re told that outside is this marvelous world of discovery and progress and awesome things are just about to happen. But things don’t seem quite right. We come across indications that under the surface, there are things going on that maybe we shouldn’t know. The briefest peeks behind the curtain reveal people that don’t want to be seen doing things enshrouded in secrecy.

And… oh, wonderful, things seem to be going wrong. Bad wrong. In ways that we’ve never experienced before.

And at our terminals, the information spoon fed to us is that of a world going merrily along to the unveiling of that shiny nifty awesome stuff. Meanwhile the clues are getting increasingly dire. And stupid hard to figure out. And I’m afraid to contact any of the upper figures here because I can’t be sure who’s in on it all or not. oldgods creeps me out.


It feels like we’ve been invited in on a test screening of some nifty cool technology at Black Mesa, if any of you are familiar with the Half Life series of games. If not, give that a peek. And it’s just as things are beginning to go bad. And all we have are each other. Random people with skills scattered across a few useful fields, but mostly not. And we have a puzzle to solve that can have an affect on the whole freaking UNIVERSE.

By hobby, I’m a writer and thinker. Puzzles aren’t my thing. About all I can do is ponder the big picture and hope that inspires thoughts in others that can bear fruit. I feel about as useful as a turtle stuck on a stump. But I keep prattling my thoughts in long posts because it’s all I can do, and this is too important to just sit on my stump and watch. I can’t even play No Man’s Sky because this mess has absorbed my brain. I keep staring at the site hoping someone makes a breakthrough I can Like and celebrate. Except it might just be more weird bad news.

It’s frustrating because the outcome is predestined. I’ve seen the Simulation. Been a part of it. I’ve visited the wrecks of abandoned buildings, gone to the Monoliths and Plaques. Become acquainted with Nada and Polo, as far as one can be anyhow. Seen ATLAS, or at least it’s visible nodes it allows us to discover. It’s a difficult life there, in the Euclid galaxy.

But it’s not so bad. Right? RIGHT??

Well, one time, it was. The Gek were xeno-bigots who destroyed races just because they wanted to, in a galaxy overflowing with resources. Their stupid crusade… there was no reason for it. The Sentinels won’t let anyone harvest more than a packful of crystals or they get upset, begin attacking if we continue. And they have big weapons. They destroyed a culture to the last being who just wanted to be left alone.

What is the Sandra Flucking POINT to all this!!

The thing that really sucks about this is that Earth might end up… heaven knows what. Left alone? Drastically altered? Erased in a universe wide Reset?

It seems like we should know enough by now to figure something out, more than Elizabeth and her people are stuck in a time bubble, and it might be absorbing Emily.

It’s frustrating, not knowing anything for sure, feeling helpless. Eh, I had to vent.

@oldgods, we could use some help. There, message sent.


You did well… Because Nyarlathotep is watching you!


I’m somewhat familiar with Narlo, as I refer to him in one story. He’s your friend. He’s a prophet, a herald. And all he wants is your soul and your world…

I’m expecting Nyarlathotep to step out of the shadows in this world any day now. Our Earth is falling apart. Even well meaning leaders seem incapable of being smart enough to know what to do about anything. And I can hear echoes of Someone laughing at us off camera.

Someone, Something, is in charge of this world and the Simulation. And they don’t seem the least bit concerned of our fears and pain. The Traveller who left the messages in the wrecked buildings went mad. I refuse to accept that I am him, but this is enough to get you started down that path. An Atlas path? I guess we’ll see…


Yeah me too. Some buildings refer to them as a “long dead traveler” but when you reach the Atlas station it says you are the first one to engage its path.

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Guys, could Emily be related to Elizabeth? Like her Grandmother or something? Do we need to find her to save Elizabeth in the future!?!?

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I have wondered if there is a connection between them.

I believe Old Gods is just an admin account used for maintenance work.

I’m kind of surprised @Gruffham has not made an appearance yet, but perhaps he’s not so quick to worry about Emily being out of touch for a while.


Has anyone found Emily, Elizabeth Leighton or Sophie Dubois on social media?

Maybe we should submit a sample of her voice to Echo.


I thought we had, already? Has anyone called their phone number lately? Maybe they’ve reached that predetermined finite state by now…


That’s a good idea. Some have mentioned the idea of Emily being Elizabeth (whoa, just noticed Emily Elizabeth is the name of the girl from the Clifford books, lol), but this seems unlikely to me unless Elizabeth Leighton is a alias or code name she uses in the future.

Seems more likely that Elizabeth could be Emily’s daughter from the future, since women typically change their surname when they get married.