Is there another Evil Entity in NMS-WT?

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At one point in the Myriad Security Diagnostic that we struggled so hard to solve there was this statement: Continue your good work in decrypting the servers’ content and reporting any running services that do not belong to Myriad, Atlas, Satcom, or the CSD.

To me this says they were looking for another group/entity that was corrupting the satellite feeds.

Looking at the Patient Files we see that the Exosuits were provided by a third party.

There are three (four?) AIs in the NMS-WT world: Emily. Loop 16, and Atlas. Is it possible that they are not the same?

And is it possible that Loop 15 is also in it’s last 16 minutes, stretching them out to infinity?

Or is that third party Exosuit supplier another entity/AI?

Any ideas?


Sorry can’t help it.

There is reference in NMS lore about an entity with similar readings to the Atlas - also broadcasting in bursts of 16. Contact with it can alter individuals and turn them into its agents. Does this have anything to do with the ARG? No idea, but watch out because the…Abyss is watching you.


Still selling it I see Gleam :yum:
I agree though, could be another enemy.

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We don’t really know anything about the Abyss but when based on the few notes we have I thought it was in some way connected to loop 16…since it had the 16 energy bursts on a loop…and since it’s quite likely that loop16 is the Atlas I think the likely explanation here is not that complicated…the Atlas simulates the entire NMS universe and everything in it…not just the nice bits. It could be an intended function or it could be a malfunctioning subroutine…but still part of the Atlas/loop16. It also seems like it might be related to what is mentioned in tape 9/16…“some puzzle that needs to be solved lest all life falls into decay and oblivion. Do not listen to it, for if the world is a lie then nothing true, not even that explanation…”.


There’a also a nagging memory from Korvax lore about how they thought the Sentinels were sent from the Atlas, but later found out they were not.
From that I thought the Sentinels may have been either viruses or anti-viruses sent from some one/thing else.


We know that the Sentinels used to work for the Atlas until at one unknown point in time and for unknown reasons they stopped…right now the sentinels appear to be a bit insane though…they seem desperate to prevent universe resets but their idea of “preserving life” is encasing corpses in glass.


There is always what I call the Ancient Ones, or the first travellers. That was the civilization that rose up against the Sentinels and were then wiped out by them. They are also the ones who caught a Sentinel, tried to cut it open, and were shocked when it screamed. Which is in itself a sort of clue.

I kinda think these first travellers (as distinct from the First Traveller) are the Dreamers, and not just the 12 we have, but the others that were lost and more that we don’t know about.

Which again makes me think that something besides Emily is drawing them into the simulation with the intent of keeping them there.


It’s unclear what the ancients were but I never got the impression they were travelers…they may have been another race like the Korvax/Gek/Vy’keen but not really travelers…travelers never meet until the very end when realities begin to melt together.

Yeah, the people that fought against and were wiped by the sentinels were a different race…not travelers:

“There is a world - turned to dust long before the rise of the Vy’keen - where the natives turned against the Sentinels. They chafed under the omnipresent eyes of the machines. Resentment begat violence. Drones were destroyed. More natives fought, and so came the bipeds, the quadrupeds, the interceptors in the sky. These and more. Soon there was war; and still the machines came, in exponential growth until at last they ended a species as punishment. Still the Galaxy refused to learn from this…”

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Who the Ancient Ones are really is unclear. It wasn’t until lately that I began to think of them as Travellers. The only thing that might confirm that is something in the abandoned buildings about the red planet and glass slivers getting under your skin, and then on the last glyph the Traveller said something along the same lines. I’m wondering now it the glass slivers could be something in the exosuits, or just needles in their arms.

Not unclear, I was wrong about that…they were another species like the main three in game that were wiped out by the sentinels.

"Soon there was war; and still the machines came, in exponential growth until at last they ended a species as punishment. Still the Galaxy refused to learn from this…”

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Yeah, I forgot about that one.

Bicycle Walrus has an interesting theory that Polo is Emily and Nada is the CSD. With the upcoming event where we talk directly to the Dreamers he could be right. I mean to the Dreamers it would appear that one entity that swaps out personalities is talking to them.

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I REALLY don’t see any grounds for that AT ALL…not in the slightest. Emily is almost certainly the Atlas…she was created to simulate and predict the future…that’s literally what she does, and that’s what the Atlas does in NMS…creates the entire simulated universe. And there are references to 16 literally everywhere…the entire simulation is built on HEX…base 16…that’s Emily. Also the CSD are players…travelers.


I’m pretty sure you are right. I just feel that we are missing something about a 5 group interfering with the servers/satellites.

I also get a feeling that there is another entity besides the Emily-Atlas-Loop 16, or maybe they are not all the same thing.

I’m really confused.

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I don’t believe No Man’s Sky has any true antagonist, only existential crisis.
Waking Titan might have W/ARE but it still might all be a misunderstanding/miscommunication.


I’ve got a feeling that what we are dealing with in the ARG and its aftermath is the Ancient One’s war with the Sentinels. In this scenario there could very well be an actual antagonist. (This is all speculation and theory, of course, and I am not wed to any of it.)

In the ARG timeline we have WARE doing what appears to be some nasty stuff. Turns out, maybe, they were trying to cover up some mistakes and those were caused by the third party exosuits not working as expected.

Then we have Atlas raiding the WARE Sacramento site, followed by someone blowing up Atlas HQ. We have heard no more about this investigation.

But then we have the Server/satellite corruption and we are asked to look for something that is not from WARE, Myriad, Atlas, or the CSD.

So where did the corruption come from? Wherever it came from is what will prove to be the antagonist.

And I have thought for a long time the MP section of the game would be the Ancient War.

But again this is all just confusion and speculation going on in my head, lol!

What? How? How do you relate this to the ancient ones? The ancient ones were eliminated looooong before the the various simulations started merging for dreamers to meet…and none of this ARG has anything to do with the dreamers meeting in the simulation or fighting sentinels in any capacity. They were a race of NPCs that fought the sentinels and were wiped out by the sentinels long before any two travelers could possibly meet.

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I want you to consider the possibility that a story can not have an antagonist and still be engaging. It goes against all traditional narrative structure, but it is actually more realistic to the real world. Sometimes bad things just happen and it’s no one’s fault.


Well, I’m not sure how. It’s just speculation and throw it against the wall and see what sticks. That’s why I’m asking for help piecing it together. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But I want to explore this a little more before I give up on it.

I know the real timelines don’t match up. But there’s away they can.

The Dreamers are the first to enter some sort of simulation.

Emily’s function was to create vast simulations of the future to predict trends in the real world. In a sense she does what Dr. Strange did in Infinity Wars. She runs thru billions of simulations in an instant to find out what will happen stemming from a given moment, usually the present.

WARE comes onto the scene and accidently traps the Dreamers in a simulation. Not necessarily Emily’s, although she has been helping WARE.
Now Emily is creating special simulations for the Dreamers to help extract them.

We are pretty sure that not all of them will be able to be extracted.

So if Emily creates NMS, as we know it, as a place, a repository, for the dead Dreamers, then that would be the start of NMS, and the Dreamers would be the Ancient Ones.

(Remember that ALL of Waking Titan takes place BEFORE the creation of NMS)

And in NMS, the simulation, Time as we understand it, is different. In the first phase of WT Major Dubois was frantic about time slowing down to a stop. The same thing happens in the last 16 minutes of the Atlas (I assume it is the Atlas, it might be Loop 15 or 16) where the last minutes are stretched out to infinity in an effort to avoid dying. Which means that whoever is in charge of the simulation they can change time inside it.

So in NMS we are playing an End Game, or at the end of times. In this way, whatever happens at the end of Waking Titan (and I’m not sure even this phase will be the end of it) it happens at the beginning of NMS the Simulation, not where we start in NMS the Game.

Like I said, it’s all wild theory on my part. No need to get angry about it. Just pure speculation.

I understand that. I’m just trying to figure out why they would ask us to find a corruption in the data from an outside source. Along with Tariq’s comments about Emily thinking she is in charge, it leads me to think we have a hidden Entity that is nefarious.