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Not sure where this goes, but since NMS seemed to connect to something and I know 0% about it, what would be good resources for a n00b to visit to find out more about NMS - especially story and lore as I am more an archivist tracking story than a hacker tracking game. Thanks!!!


It looks like they have a wiki!


I can tell you a little, I run a No Man’s Sky YouTube channel and will be posting some videos on this later today.

No Man’s Sky has a short story lore based around certain monolithic locations, which you can find throughout the universe.

You are in a simulation and you don’t understand how you’ve got there, you find a voice called Atlas which will guide you through the universe. You can eventually find out more, such as certain Aliens. You have the Gek who used to wreak havock throughout the universe, and everyone hated them, they were condemned and our now a small time trader group. The Korvax are avid followers of the Atlas, The Korvax had a huge war with the Gek and lost, causing lots of deaths (the Korvax are robots, kind of), and you have the Vykeen who hate the sentinels (who are the robots created by the Atlas), they want the worlds to be free and the sentinels are the guards who guard all life on every planet.

The Atlas is essentially a God, and you can find Atlas entities throughout the Universe which provide a lot of lore, you usually have to learn the words for this however and can take a lot of time. However, you also have two people by the names of Nada and Polo, these two people have broken away from the simulation and guide you with rare resources. They also give information about the Atlas and that you shouldn’t follow them as they only live to bring you into the simulation.

That’s really all I can say off the top of my head, Emily linked a wiki which you should follow. If you have any questions or want to know who I am, I am from Orbit TV which is a No Man’s Sky information channel. I am willing to help and promote this project on my channel.


thank you so much! and adding your channel to my gotta watch list (it always grows with each investigation :slight_smile:


Brilliant, I am loving this ARG and how it ties to our little tape ARG too. You should check out the tapes as well, they link with this ARG with crazy amounts. We have glyphs in our specotgrams which resemble the glyphs within Waking Titan.

Thanks for checking me out, it really means a lot.

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sooo much lore to research : )


Yes there is a lot, there is a new writer being hired/been hired and an update for our game is very soon. Maybe this will help Waking Titan? A lot of in-game lines look very familiar to content found on the Waking Titan website.


And once again the beams have crossed. There goes the order of never cross the beams out of the window again.


Is that a reference to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? If it is, then I suggest checking out that book because No Man’s Sky was actually based a lot around this!!


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Just kidding. Worry not. Like @Jojo mentioned the resources you provided are great.


Also, reddit has a No Man’s Sky subreddit. From there there are a bunch of NMS subreddits to check out in regards to different aspects of the game. Feel free to message me as well if you have any questions. I love this game and I love to talk about it and speculate.