Dreamers, Elizabeth, and Echo (Bottled Brains Optional)

We know that the Ware process can destroy sleeper’s minds - to the point that if they’re diconnected, they die. There’s not enough brain function left to keep the body alive. It doesn’t happen in all cases - Arnaud seems to have survived. But all the Beijing sleepers died after disconnection.

In most cases, it seems that when you wake a sleeper, what you’re left with is a mindless body, that can’t survive.

We have recovered 12 sleepers from the Sacramento facility. They have not yet been woken. We are going to be asked to do something to save them.

Echo technology was able to reproduce the personalities of dead people. Emily’s predecessor, Loop 15, was actually created using this technology.

The Ware headset is able to record, store, and re-load the dreamer’s memory state. If you have a recorded mind, the Ware headset can put it back into a dreamer’s head.

One the one hand, we have bodies that can’t survive because they have no minds. On the other hand, we have recorded minds that can’t live, because they have no bodies. Ware technology is able to transfer thoughts and memories into a sleeper’s brain.

There were several people, including Elizabeth Leighton, lost in the bombing of the Myriad facility. If Echo can restore their minds, those minds could be transferred to the mindless bodies from the Sacramento site.

In the early, distorted, videos from phase 1, Elizabeth Leighton doesn’t say “help me” - she says “help us”. Wherever she’s transmitting from, she’s not alone.

Is that our task? To restore the minds of Elizabeth and the other bomb victims to living bodies?


Very similar to what I have been thinking. In the latest memo, Sophie does not ask us to wake up the 12, she asks us to integrate them into Satcom so we can disconnect them…what exactly does that mean? If we download the mind of others, they have to go someplace but, we would be hijacking the bodies of other people. :scream: unless they are already lost to us and can not be retreived…this becomes moral muddy water real quick. :hushed:


It’s the old mind/consciousness transference/copy conundrum… Would you be saving their consciousness or actually replacing them with copies? Their point of reference would be lost… And will they really be them at all?


Agreed. But strikingly similar to the moral dilemma we already faced with Artemis.


I think it will start tomorrow night, our Atlas passes might come into play in this one saying as the others should be on their way now


A terminal blinks, awaiting input…
Download Data

I have awoken, peering through the eyes of another whose face I cannot see. My movements, my words are not my own. I am embodied.

When once I witnessed worlds, now I am forced to observe only through the eyes of a stranger.

All seems very familiar. Like a W/ARE headset in a different ‘simulated’ reality. Or maybe it’s just me hoping to see the Ring Structures getting an actual ‘purpose’.


Yes, it also ties in very neatly with the Korvax cycle of personality storage and re-birth, and the fact that Travellers don’t die, but get stored in the World of Glass.

There’s a pattern here.


I agree. The Korvax was what came to mind for me with these newest developments with the sleepers.

I hope that these foreshadow a new enemy, new distinct personalities in-game, and the world of glass with the update.


It would only be logical. Some eldritch horror was first mentioned in the pathfinder base quest, and has resurfaced periodically during atlas rises. It will have to reveal itself at some point.


Which Eldritch horror was it again?

The one that is watching you but isn’t there when you turn around.


Ah. That one. Because of the text found in the Waking Titan spoiler commands?

No, because there have been hints at it in the game since pathfinder. Most of the WT flavour text is in the game, so I would expect that to have eventual consequences on the narrative. Since, with the whole waking titan thing, I do get the strong impression that they intend to expand the narrative along with the game.


I have frequently (as we all have) become a different person in an alien body compared to the body/mind I had as a child, teenager, young mother, and now aging professional artist.

This happened so slowly that I didn’t notice the evolution. Not until I looked back.

But it was MY body/mind… At least I think so.

The conundrum with the W/are transfer may be that the transformation will be so shocking to the mind of the person/echo transferred into an unfamiliar body, that they may die anyway or simply go insane.

Not to mention the shock-waves spiraling through the friends and families of both the body-donor and those of the person/echo.

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It’s most prominently shown at the end of the Nal quest, which closes the base-building sequence. But there are other references. Something is following you, hunting you.


Yes, but did you transfer consciosness (your point of view), or is it a copy, based on the data read… Same result for an external viewer and even to the copy itself, but the original being annhilated?

Never trust being uploaded into a machine unless someone proves the process can be reversed without “a cut” to your processes, or you could be fooled into a destructive scanning-replication scheme!


I’m not at all convinced that we’re dealing with mind upload technology here. The whole thing seems more like a very advanced brain/network interface. This would mean that the processes of the mind are still taking part in the brain. I can so far see no hints of data duplication.
I think the danger of disconnecting is more due to a neural shock, like a sudden and fatal chemical imbalance in the brain.


On the UpLink Satcom 70 App what grabs me about the Dreamers is that it doesn’t say select a ‘Dreamer’ it says select a Dreamer component. So, it seems fitting that we’d be putting stuff together.


I was pondering the possible use of Atlasv4 for this puzzle also. Reflecting on the little colored dots that travel the signal display. It was mentioned that we might need to saturate the interface with coordinated data queries, the passes might be our mechanism. Something like “at 2200 GMT all HG-16 query xxx node”. Perhaps the designations were balanced earlier to provide more coverage for coordination? Just typing out loud…


This is from the text on the WARE site.

They’re using their customer’s brains as processors in a wider network. They’re backing up the user’s memory state. How can they back it up, if they’re not uploading it? How can they use clients as processors, if data is not being fed from one to another? How can multiple clients participate in the same dream, if the data is not being downloaded into their minds?