Lore Discussion (Spoilers)

New topic to talk about No Man’s Sky’s Lore, dump interactions and language files and discuss theories!


I am confused. Please explain. :upside_down_face: Someone make it make sense. :laughing:
Here are some old links. Not sure but some of this may have changed

and this from v 1.0


Thanks for the old links! I’m waiting on MBIN Compiler to update to extract language strings and post them here so people can take a deep dive into them. Although in the mean time Id love to discuss some of the loose threads in the lore, and also whatever the current evolving lore from the past updates is leading into. I’ve barely even done the Sentinel lore and HG burst a whole new bubble on me, with 3.9 probably around the corner :rofl:


So lets just lay out the big story players here:
Anomalies(also travellers, but are anomalies)
The Imposters of The Void(currently Ariadne is an imposter)
The Blight(pirates rebelling against the Atlas?)
The Sentinels
The Abyss(the AI of planet Korvax Prime, post destruction)
Living ships

Am I missing any?

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I’d say that the Abyss is a major player in all of this. It’s been built up to slowly and is now established as a formidible opponent to the Atlas. I also sort of think that the Voice of Freedom controlling these pirates is in fact The Abyss.

Telamon and Laylaps are also less spoken of, but important characters here, since Laylaps seems to supersede the Traveller and talks directly to Telamon, asking it to join forces and fight against the Atlas, presumably with the Abyss.

Also, the players are actually Anomalies, imperfect clones of the mind of the Creator of the Atlas, not the traveller race we see. I think only the last traveller (us the players) are the Anomalies though.


Ah yes. You are correct about the anomalies. Adjusted the previous post to reflect that.

Also, im unsure about the abyss. That story kinda ended and never picked back up. I remember it was in opposition of the Atlas but I dont remember any other relevant info on it. My theory is that the Abyss and the monstrosities are just viruses in the simulation. And my latest theory for The Blight are NPCs gaining more awareness of being disposable NPCs and refuse to be just thrown away with universe resets.

However, if there is a connection to the abyss, then maybe The Blight are NPCs who sided with the abyss or maybe their minds were infected by it, causing them to rebel against the atlas?

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Written up on wiki better than I could put it :

Abyss / Void Mother / Atlantid

Originally discovered by a group of missing Korvax scientists, the Abyss is a mysterious presence discovered while investigating underwater signals. Logs recording its existence note that its energy signature is similar, but distinct, from the Atlas. A narrator speculates that Atlas and the Abyss have a similar level of influence over the universe. According to the Sentinel Pillar, the identity of the Abyss is that of the AI of Korvax Prime, the Home planet of the Korvax, and the core of the first convergence, that was based off the Atlas itself. The planet was destroyed by the Gek, but the AI somehow survived. It is gaining influence across the universe, using the sentinels that defected from the Atlas. Korvax Colossal Archives suggest that “Atlantid” and “Void Mother” were other names given to the Abyss before the destruction of Korvax Prime. [8]


Oh man, I hadn’t bothered with the colossal archives much. And I forgot about the sentinel pillars . I need to go over those two.

Actually. HG should really add a codex in game where any new lore/story you uncover gets added to it so you can come back and reread something you missed. Because, really, its a whole lot of scattered text lore. Lol.


Yea a way to accumulate lore and Portal Addresses would be an absolute Godsend.

I’m glad that we can dump lang files lol, or the process of gathering all this lore would be insane.


Void Mother huh? Yeaa totally a friendly entity that’s going to grant me immortality to revolt against the creator of reality!

On a seious note though… Why would the first convergence, or remnants of the Korvax Prime Hivemind decide to corrupt and destroy the Atlas? Weren’t they infatuated with it?

Oh wait iirc, they saw themselves as becoming something similar to the Atlas in time. Is that what they’re trying to do now, as a horrific, amalgamated, corrupt entity?


Mythology is full of “Gods” being replaced by their children.


As below, so above. We invent God in our own image.