(Spoilers maybe, I dunno) Can someone explain the lore to me?

What is the Atlas? Is it Emily? or is it yet another AI created by the Atlas foundation? I guess what I’m trying to ask is how do the events of WT lead into NMS? And, what are we? Are we a member of the Traveler species, or are we Humans trapped inside NMS by W/ARE?



Ok, I probably should have read the wiki page before creating this post. It makes sense now.


My interpretation is that Atlas and Emily are somehow integrated but not exactly the same thing. To me Atlas feels like the cold mechanical core that evolved or remains of the elegant AI that was once Emily…and it is insane.
I think the Travellers are the human element in the Mercury Process simulation but are not actual humans but rather the Atlas’ interpretation of a human inside it’s universe. I don’t think the travellers are trapped entities but more likely an embodiment of a technition as seen by the Atlas. An input in the simulation sent in to unravel the mystery but then locked in a story that is inescapable.
In truth I have no real idea… :crazy_face:


I don’t know about “we”. I am a small cabbage.


Hmm, I dunno if that lore page is entirely accurate.

With regards to the summary under the “Lore” heading, It’s got some things kinda right but I think it’s missing quite a bit, has things a little out of order etc (like no mention of what the korvax did to the gek etc).

The best way to really get sense of the lore is to read the transcripts for each races history from plaques, abandoned building lore, etc.

Then read the mission transcripts for the base specialists introduced in 1.1 and the mechanics from 1.2 as there’s some revelations tucked away in there.

I think it’s important to learn all that so you can enjoy some of the revelations that comes from 1.3s story arcs as well as remembrance modules and the structures on exotic planets.

It’s a lot of reading but I myself have yet to find a decent summary that kinda covers it all accurately, or it’s just so loosely worded it’s easy for everyone to come away with their own little differences in their retelling.

Like folklore :slight_smile:

(I think I said revelations more times than it appears appended to the end of blockbuster movie sequels)


There’s only one thing I know for sure. The whole galaxy is using korvax blood as a currency for technology.
How very Starflight of you, HG! :smile: