Tape 9/16 transcribed side A

(posted by Gmr_Leon, Discord) 9 of 16, side A.
"I am alone in this space between worlds (whirlies? strange distortion), I am alone but for my thoughts, my words. I am alone but for you. I see you. You must have known I could, you must have known what this was. Through these travels we come to know ourselves, just as the universe comes to know us in turn. I cannot step through. I know now that if I do, all of this will be over. Lives come back to me. I’ve seen horrors and wonders. I have been through. I have become good and evil(?). I have grown beyond all such things. Life after life. And now I am becom you(? whispers).

One day your voice will speak to you telling you of something, some signal that needs answering, will tell you of some secret at the heart of reality, some puzzle that needs to be solved lest all life falls into decay and oblivion(?). Do not listen to it. If all the world is a lie, then nothing is true, not even an explanation. Abandon it. Abandon me(? whispers). It is inevitable."


What do you guys think it means? If it’s actually talking about NMS then perhaps you should abandon the Atlas path, since it is lying?

A few changes I made based on what I am hearing:

“You must have known Atlas. You must have known what this was.”

“I have been cruel. I have become this evil.”


Thanks was hard to hear! This is pretty exciting!


I don’t know what it means yet, but she sounded reeeeally high. Maybe a Korvax that had too much Geknip?

But seriously, if this voice is supposed to be some manifestation of the Atlas and is basically saying “the cake is a lie”, then perhaps the Travellers (players) in NMS need to escape the simulation into the “real” reality.


It’s a computerized, text-to-speech voice. Someone recognized it as one people on twitch can use.


I feel like it’s pointing to the abandoned facilities with that last line.

I think the “it” refers to “the world” in the preceding sentence though. If all the world is a lie, then abandon it. And abandon me (Atlas?). Seems like the only way to abandon the world would be if the portals took you to a new world. The “real” universe…

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Side B has been uploaded. I posted the link in another thread.

I kinda like the voice… totally fits. And a bit creepy.

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The voice that is you could refer to the messages you get from the abandoned facilities. If so the puzzle that needs solving is how to unlock the warp drive mentioned in the messages.

Wait. What if we are all echoes of each other? What if the center of the universe is not the system which shines brightly, but the coordinates we all choose to meet up to at once? What if the resonance of our combined presence is what shatters Atlas?

It sounds to me like this is the voice of someone who followed the path of Atlas, reached the center of the galaxy and has realized that it was all for nothing. In the instant before they took that final step, they saw that the whole universe they had been traversing all that time wasn’t real, that Atlas lied, that everything was a lie. And they found a way to send this message to tell us not to make the same mistakes. To find a way out of the entire simulation (perhaps through the portals) instead of just following the different paths laid out for us and the “explanations” given.


be aware that voice is the same of the answering machines from the Echo and the Multiverse companies, plus IIRC is the same who called at the beginning of the ARG.

Also, it’s clearly a robotic or synthetic voice, like if it was an AI, which would make sense if it was an answering machine but now… is an early version of the Atlas talking to us?

That’s what I got from it… That she was following the Atlas and became it. XD going out on a limb she merged with it, because the sentence structure changes. She talks as if she is one with the atlas. She regrets that decision “she is alone” no body no nothing.

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Hey all, finally made an account and wanted to point out something interesting. This is not my work, but someone on the NMS subreddit found out that the transcript on 9/16 A matches with the end of one of the game’s plotlines. Sorry if this is too long, or this has been discussed before; here goes:

“The Signal and the Dying Planet” is part of the Abandoned Buildings storyline, where we find the audio logs left by a Traveller in the past. More interesting, the log console always says “Returning User confirmed”, or something along those lines, suggesting that us, the player, has been there before.

As the story unfolds, the past Traveller detects an ancient signal, that calls his name, from a distant planet. He sets out to find the origin, and once he gets there he finds that the planet has been long since destroyed. In the remains of the old world, he found the wreckage of a ship identical to his, still emitting the signal he was looking for.

The story ends abruptly in the game, but with if we continue it with the text from Cobra TV’s cassette we now get:

"I exhumed the corpse of the ship that had sent a message to me across the millennia, the ship that knew my name. Crushed and warped by unimaginable forces, I could barely recognise it. But I did see a corroded Odvinsko hyperdrive, a cryo-pod. The same as my ship’s. My vessel is buried here. The voice is mine. I am warning myself- I am alone in this space between worlds […] I am alone but for you. I see you. […] you must have known what this was. […] I cannot step through. I know now that if I do, all of this will be over. […]

One day your voice will speak to you telling you of something, some signal that needs answering, will tell you of some secret at the heart of reality, some puzzle that needs to be solved […] Do not listen to it. […] Abandon it. Abandon me. It is inevitable."


In the same story, the paragraph where the Traveller tries to make sense of the signal, a Korvax Entity discovered that the signal had another layer beneath the audio:

“I dismissed the signal as a chance event, a random coalescence of interference that happened to resemble a spoken voice. In truth, it had disturbed me. The Entity analysed the message in its own curiosity and revealed another layer beneath the audio component. A visual of a world with green skies and an obsidian moon.”

People have speculated that the Side B of the tape is the actual signal the Traveller has been following. The signal is calling his name, and the name is somewhere in the audio (“And yet my name is spoken clearly amid the static and distortion”), and that the Traveller’s name could be the key to the 4th glyph puzzle.

Edit: reddit thread


Although I’d like to mention. It doesn’t “always” say returning user identified. If you have encountered that particular race + building number, it will just say User identified.

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Sorry if this has been pointed out, im in work and quickly scrolled down to post, probably irrelevant but that last line is very similar to

“I am become death. The Destroyer of Worlds”

a quote from openheimmer after completing the manhattan project (sorry if i got some of my facts crossed). Possible train of thought to explore?


Really liked the what @silly posted about the abandoned facilities lore. I love it when things tie together like this.

I wonder if that quote is describing the messages the community has been receiving to solve puzzles. Maybe there will be a decision at the end of this we have to make. The quote is saying the only way to win is to not solve the puzzle. Could this play into us empowering or creating the atlas in NMS.


Oppenheimer did indeed say that about the Manhattan Project. He was in turn quoting the Bhagavad Gita. Search for the quote on this page to see both the context in the text and a blurb about Oppenheimer quoting it.

Edit: The more I think about it the more odd that part of the Side A message becomes. “I am become” is an extremely archaic way of speaking, and that Oppenheimer quote you mentioned is about the only thing in pop culture (at least that I can think of) that uses it. “Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds.” The second half of the quote also has a strong hint of “death” to it. Talking about “some puzzle that needs to be solved lest all life falls into decay and oblivion” and “it is inevitable” (another famous quote that comes to mind is Ben Franklin’s “but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”