Hey, check this out!

Okay, so I know this is only vaguely radio-related but I think you guys might find it kinda cool! One of my friends forwarded me a link to this website that’s linking a bunch of different commercial FM stations from all different countries around the world, check it out:


Cool, right? Looks like they’re doing some kind of big thing on the 8th, but I can’t find more than that. @mimi has a better grip on internet stuff, maybe you could take a look and see if you can turn anything up? My curiosity is killing me! :sweat_smile:


oh boy, another one of Emily’s big mysteries… looks like an ad campaign or something to me, probably for a music thing. I’ll never understand how you get so wrapped up in this stuff.


Hmm, not a whole lot there if you’re trying to figure out what the website is for. But the 404 page is sort of interesting.


(It shows up if you put anything after that slash, not just 404)

Looks like whatever this is, it’s called ‘Waking Titan’. Doesn’t ring any bells, though. Google says it’s the name of a comic book or something. I’m siding with Paul, here-- gotta be some kind of viral marketing gimmick.


You guys are no fun :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well if you don’t want to investigate I’ll just keep digging into it on my own! A new radio station showed up on the website last night, but instead of a link to listen it linked to what looked like a request to send in a phone number… I used my google voice number, I’m kind of excited!


I found that site too. It’s what brought me here!
So exciting!

How did it bring you here? I got a phone call but the reception in my house is awful, I couldn’t make out a word of it.

I person I meet mentioned to me that I should look up ETARC. It seems you guys are quite recent. Or is it just the forum?

Oh, who mentioned us to you? The club has been around for a while, but the forums are very new. For a bunch of tech geeks, radio enthusiasts can be pretty resistant to new things! :sweat_smile:

Yeah cool looking site.

Got a call from them when I sent info@wakingtitan.com my number saying “This is Waking Titan. Username: wakingtitan”

What could it mean hmmm… :smiley:

Do you have a recording of that, @Donny ? :open_mouth: I’d love to have a copy.

I used to do vlogs, when I was younger. I’m thinking if this gets any more intriguing I might pick it back up for old times’ sake. Seems like things could get confusing fast.


I dont have that exact thing but when my friend got a call they got this instead: Vocaroo | Online voice recorder
seems interesting


Spooky! :ghost:


I sure do! Unfortunately a bit tied up right now so can’t get it to you yet. Just let me know how to send it to you and I’ll do it when i can.

Vlog would be cool to keep track of things too nice idea.

Did you get a call as well?

Hey there, gamedetectives.net has been investigating this too - here’s our summary.

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I did, but I couldn’t hear it that well, @Donny. My house has awful cell phone reception :frowning2: If you could send me a link to it here or over PM that would be cool!

I’m going to try and keep track of events as best I can on my own, but that summary is probably going to be super useful @Matt, thanks for the link!

Hey @Emily, we have a group of people also interested in this ‘‘Waking Titan’’ buisness, wanna come join us? link: Game Detectives

My phone doesn’t seem to like your link! I’m at a baseball game right now but when I get home to my laptop I’ll try it there. :blush:

Yeah, apparently there have been some issues with that link, just let us know if you need a different one @Emily . Wouldnt make sense to bury any other
future discussions on this website anyway, right?

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Since my phone doesn’t seem to like Discord, and I’m away from my laptop a lot, we’ll probably have to talk here a fair amount anyway. I should be home soon, the game just ended but there’ll be traffic!

I’m gonna be honest. The phone call led to a username and password for wakingtitan.com. That’s what the ‘wt’ stands for in Project-wt. There’s a document on wakingtitan.com that mentions several groups investigating Project-wt and its related sites. GameDetectives was on that document and so was ETARC forum.
My guess is the people in charge of Waking Titan have been scouring the web for folks talking about their project and this topic pinged them.