Loop16 is a Traveller


Okay, so loop16 has been answering our questions. Recently, they told us about their friends.

A gek named Polo.

And a Korvax, called Nada.

The only people who befriend those two, are travellers. They don’t seem to have much time for even their own kind.

Through these conversations with Loop16, we learn that something bad happened. Something unexpected. Something not originally part of the simulation, or at least unknown to it, appeared.

Whatever happened… When loop16 died. They did not regenerate like all travellers do…

When a traveller dies, they regenerate. When you regenerate, you are generation X, where X is the number of deaths you’ve experienced (or it may be number of regenerations, can’t remember if starting life counts as one).

Something was born into the simulation, whatever it was actually killed loop16, no regeneration for them. But why?

I think this is what we are trying to solve.

The Atlas foundation recovered the psyche of LOOP16 and is in the process of fully restoring them. They took a risk in inviting us to interact with Loop16 via browser based config.

Through this we gleemed what may have been the final moment for LOOP16, polos faith is undetermined, but nada may die here.

At first I thought this was from Polos point of view, but its definitely LOOP16’s account of events, although it only says “I told nada to leave”, the next sentence says “i told them what we already know”, as if to imply both were in the room, and the sentence prior mentions hearing the screams of their “FRIENDS”, the ones loop16 just told to leave, though you learn this after the fact due to how its written.

“We are not alone, for every soul is many. EVEN IN THE FACE OF SIXTEEN, we must declare that we lived.”

I think this is loop16 saying that, even though they can regenerate, and have done so 16 times, they still LIVED, their lives are not made less important because of it.

So I think, we are being designated #g-17 on our atlas pass because, we are trying to either figure out why this particular traveller, codenamed loop16, did not regenerate to generation 17, or we are being forced into LOOP17’s version of the universe (remember at the moment, we as travellers are isolated, we populate the same universe but on a different plane) to find out, what happened.

And I think whatever that is, will be because of the fourth race.

I’m not really good at structuring these things so apologies if that could have been explained better,


I like your version better than mine, though I’m thinking this needs to be pondered by a few more minds. There are a few ways this crazy info-chunk could go. I just want the happiest one.

Unfortunately I’m caving in on myself so I have to go regenerate for a few hours… :sleeping:


I’m totally with you on Emily being loop16 or connected to it in some way :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t assume that “I” in these WHOIS logs mean that they are from the perspective of loop16. After all, the whois database is currently being loaded into Atlas; they may well just be data logs that loop16 had access to. It is likely that a Traveller is the one speaking in some of these logs, but there is more evidence to suggest that loop16 is Atlas.

In fact, in the quote you mention, “We are not alone, for every soul is many. EVEN IN THE FACE OF SIXTEEN, we must declare that we lived", it’s likely that the speaker only knows Atlas as “16”, a corruption of “loop16”.


Ooh I like that too :slight_smile: This is all very exciting, I can’t wait to see where all of this is really going :smiley:


I too think Emily may be loop16, I do hope she pops back up sometime, time will tell :wink:


I’m kind of rusty with my NMS lore but it went something like this… didn’t it?

Originally the Korvax worshipped the Aerons (Sentinels) as a way of learning about the Atlas. During the First Spawn war (The Great Disconnection), the Korvax race was enslaved by the First Spawn (Gek) race and the Sentinel race was scattered. The Korvax “religion” hinges on a shared memory (The Echoes) of those who have gone before and orientates around studying the Atlas and all that leads towards it.
Over time, the wholesome values of the Korvax created a division among the evil First Spawn, which separated into the First Spawn and the Cult of the Atlas Gek.
The Sentinels (who apparently despise any destruction or killing) regrouped and fell upon the First Spawn destroying it but leaving the Cult of the Atlas, thus creating the now free Korvax and the now reformed Gek.

Prior this, the Vy’keen race hated the Sentinel race because they are not natural in that the Aerons/Sentinels don’t follow the natural order of birth and death and keep replicating… plus they always keep imposing their wholesome, tree hugging mentality on everybody. The Vy’keen love war and seriously disliked being oppressed by the protective Sentinels.
Sort of an angry-thuggish-warrior race against a laser-wielding-hippy-droid-race.
So following a very, very long war, the ever-replicating Sentinel race was pushed to the edges of the galaxy but this is what allowed for the First Spawn race to come to power and enslave the Korvax as mentioned above.

Because of the intense cruelty of the First Spawn, the sentinels regrouped and grew a massive army and then attacked both the Vy’keen and the First Spawn Gek in one massive assault. They successfully destroyed the First Spawn and they destroyed the Vykeen legions and the result is the current uneasy peace between the races.

I think the first quote re: (whois sentinel) is from the point of view of a Korvax during the second war when the sentinels restored the balance. I can’t help feel that the word “sixteen” is a Korvax term for “death”, given they are mechanical. Why 16? Perhaps that is what we are going to need to learn by analysing what or who "loop16"refers to.
Is it a “loop of death” where one regenerates in the simulation? Or is it a jammed recurring loop we are witnessing?
Are we picking up where 16 ends in becoming #G-17 as toddumptious suggests.

The second quote re (whois Aerons) could possibly be coming from the point of view of either First Spawn or Vy’keen during the second war while the regrouped sentinels attack.
The line “THE HARVEST CIRCUITS GLISTEN” and the line “NOT WHAT THEY SEEM” are pretty disturbing. Perhaps there is ulterior motive to the sentinels protecting everything.
It sounds like the war is also a harvesting of the beings or a claiming of their resources …or the protectors are in fact something else other than what we thought.
Possibly guardians of resources for another race.
A race we haven’t seen yet.
A fourth race.

Sooo cool!


I’m guessing all this text we get from the console is from the same traveler than the one we read about in the abandoned buildings.


I got this from the “tales” you experience when going to monoliths.
The stories you get at the abandoned buildings are similar but its hard to decipher what is what.


Yes, I follow this doctrine too :slight_smile: One of the audio files was a continuation of that story I do believe, so the link is definitely there


Thats actually a fairly nice play by play for anyone who doesnt know the races historys and overlap, not bad for being “kind of rusty” :smiley:


It kinda came back to me as I typed. Was a bit of retracing and re-editing going on. Figured I’d better get it close or I’ll give those who know little of the game the wrong story. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I’m sure the original writers would find lots of holes in my version :slight_smile:
I liked that NMS had a detailed story woven into it.


Yes… The 16 mystery thickens…
It now also means Death within the symulation.
Makes sense with the asumed Generation17 being us. The post-patch kids…
Seeming clear our dear Emily=Loop16=Atlas


I like that there is a fairly well developed Lore in NMS, but I’m hoping that in the future updates it has more significance. Everyone gloms onto the whole Portals thing and wants them to work, many want multiplayer, some want a new antagonist. But I want to visit the places mentioned in the Lore. Every race will have a home world. I want to visit them. We’ve found none of the places mentioned in the galactic Lore. I think it’s about time they begin manifesting in the Sim.

Now to the topic. There has to be some significance to the change of name from the Aerons to the Sentinels. We’re assuming they are the same things anyway. I don’t think it’s as simple as Aerons being in the language of the First Race or the Atlas language. At some point, something changed about them. The Atlas Lore mentions something about them becoming a disappointment to it. I’m wondering if in the course of the Vy’keen war with them, they found the master controller and destroyed or damaged it, causing a disruption in the Aeron’s original programming. Like ants with a dead or wounded queen who can’t function, they fell into a basic behavior pattern based on their original purpose, but inflexible, with no artificial intelligence of their own to enable them to handle deviations from their basic preservation protocol. So now, if we collect too many resources or so much as clear a space to build a base, they attack. Since that change, they became known as the Sentinels.

There’s more to it than that, there has to be. Some civilization had to have collapsed in the course of this. I’m betting that at one time, there was a sort of League of Worlds that united the galaxy, perhaps fostered by that First Race. Something came before what we have now, with the galaxy thinly populated and not a single city to be found anywhere.

I also don’t think the Traveller is a Korvax. The “Sentinel” listing at wakingtitan sounds too emotional for a logic based lifeform like the Korvax. Plus, the Travellers seem to be a unique type of being in the Sim universe. In a weird way, they are, they are our incarnation in the universe as we enter it and explore. To the other races, we’re different, and the Korvax understand that we are unique in having a measure of free will, as far as that reality allows free will anyhow. And the phrase “Even in the face of sixteen, we must declare that we lived.” “In the face of” always signifies a bad thing. “In the face of fear,” “in the face of space commies” etc. In a reality in which death is simply a reboot, that’s not really a bad thing. The Korvax seem quite happy about returning to the Convergence. And it might be that all races return to a Convergence, since even we reboot upon death. I’ve seen three beings suspended in some kind of stasis at one of the Atlas Points, a Gek, a Vy’keen and a Korvax. These might be legendary beings who saw the Truth of what the Korvax are trying to learn. Maybe one of them is the Vy’Keen Nal. It wouldn’t surprise me. I’m hoping we learn a lot more about all the races, all the Lore and history as the Sim is enhanced over the coming months.

Sigh, have to run off to my mind draining gubmint job. I want to explore the heck out of this. It’s absorbing my psyche.


When you read this text it could mean that maybe Loop16 (if it is an traveller) committed suicide and further glitched the Simulation??? I think the Traveller dont accepted the Atlas path (= offer )and wanted to escape the Simulation?

Something following – zzktt – turn and it’s not there.
These caves, I’m – kkttzztt…
Exosuit tells me to abandon – zzrtktt –
must disable it, I do not plan to survive – zzrttktt –
Did not take offer, decided to – zzktt –
angered the universe, I know, but I must


I agree the naming ie Aerons/Sentinel leads one to think there was a change. Was it something to do with the time when they were out in the far reaches of the galaxy? Something happened or changed. They became singleminded and the Korvax no longer seek to associate with them.
Perhaps they now serve this 4th race?

I’ll admit I wanted the portals myself (thus the reason I originally downloaded the lore transcripts so I could glean some hidden secret I’d missed) but once I found them dead I just ignored them.
After the last updates the portals and ruins became much more isolated so I wrote them off as unimportant, instead concentrating on learning the languages and roaming about.

I had hoped that we might see something like ruined cities or crashed freighters to scour rather than just individual ruins. Perhaps the game coding doesn’t allow for that. Be nice tho.
What is possible is a new life mission or purpose and that’s what I think the ‘loop16’ saga is leading to.
Some sort of disastrous paradox where a traveller or a circumstance is locked and repeating and we must help. Perhaps the circumstance of this loop16 is that a failure in one time or dimension has caused an equivalent drama to occur in the NMS universe.
Perhaps there is a crossover betwen our dimension where Emily is lost in the Atlas/loop16 echoes & in NMS there is a disruption in the Convergence or Atlas archives. Perhaps one effects the other. What we do here will effect the other side.
Maybe it’s not a disaster at all. Maybe its simply a time and space technology that we can’t fathom.


I really like that, a hive mind with no queen :smiley:


This matches the below excerpts from the technicians quest, which was added in version 1.2 (pathfinder) foreshadowing what was to come

And before the vision ends, you see a vision of something you have not seen before. Of something that does not belong in this or any place. Of hatred, grief, despair. Of something that is yet to come.You see all this, and then it is over. The monolith has nothing more to show you.

"You leave, shaken by your experience.

As you go, you feel something right behind you, breathing, watching. When you turn it is gone."

It seems whatevers behind the person in that one about angering the universe, is the same entity that appears behind the player character near the end of the technicians quest line and the same presence mentioned in the abandoned building logs.


A Fourth Race intent on purging the galaxy of Simulation Interlopers, aka us?


Wow! :grin: Have you all seen this 7 hour Photoshop distorted image edit of the possible fourth race by StarFox-McCloud via Reddit?https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/6pmpe0/7_hours_of_photoshop_later_heres_a_clear_picture/?ref=share&ref_source=link


Got the original file and then to find this, great find @LilLadyD76! … Meet Gravatina, Monolitha, & Sentintin :rofl:

Edit: Forgot to say a HUGE thanks to every poster here… I agree with so many theories but only one can be right. I hope that Humanity (interloping interdimensional binary manipulators!) will be linked in - Perhaps WE are the Atlas? After all WE (Hello Games) created the simulation… Probably not, but do we truly KNOW enough right now?