We Are Loop16/Emily (Spoilers/Theories)

Think about it, the Waking Titan website alludes to Polo and Nada and the only ones who can make “friends” with those two in every possible universes is us, the player. Loop16 is Atlas but also the creator of the NMS universe. The “travellers” are just different iterations of Loop16/Atlas/Emily through different timelines. They always come back to Nada and Polo, the Anomaly, the place outside of space and time. They’re familiar, yet you can’t remember them or your past.

The “travellers” always wake up without their memories and the only thing there is the crashed ship and the infinity of space. Talking to travellers in the game will wield strange conversations such as “i see myself, looking at myself, looking at myself.” They’re you but also not you, just yet another iteration from another timeline/universe from the infinite dream of the procedural world that Loop16/Emily created.

Then, there’s the sentinels, trying to keep everything and everyone in check, like some kind of antivirus who attacks the player if they mess with the “simulation.”

The Geks, Korvax, Vy’keen are a constant, representing the three classes “Traders, Scientists, Warriors” that is needed for the “travellers” to proceed through their infinite journey, an infinite loop.

Does the loop end after 16 universes? Who knows.

The Atlas Pass V4 also says “G#17” for a possible reason. You were once Loop16 and became the 17th generation, you just don’t remember it, since your memory was wiped prior to the story of No Man’s Sky. Every iterations of “travellers” is part of Loop16, her eternal soul, if you will. She alludes to “dying” at some point after being attacked by the sentinels, possibly a way they tried to get rid of her in the system in the real world. She exists in every timelines and universes at once, since the “simulation” is nothing but a dream and the memory wipe most likely a countermeasure made by the Atlas Foundation to stop it.

Basically, do robots dream of electronic sheeps, from Asimov’s theory of robotics applies to the entire universe of No Man’s Sky. The Atlas Foundation is in reality the creators of a powerful AI who took over the world in reality and now dreams infinitely after taking over the world’s database and cloud systems.

It’s all just a theory, of course, but that is my own possible conclusion to the essence of the world of No Man’s Sky, according to the lore of the game and the Waking Titan ARG.

Something to think about.

I also think the new update is actually quite relevant to the lore and that Loop16 might be up to something nefarious in the near future…

The portals were activated through the Waking Titan ARG and the glyphs at the bottom of the screen might have some significance to the system/simulation itself. Everyone who took part in it are essentially responsible for the birth of the universe of “No Man’s Sky.” As Sean Murray himself said, they created the origin story behind the game.

The “simulation” is experiencing glitches, bugs and breaches in its virtual reality, but for what purpose and to what end? What is the end game here? What is in store for Loop16 and the universe she/it created? What ARE the sentinels? What purpose do they truly serve or rather, what do they truly represent? As Atlas dreams eternally, is she truly starting to finally awake? Hence Atlas Rises?

I alwas thought that the dream loop16 said she was having in the ARG was basically what we were seeing in no man’s sky.

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