The Abyss - Plot or Easter Egg? (Possible Major Spoilers)

If you continue exploring the Manufacturing Facilities / Operations Centres, until they have no more blueprints to give you, and you then keep on exploring them, they will eventually give you the following message:

"The research station contains a vast array of scanners and monitoring equipment directed at bodies of water throughout the system. It is searching for something designated “abyss”.

The scientists who worked here seem to have been comparing the transmissions associated with the Atlas to strange signals found within the water.

Before they went missing, the workers concluded that this “abyss” seemed to hold a similar yet distinct energy signature to the Atlas itself. Another power in the universe…

I examine the records relating to the abyss. They show a repeating pattern of sixteen energy bursts, music that emerges from beneath the waves.

Contact appears to alter individual personality and objectives, changing even the most devoted Korvax into an agent of some unfathomable power.

Infected Nanite Clusters appear to be present within the archives. I take some of them. It seems to be for the best…"

Is this plot related - or is it just an Easter Egg referring to the movie?

(edit) Afterthought - I found this on a Korvax world, and thinking about it, it’s possible the message will only appear on a Korvax world.

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Well at the end of the remembrance stations, the Atlas mentions sensing another presence. I assumed it was talking about the presence being in the room with its actual physical housing. Perhaps these are related and there is a subroutine that is not normally visible to the Altas and that this could be the entity sensed… like a watch dog program or a failsafe (or even a virus)?

(Hopefully, this leads to an actual villain in the game down the road.)


That is easy … EMILY!!!


I think I will stay out of the water…just in case :wink:


There appears to be quite a lot hinting to future content/story. Can’t wait for updates to come and continuation of the ARG, WITH Atlas v4 pass!

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Ah. I wondered about that - I thought perhaps that it wasn’t blurred for me because I wrote it (no point hiding it from me).

Thanks for the tip, and apologies for spoiling the spoiler.


It’s in the title, so I chose to be partly spoiled, no worries here.


That is awesome… Obvious “Call of Cthulhu” reference, there. No doubt in my mind.
Impossible to take as anything else than a future content Easter-egg, indeed!


This is great! Sounds like they are hinting to something if you ask me. I can’t wait to see what direction HG takes next with No Mans Sky. :smiley:


Considering all the Cthulhu references in Waking Titan…
Right, @oldgods?


This is most likely refering to The World of Glass, which is referenced many times in the new lore and in the original abandoned building lore (a land made of crystal that will cut you with an edge so fine…). It sounds to be a dark land of death,

ruled by the Sentinels and is where they come from. They trap Travelers there when they kill them, preserving them forever. It is also where Artemis was when it was trapped (he/she said he/she was in a sunless world, and talked of 16 faces pursuing him/her). I definitely think we will be seeing more about this place in future updates.


the new broken shard planets could be the worlds of glass

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I believe that there’s a lot more going on than we’ve been told about so far. In the Atlas Path we are told that “sixteen” refers to the number of minutes left before the death of the Atlas. But there are so many other, apparently unrelated, references to “sixteen”, that there must be other meanings.

Similarly, in the Remembrance lore we are told that when the Atlas computer was first created, it looked out at its creator through lenses fixed to its casing. And it saw a “world beyond the glass” of the lenses. And that’s one interpretation - the Atlas computer can only perceive the real world through glass lenses - it sees a world of glass.

But again, there are so many other, apparently contradictory, references to the “world of glass”, that I don’t think the world the Atlas sees can be the only explanation.

I think there’s more story to come.


I’m definitely down with the Cthulu references… I mean the coords for R’lyah are in @oldgods profile!.. the very fact we’re talking of ‘old gods’ an ‘abyss’ and the waking of ‘titan’ amongst other things… Something fishy going on? … All I can say is my excitement runneth over P.s. Truly amped for the next Cthulu game too!

EDIT: Forgot to mention - the hexagonal Sigil plaque at the start of ARG is just like the control panels found in COC:dcote - which also happen to be activated by green gems resembling Night Crystals… Coincidence?


Call of Cthulhu

As a GameMaster, I refused to go into that area.
Tis weird, insanity stuff.


Yeah, this game can be a little unnerving as it is. I would rather stick in the realm of sci-fi than venture into supernatural.


Yeah…but the thrill of exploring being suddenly interrupted by the violent terror of something bad grabbing you by the ankles and dragging you off into an unholy darkness, is a great jumpscare.

Remember the Artemis/asteroid bit?
What a thrill!

I’m looking forward to whatever develops…


I will have to play with all the lights on…The only game that has actually ever scared me was the first Resident Evil when the hounds came crashing thru the windows in a narrow hallway. Spent the rest of the game jumping at every noise. Everything since then just comes across as creepy. Not the same. So a good scare might be fun! Can someone hold my hand? LOL


For context…

Abandoned buildings explained: :wink:


NO! That was not a thrill. I hate being spaced :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Scared me senseless.