So I got into the ARG at the time Echo came out, and have been pretty aggressively following it since.

I just went back and dug into project-wt, and I am noticing that they have the radio stations on a map there, and a link to the WT website set as “First Sequence”

there are 59 dots on the map, 16 have confirmed, some of which are from the ads we have already listened to, 43 are not. What is the significance here, obviously we have not had 16 radio ads?

Have we missed some ads? Are there really 27 more radio stations in play? Am I missing something? Didnt see anything on the game detectives site explaining project-wt in detail…


I don’t know the answer to your exact questions. So I appologise, but I am going to instead explain all my current thoughts on Waking Titan Project as a whole: how it may have started, why we are being contacted, and what is its purpose (this is a meta interpretation of the narrative, so bear with me).

This is what I think happened in the beginning. The Atlas Foundation, an umbrella corporation that joins several different high tech companies (Echo, Multiverse, Myriad, and Superlumina) and funds them, began to receive a garbled video message of its CEO Elizabeth Leighton, claiming to be from the future, and warning of something that was going to go wrong as a result of the company’s research.

Present day Elizabeth Leighton, unable to fully understand the message from her future self or how to respond to it, reached out to her government contact, Major Sophie Dubois and possibly asked to halt the research her corporation had been doing, which was at the behest of the government. Major Dubois refused, insisting the research continue, saying “We don’t have time for this, Elizabeth”.

Elizabeth then instead reached out to other intellegent individuals across the world, anyone who could help prevent the dark future her future self had warned her about in the video message. Anyone able to decode her encrypted messages would do. She even sent out agents to deliver top secret documents to anyone able to figure out where to pick them up.

Now, we have been brought into this, and are slowly being shown the messages from the future Elizabeth Leighton, so that we can somehow avert the timeline the Atlas Foundation is unable to escape.


It is a good question, and I noticed the same thing but assumed everyone else knew what was going on. Have we always had the same number of “confirmed” stations, or have multiple stations been confirmed each time we unlocked a sigil?

Should we be listening to all of these? I doubt they would be running ads on all of these stations all the time, but maybe?

It could also just be that there are 16 total stations, and the rest of the dots were just to fill out the map…


It would appear that the catastrophe in question may have something to do with being contacted by a hostile alien species (possibly the Gek)

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If that is the case then why are there no US stations for Howard Stern? Im wondering if we should be listening to these as well…

That’s a very good point. Does he broadcast out of NYC?

Sure MacForADay, but they could at least give it ‘confirmed’ status.

You have to pay to listen to Howard Stern, so they can’t just give us a link to listen in.

it might be worth listing radio stations yet to be used and splitting them up to give them a listen.

The thing that’s odd about the Stern broadcast is that there’s already 16 active stations, and NYC (where I believe he broadcasts from) is not one of them. Which would make his broadcast a 17th station.

I think a big difference with the radio stations we have been listening to so far, is the fact that this is Satellite Radio (DAB) instead of terrestrial radio (FM/AM/Internet) or Digital Television Radio (DTR).

I think we need someone with an active Sirius Satellite account. I unfortunately cancelled mine awhile ago.

July 8 is this Saturday…is Stern normally broadcasting on Saturday? Must be a rerun or something.

Edit: I see now, it looks they just air reruns 24/7

This week yeah, since it’s 4th of July week he is probably on vacation.

I like this potential chain of events - would make sense why things are so hidden, she has to carefully keep below “radar”. Perhaps as more awareness is made of the situation, the more things “set” and we are able to find more of the message(s).


Not only is this broadcast not part of the currently 16 active stations on project-wt, but it’s not even a 17th active station. NYC is just greyed out. I find that curious.

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I keep wondering since we are seeming to be on the final Sigil of this set if there is an a new type of communication Channel coming for the next set of sigils and glyphs assuming there will be more sigils that activate

@Emily did remind people in one of her V logs that this is only phase one of 3 which would fit with having those three sets of 5 glyphs

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I am wondering about that, too. Especially since it got obvious that the sigil progress doesn’t fit the glyph progress. Also there are so much findings with loose ends, yet: Square holes in the spectrographs of the ad recordings, the glitched images, shakespeare quotes, Side B of the cassettes and the yet not arrived cassettes and so on. I really hope the next phases interconnect the loose ends and progress is made by finding solutions instead of waiting for ads with new puzzles.

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IN a sense, the glyphs have kinda fit as remember we have 6 glyphs active (the center ETARC glyph) - also, the glyphs have been going to links called Archives and I am still interested in why they are called that (nomenclature and words are very powerful things).

It would be cool if when the 6th sigil is unlocked, a new set appears (just as the glyphs have 3 pages) and that it has a center glyph to unlock as well. Of course it could be that a triangle within a triangle opens and we stay on the same sigil set just going back around in a circle (which fits with the potential of repeating loops)

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Emily was refering to Mercury Subroutine 1 of 3. We had MS 2 of 3 on Friday, June 30th.


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