And Now for Something Completely Different?


So, season 2 seems to be over, but so many questions are still there… What to think about ?

We probably lost Emily if the fact of shuting Monarch down “erase her” (I have no idea about how and why but well…) but at this point we don’t know:

  • Who or what is the 12th dreamer?
  • Why our Atlas passes designations were finally useless ?
  • As Arnaud, saved dreamers didn’t give informations we know nothing about the “satelite” and who was behind all that .
  • Why on the dashboard the dreamers’s suits still are reading datas ?

Well, “maybe” NEXT will give some answers. About the 12th dreamer, our CSD ID and designations can have a meaning in multi/coop ? But damn, I didn’t expect to have such an abrupt ending to this season.
I’d really like if @Anashel, @Emily or another A&S member could debrief like they did in part last year.

What are your thought ?


I suppose the ARG is done for good now that HG is starting to talk to us directly and doing weekly updates but the CSD is the NMS community…we’ll have to see if in the future they continue using the old gods email and if they will still tag our CSD IDs in emails assuming they still do email us.

As for #231187661T I think that character will be relevant in the game going forward because it’s a reference pulled straight out of Atlas Rises…here’s what the game has to say about #231187661T:

Iteration #2394829084924924924G

SCENARIO: Iteration #231187661T [Transferred | Deleted]. Probable boudnary separation failure. Vessel [16] emptied. [Sentinel Intervention | Deliberate Transfer] Unknown.


ANALYSIS: [-----] Awaiting Fresh Iteration. [Anomaly] Containment Prepared.


Position logged. System Integrity Scan Initialised. Anomaly is Compliant.


With the in-game shop currency thing that got revealed, community-oriented events with custom rewards and all that flare, they can now tie those codes to anything they want.
The V4 could give those lucky few I’m not amongst, anything, from a ship decal, to a Planetary Lord title with Gek harem included… Murray knows!?
Or a thread looser than a V/ARE unabomber.


I’ve been trying to keep up with everything that has been happening and all the articles but I have not seen anything about an ‘in-game shop currency’, where did you see/read that?


There’s also a shop. Not in the sense of a microtransaction or loot box experience, but as a place where players can spend in-game currency earned through doing community missions. The idea is that people can pick up unique cosmetics, emotes, base building parts and so on which mark or celebrate their community involvement.


That’s what i thought (hope ?) as it is the only way I can imagine to enter a code or something like that. Even if I don’t see how a “grouped people” with designations could work.

  • Who or what is the 12th dreamer?

It’s in the lore. This dreamer is still connected when WT ends, and NMS starts. The traveller replaces this dreamer who becomes “deleted” when a new game starts.

  • Why our Atlas passes designations were finally useless ?

I can think of one of three possible answers.
(1) Only Murray knows (i.e. there is still something planned for the future) or
(2) it will be used as an MP mechanic in-game somehow, or
(3) Even though it was hinted that the passes would have a function, they were devised a long time ago, and some things might have changed since then, rendering them as a collectible only.

  • As Arnaud, saved dreamers didn’t give informations we know nothing about the “satelite” and who was behind all that .

I believe the satellite belonged to Myriad, i.e. the Atlas foundation, and was used by W/ARE for their simulations. You’re right though that the saved dreamers were all but forgotten once they were saved. No thank you notes. No postcards. Nothing.

  • Why on the dashboard the dreamers’s suits still are reading datas ?

Because A&S didn’t take down the website yet.


Anomaly Compliant…perhaps the other door? The one that has not opened yet. Maybe Emily got transferred someplace, perhaps onto the Anomaly


I kind of wonder if Emily maybe became Telamon…the NMS universe is still very much grounded in base 16 Hex and there is still a simulation…Emily was responsible for performing the simulations so whatever happened to her I don’t think she’s gone. Though there is another more sinister loop of 16 in the NMS universe…the largely unknown Abyss…whose signature is a loop of 16 energy bursts.


It would be nice if Emily is somehow in-game. A nice reminder of the ARG and she would still get to be with us.
In the survey we filled out, they gave a space for comments and I used it to request a de-briefing of the ARG.


I submitted feedback via the feedback feature on the Zendesk but that works too…I didn’t mention Emily on there and I don’t want to start spamming their inbox either so I’ll leave it be for now but if they happen to be reading these threads here I think it would be really awesome to provide some mention of Emily surviving in some way in the game lore.


Well, after watching the leaked footage of character customization, I now have another idea about Anomaly Compliant to add to the list…


As we drew closer to the end of the ARG it was becoming more apparent we weren’t going to get all the answers, at the time I wasn’t sure if it was just to leave stuff left for us to speculate and theorise on and enjoy doing so, but I’m thinking we haven’t seen the last of VV\RE… Or Emily :slight_smile: waking titan will return.


I doubt Waking Titan will return at all to be honest…HG have confirmed they plan to open frequent and direct communications with us the players as well as plans for weekly game updates and in-game community events…I don’t see how any of that leaves room for an ARG. I do hope they mention Emily in a couple of lore bits in-game but that’s it.


That’s the beauty of outsourcing to A&S, organising the ARG doesn’t require too much work on HGs end…

… and now I’ve just had a wet dream where they married the weekly events into the next hypothetical season of Titan :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face: thanks for that mindgasm, extreme wishful thinking but would be delicious :yum:


It’s not about work on HG’s end…it’s just they don’t need it anymore they’d just trip over each other. Now we get weekly updates, community events, and HG communicating with us…no need for an ARG.


At the end of last year’s ARG Emily took over all the supercomputers on Earth and also took over the satellites.

IIRC when she deleted herself the readout only said “reallocating satellite resources”, I may have that last word wrong but you get the idea.

Emily and Loop 16 could be laying dormant in the Earthside computers. So there is hope for that.

And there is nothing that says A&S couldn’t be brought in for a new update and work through the new system, giving us weekly missions and etc.

After all, the Dreamers were never in the NMS simulation, it had not been created yet.

But maybe, just maybe, Emily retreated into the NMS simulation where she is trying to make sens of, or come to grips with the events that happened in this year’s ARG.


The Dreamers linked to the satellite were providing the processing power for Emily to perform the extractions. As she extracted more Dreamers, the processing power reduced.

When it came to Toby, there was no processing power left. If Emily extracted Toby, there would be nowhere for her to exist.

EXCEPT - there was another Dreamer. One we didn’t even try to extract. One who had, apparently, no mind at all. An empty space.

And Emily sooo wanted to be human…


And…SPOILER…I watched the footage of character customization and the humanoid suits are called anomalies which fits with the Lore @DarthTrethon pointed out above.
EDIT…it seems she may actually be one of us now, roaming around somewhere in the sim


I think it might be Telamon…“DIAGNOSTIC: … // NO CONNECTION” suggests there’s no real person plugged into the headset…the Atlas severed Telamon(a program) from the rest of the simulation to lock it within our exosuit…for the purpose of containing it…"[Anomaly] Containment Prepared" Also: “Probable boudnary separation failure.” = multiplayer…a boundry separation failure that affects us…the players.