I haven't seen this mentioned

So because I’m inquisitive, although not nearly as sleuthy as some of you (sleuthy is a word now) I was at the Waking Titan site randomly trying things that may semi-resemble commands. I was looking at the URL and my brain said “Yeah, sure. Why not?” So I changed to wakingtitan.com/login. Lo and behold it’s an actual part of the waking titan site. Whether or not this is going to be a future part of any forthcoming ARG or this was HG’s way of keeping people like me at bay, I’ll never know. I just thought it was interesting and briefly gave me a moment of awe.


It’s possibly just their default 401 page.

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Correct this is the default content does not exist response message page not an indication of something to be revealed in future.

Long and numerous discussions and threads on all forums eg reddit discord etc etc on this since the ARG first began