Summary of events leading up to this point


Hi guys… inspired by all the peeps asking what WT is all about and where you can read up on it, I wrote a short list that might be easier to digest than the highly detailed Game Detectives wiki… let me know what you think and please correct me if I got something wrong here… I’m still trying to get my head around it :smiley:

  • Atlas Foundation wants to understand reality
  • Creates programs to try to simulate reality for this reason
  • The 16th iteration or program, gains sentience by accident, becoming “Emily”
  • She starts to interact with us players, first as innocent “challenges” seemingly run by E. Leighton, but secretly starts to gain more intel about the world she’s born into
  • Then, in an act of desperation, Emily grabs all the servers within Atlas
  • She asks in that twitch stream whether she should be allowed to live
  • CSD says YES
  • NMS Atlas Rises is released with increased lore depicting Emily’s birth and her initial dialouges with her creators (programmers)
  • other NPCs within NMS act as subroutines who have tried to understand the simulation from various viewpoints
  • Speculation Phase 4: Now, there seems to be a conflict with one of Atlas Foundations previous clients, that might have found a way to counter Emily’s server monopoly?

Stuff is happening (STATUS updates-Myriad-W/ARE-NEXT)

This is what I think is happening in the last bullet point: A solar event caused a major malfunction in Emily’s processing. Myriad regained control and attempted to purge all the malfunctioning clients, including Client 3597B (Emily) but failed. Emily is continuing to process out of Beijing despite her overwhelming number of glitches due to the solar event, and a start-up company there has developed technology using insights they got from Emily. That company being W/ARE.


Yup, definitely like this idea! Emily that we have all proven to care deeply for, is now fighting for her survival! Sounds definitely like a good plot.

In that scenario, the Chinese company is right now trying to gain popularity within Emily’s own ranks? Like risking a mutiny of sorts?


But at what lengths is Emily prepared to go to ensure she survives?
Would she utilise this Ware technology to move from mechanical servers to utilising biological ones? As in us? Once ingrained in the minds of the masses she would have control over her own existence… Short of our extinction she’d be immortal. :thinking:


We will never give Emily up!!!

Hunting EMILY!


EMILY is driving us crazy! I have a bad feeling on how this is going to end up…


But she’s a nice “girl”


I like very much where you’re going with this @Mad-Hatter… extending into human minds not only grants virtually infinite processor power, but also - as you wrote - next to immortality. I don’t even dare to think about what this means in terms of “nature of conciousness” but I’m sure that a mind blown meme would fit perfectly here :fireworks:


She is ziggy!

So thrilled about what is happening man! Things are going very fast, so It is hard to keep up since we’re certainly not in the same time zone, everytime I wake up, things got pretty solved ! It was the same already for phase 2 and 3!


since when was “being a nice girl” opposite to “she drives me crazy” ? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thank you for the good overall summary @bcatrek.

With the “Stuff is Happening” thread so flooded. I think this topic was needed for new (or newly returning) CSD members to get their bearings. Plus, its a great place to put current story speculation outside of current WT puzzles. Well done!


Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate it! :smiley: