Probably getting too paranoid, but

This is probably dumb, but is anyone actually sure that this site, ETARC, is not somehow part of the ARG? The wayback machine shows nothing but error pages, with nothing happening here for the past two years, until about a month ago or so… Its been so long since the site first had any recorded changes that it could’ve died and been purchased by someone else since then.

Just seems convenient, there are no old discussions about ham radio stuff on here either. Barely anything other than WT stuff. And ETARC spelled backwards is CRATE, which could be a significant headsmack moment later.

Just sayin.

Edit… and what activity it did have before was just a redirect to Which doesn’t sound even vaguely HAM related.


Hi! So I originally started this forum for me and my ham friends to shoot the breeze together, but it’s sort of become a hub for Waking Titan of its own accord. I did definitely set it up not too long before the ARG started, so I can understand your confusion. But I promise I’m a real human, with hair and skin and everything :smiley:


I’m sure you’re human Emily. Whats in question is whether you’re on payroll.

And as deep as this ARG is, even you, as a seeming investigator should be able to understand that proving you’re NOT on payroll and part of the ARG isn’t going to be as easy as saying “Hi, look I have flesh and stuff”

But likely it doesn’t matter either way whether you are or aren’t.

If I was building an ARG, I’d probably try to ensure a place where the discussion could be held, wouldn’t you?

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I guess that’s probably why this forum got linked on the wakingtitan website! But there are a lot of other places discussion is being held, to be fair. :slight_smile: In the end, what matters is solving this mystery.


Emily, I’m sorry your integrity and existence is being continually questioned. Myself and Matt seem to be having the same issues. Matt because he was called out by the pdf1 and you. Myself because of that interesting glyph one password being Orion.

I’m here if you need to vent! I know it’s frustrating me to have to continually argue that I’m real.


I actually don’t mind it too much-- it makes me feel better knowing the other people working on solving this are critical thinkers and skeptically minded. It balances out my overactive imagination a bit!


And for some reason that part of your post made me think of Scooby Doo - we need to jump in the Mystery Machine and figure things out (like who the heck is Elizabeth Leighton, not that I am obsessed or anything with that :wink:


If Elizabeth Leighton (of the Atlas Foundation !) is real she is probably the lead developer on the upcoming No Man’s Sky Atlas Foundation Update.

We don’t even know if that update exists yet,
and Sean Murray is the lead director of NMS.
Elizabeth Leighton probably is real (Unless she is a Echo but who knows that at this point)

Emily is an . I have proof. In fact the whole ETARC website is . Just keep playing the game guys. Don’t ask too many questions or you might anger Old . We have to focus on solving this puzzle!


Hey @MisterShizno ,not sure if that is normal but some words are blocked out

They’re making a (very funny) joke about censoring :wink:

Well that joke flew over my head wow

It went over mine too

I posted something similar the other day and no, your not paranoid. The whole No Man’s Sky / Waking Titan ARGs are teasers for the next No Man’s Sky update.

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Yeah I’m gonna agree with @Emily on this one. The individuals behind WT saw their project mentioned on ETARC forum and very subtly got people over here just by a single mention in the PDF. Very clever move IMO.


For what it’s worth @Emily , sorry we took over your forum with our wacky mystery! :o Hopefully we’ll crack it soon, and then you can get back to your ham and… mmmm, ham… :smiley: I made myself hungry, lol


get back to the ham? I don’t see any ham related posts on this forum at all…

There’s WT Thoughts, there’s Waking Titan Investigation, General Discussion, Off Topic… Nothing dedicated to HAM radio at all. No hardware talk about radios, or antennas, wiring snafus, getting started in ham radio… I’ve met a few ham radio operators, was best friends with one for years. The one thing they like to talk about is their setup. There is none of that here.

I know everyone likes to play white knight and all, but its not just mentioned in a PDF, you can get here by clicking the red tree-like glyph in the middle of the big symbol on They’re not hinting, they’re driving traffic here.

So if you will all kindly butt out with your apologistics, I’m still not convinced.

3 Likes Talks about Ham radios
Also on the PDF underneath “Current Footprint” it shows the website for this forum

Oh, and if you google Edison Township Amateur Radio Club, there are no hits for this site, or any mention of the club.

So essentially, it came into existence slightly before all this started, or as this started. and etarc have the same registration date in their whois, also the use the same nameservers.

They both go through the same WHOIS privacy service.

I’m kinda a noob with tracert, but they look like they’re on the same server.

And Re: that PDF, I hadn’t seen that one yet, everything had already moved past that when I joined in, but not surprised it has a youtube video too