New clues June 10th

#1 Says that tomorrow something will be happening. I’ll be staying up until 12:00AM to see if anything happens, but most likely it will be later in the day. This thread is for new clues or anything else I find tomorrow, you guys can add to it if you find something! :slight_smile:

(EDIT: Looks like there’s some new clues in NYC! Let’s see what these detectives find :open_mouth:)

(EDIT2: The NYC clue gave a code that when translated was coords in No Mans Sky. At the location was this, Which was the password for the next Glyph. The second triangle on the website said to wait until June 10th)

(EDIT3: On June 10th the second triangle unlocked and gave us a password and had a link to a website, There was a lot of info on the website but to get the next password you have to look for a group of shapes. Once clicking on them it gives you a clue, “The order of things is formed by the angle of its measure.” Meaning you’ll have to click them in decreasing angle; circle, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon. Which gives another riddle, “This breaks white into 7.” The answer is ‘Prism’. Which is also the password for the second Triangle)


Nothing thus far. I’m guessing something will pop later then! But I did find this, not sure if this is related or even talked about yet but I’ll look into it. Here’s a larger view,


Have been listening to the Marbella station since 12am UTC. Over that first hour, on three occasions, I heard some kind of garbled voice that seemed out of place in the middle of the songs. Perhaps its just a sting for the station, but perhaps not cause it wouldn’t be a very good one considering how hard it is to understand anything. Uploaded the last two of those instances to clyp. I have been recording the station the whole time, so I have the first one as well just didn’t have a chance to go back and find it. Ill post it here just in case anyone can make something of it, but it’s probably not important.


That was talked about excessively the first couple of days. A couple of us coming from development backgrounds have worked with google maps before and can confirm that it is an error with google maps. On some height layers they miss label the text as landmasses and so when you color the landmass the text also discolors. If you zoom in you will see the same issues in other locations.


Very interesting. Would be weird if it was part of the station though.


Ah okay, thanks very much! I just now noticed it lol.


Someone said that they heard a person on one of the radios do this,

"The message started with a sci-fi bass drop that droned on for a few seconds, then a female voice started talking. I missed the first half of the message, but the second half said “This broadcast is the first clue”

We are currently recording all of the radios right now waiting for a clue.
Hopefully we get something :grinning:


I have recorded the message here

“We are the mystery hiding in plain sight. You will find us. This broadcast is the first clue.”


The first clue!!! :scream:


Transcript - We are the mystery hiding in plain sight. You will find us. This broadcast is the first clue.


So let’s think about things that are in plain sight that we may have already overlooked!

Maybe go back through the email?


Use of the term “sight” could just mean you need to visualise the broadcast i.e. as a spectrogram?


Just to clarify - which radio station and at what time was this pulled?


Mauritius. First instance heard at 11am mauritius time, and then this recording taken 1 hour later when the message was repeated.


Thank you!!!


These two messages were found in the audio spectrum of the message. the first is The second one has a pattern of dots. I believe every station will have a message with its own unique pattern, forming a message of sorts once we collect all of them.



Man I feel like I could be doing so much with my little radio internet broadcasts. Have to start hiding stuff in my audios too.
This looks so cool.


:astonished: This is big leagues.


It is :open_mouth:
Really glad I was there for this!


Holy cow! Clever work with the spectrogram, you guys.