Exploring the meaning of the last transmission in retrospective

The last Atlas email reads:

“In order to forge a strong community of curious and unpredictable minds, the Atlas Foundation created a series of radio ads and puzzles shrouded in mystery. It was called Waking Titan.”

So, according to this email, everything we’ve done and discovered was just some sort of… social experiment for us to gather and unify.

Is this what it was supposed to be in any case?

I’m referring to the five pieces of the Leighton videos. Remember we thought they were contrasting and from a multiverse?
On yesterday’s streaming she repeated the message we heard in some of the videos, where she congratulates us. She also tells us we did a great job, unlocking many of their puzzles exceeding their expectations.

Now this makes me think… what if we didn’t meet their expectations? Would have we gotten the “is anybody even going to hear this?” message/mood?

Is this making the sigil videos actually a multiverse video?

Moving forward (or… backwards actually) we had the weird “JOIN OUR CRUSADE” message on superlumina website (was it superlumina?). was it still part of the “shrouded mystery”? and for what reason?

Last, for now at least, in the twitch streaming she pushes one of the mentioned users to record their own echo supposedly on the Echo telephone number. We also know the Echo website has been updated… has anyone tried to call that number again? I’m not in the US otherwise I’d have tried.

So in conclusion, they’ve spread puzzles for us, but the companies were NOT puzzles, since she’s actively talking about them. Should we move forward analysing what we’ve done in the retrospective of what was a test, or what wasn’t?

PS: where does this put the cassettes, and especially the cassette 9 with the narrating voice?


I have tried calling Echo and Multiverse the last couple of days… no changes there yet.

To put forth a theory about the cassettes… I am leaning towards the idea that the cassettes are not from the Atlas Foundation/Elizabeth, but from some other, perhaps antithetical source. Maybe an Echo “gone rogue”?

Something is up with Emily, and we’ve also seen a few warnings (not to mention the super aggressive “join our crusade” statement that you mentioned) that would seem to indicate there’s more than one party involved here, and we have a choice of which side we’re going to help.

EDIT: and THEN I read your (@MatteAce) post on the post-modernism thread. Maybe you think there aren’t clearly a “good” and “evil” path… let’s see! Either way, it seems to be a dichotomy to me right now.

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but have you tried calling Echo specifically today or after the stream? the website has changed yesterday and maybe the number has changed too. IIRC the webmail voice said they weren’t accepting messages until their finite state was reached. was it Waking Titan their finite state and will they accept new echoes now? Elizabeth Leighton yesterday definitely seemed to think so.

yeah I don’t think Atlas is good or bad. they have their goal and we don’t know yet if they want us to be part of that or if they’re just recruiting us. I bend for the second.

Yes, I called about 1 hour before you posted this. I’ve tried a few times (and always checking the number on echo-64 first), but as of yet I’ve noticed zero differences. Finite state not yet achieved, apparently.

alright thank you. maybe we’re not there yet.

I am certain that not everything that happened in Phase 1 of Waking Titan was what Elizabeth Leighton wanted us to see. Here’s a few examples:

The voice on cassette 9/16. It told us not to listen when we were told to help solve a puzzle at the heart of reality. Elizabeth is telling us just the opposite, that we need to help her discover the secrets of our reality. I think the music on side A and the code on side B were all Atlas Foundation wanted on that tape, like the previous ones, but the voice somehow got on there without their knowledge. My theory is that it was the voice of one of the Echoes they created. After all, Elizabeth said there have been “issues” with the rollout of Echo’s technology.

The whole Superlumina fiasco. Obviously Elizabeth is not happy about what happened with Superlumina. Some think it is the website going up early or the odd Saturday July 9th date, but I have a different idea. I think it was mainly the radio transmission from the future; in August, Superlumina will conduct the test of the tachyonic anitelephone without Elizabeth’s knowledge or consent. Sending that message back in time skewed our timeline and changed things, creating the “ripple effect” Liz mentioned.

Going back to the transmissions you mentioned. I also think the garbled transmissions of Elizabeth calling for help or asking if they already tried something were also not intended. Some have speculated that it was actually an Echo interfering with the transmission, trying to warn us again, and I think this may have been the case.

TL;DR Atlas Foundation’s dangerous technological experiments have caused a lot of uncontrollable factors to pop up, which have begun to show us warning signs in the midst of their simple thought experiment.


I have tried the number today, it says the same thing it said when te site went up, about not at there finite state, I am in uk, just put +1 at the beginning, altho I’m not sure how much it has cost me or you if you call from uk

Since it’s very related to this, see my reply from today in another thread about some interpretations of the videos, now that we’ve made contact with Elizabeth…


We do find ourselves in a very meta/pomo/reflexive position here of not being entirely sure what we have seen / are seeing: Are the videos we see as being unlocked by the wakingtitan.com site the same ones that present-day Elisabeth sees?

If so, what does that say about her reliability as a narrator here? And (depending on how these videos were made – i.e., are they completely fictional or are they indeed artifacts of Atlas Foundation technologies) what does that say about her ethics / the level of trust we should place in her?

If they are NOT the same, do we have any ability to make her understand them in the same way that we do?

As I conclude in the comment I linked to, for now at least we must follow along with her if we want to see where all of this goes. But I would not be surprised for us to learn of an alternate narrator or alternate line of inquiry for us to explore.

The interesting bit here is that present-day Elizabeth has no control over what future-Elizabeth does, or other Atlas companies for that matter (as we saw with Superlumina). Though present-day Elizabeth set up these puzzles, we may be getting sincere messages from the future.

And if there is something wrong on a temporal scale, we can’t assume that Elizabeth is not trying to hide that fact.

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Emily was the spokesperson for phase one. Elizabeth is going to be the spokesperson for phase two.

I am predicting that the spokesperson for phase three will be Major Sophie Dubois who will explain what happened to Elizabeth and the Atlas Foundation after some catastrophe occurs due to their experiments and she will enlist us to try and fix it.


I was looking at this PDF from Elizabeth again. She says some interesting things with the knowledge we have now.

I wanted to personally assure all of you that the Atlas Foundation is using the full weight of its resources to address the concerns we all share. Right now we’re in the preliminary phases of Waking Titan, and we’re very encouraged by the results we’ve seen so far. Once this testing phase is complete, we’ll turn our attention to the real problem as quickly as possible.

So, it seems that the “testing phase” Elizabeth mentioned is now complete. We were the ones being tested. But what is the “real problem” she mentions, and the concerns the Atlas Foundation all share? Something big enough to dedicate the full weight of the organization to solving. If this is the same Elizabeth that just livestreamed to us, then she is not telling us the real story. She is already aware that something bad has happened, and probably wants to use us to solve it. If the next phase is focused on doing that, then is the “real problem” related to the nature of reality that she suggested we’d be focusing on?

But the integrity of this process requires all of us to be very strict about honoring our security clearances in spirit and to the letter. It could be catastrophic for any one of us to slip up.

This suggests to me that these PDFs were not intended for our eyes. But if Elizabeth didn’t give them to us, who did? Someone has been leaking classified Atlas documents to us, and must be fairly concerned about what’s going on inside the organization to put themselves at risk in this way. Who is the leaker? They must want us to solve what’s really going on. Perhaps it’s better to leave the whistleblower anonymous, else we put them at risk.