What is "The World of Glass"? Analyzing the new lore (SPOILERS)


The World of Glass has been mentioned before in the lore of No Man’s Sky. The newest lore from the Base Computer Archives is no excemption. Here I would like us to discuss this new information about it and answer several questions:

  1. What exactly is the World of Glass?
  2. Will we ever be allowed to go there?
  3. Who or what are “The Family of Glass”?

The lore I am refering to can be found in the video below; it is the end of the Base Computer Archives lore-line, and therefore contains SPOILERS, as the title of the thread suggests:

In the past, some have suggested that the World of Glass is just the exotic planets that were added in Atlas Rises (some are even refered to as “Glassy Planets” now). However, this new lore refers to the World of Glass as existing in a different universe altogether, and requires special warp capability to escape (“Laylaps” is a rogue Sentinel that befriended the protagonist, and therefore can travel freely between the World of Glass and the normal universe, as described in the Grave lore).

“The Family of Glass” is mentioned for the first time here. Some of the lore’s description makes them sound like they could be the Biological Horrors we now have in the game, but it isn’t 100% clear.

What do you all think?


It’s all a bit unclear…but from what I can gather it sounds like this is something that happened long before the start of the game. The First Spawn that joins them a bit mentions having owned 100 Korvax slaves, and is infected with nanites which eventually kill him…we know that this is how the Korvax eventually defeated the First Spawn that had enslaved them…by pouring nanites(sort of like Korvax blood) over the First Spawn eggs and some Korvax even giving their own lives in the process. Presumably the nanites could also infect the living First Spawn and eventually kill them…that’s the only conclusion I can make here.

So if this is something that happened ages before the game starts I would think it’s entirely possible that there may have been some sort of creatures on the glass worlds that are no longer there.

The reference to a different galaxy is also interesting…and mentions “returning” to their galaxy…something that is impossible to us right now. We can’t return to a galaxy once we leave it. But they don’t mention how they left their galaxy in the first place. We know the traveler sought this place but that’s it.

Laylaps is also interesting…we know the traveler did something to damage it and then repaired it…and then Laylaps was friendly to the traveler and separate from the other sentinels.

I wonder if these are either hints at upcoming features or content they had to cut from the game…intergalactic travel and having a sentinel companion…though any sort of companion would be a bit awkward because what do we do with them when we jump in our ships and fly into space?


There are a number of interesting things in this lore that we have heard about but do not fully understand.


Is this fleeing armada the crashed freighters we find on the planets?
And there is the Abyss again…


I don’t think so…the crashed freighters all seem to have unrelated stories as far as I can tell…one specifically mentions how they decided to kill a traveler who was begging them not to shoot only to have that same traveler return them…the very last entrance in the log is the captain ordering to kill the traveler again…we can pretty safely guess what happened to that one.


And yet, I remember the recordings from one wreck stating that they came in such large numbers that there was no way to fight them. I gathered that this was reference to a massive sentinel attack like the one mentioned above.


Yeah…but I don’t think that the stories of the crashed freighters are supposed to all tie together.


I wonder if the family of glass is a reference to storage areas for echoes.



I find this last bit very interesting…

“I will see you soon, my friend. Together at last! What tales they will tell of us!
I am transmitting the glyphs now. I can’t wait for you to meet my new friends…”

Who is the Traveler speaking to, exactly? Is it to the same person he seemed to be speaking to earlier when he wrote “I should have listened to you, my love”?

Was the terminal we read this from supposed to have been the sending or receiving terminal? Either way it seemed to be a one way conversation with no responses or a personal log…which makes it very odd to be referring to someone in 2nd person.

I was kind of disappointed that the lore just ended there…when he said he was transmitting the glyphs and another 6 hour countdown for the base terminal started I thought the next lore entry would be something…either to lead us through a portal or to give us some portal coordinates or something.

He also mentions meeting his “new friends”? Wait, what? I mean Laylaps is there, sure, but who else is he talking about? The First Spawn that was traveling with them earlier died…what other “friends” is he speaking of?


Clearly whoever or whatever left the log had been corrupted by the Abyss and is now an agent of chaos and destruction eager to gain more troops for the battle to overthrow the Atlas and rule the simulation, as well as control access to the world of glass.

Well, that’s what I’m choosing to believe anyway :smiley:


The final lore entry could be a happy ending, or a veiled unhappy ending. In the entry before it, the Traveler is being pursued by the Family of Glass and all seems lost. In the last entry, Laylaps teleports them out and everything is good, but then the mention of glyphs and inviting someone to meet their new friends…

On the surface it seems like a sudden, twist happy ending, but it seems to me more likely that the final entry is a lie made by someone who became a member of the Family of Glass and is trying to ensnare another Traveler there.


I see the world of glass as being what’s beneath the simulation. Imagine everything you see in the game is a hologram of sorts, the world of glass is what’s beneath it, what the hologram is born from/reflected off of.

As for the old gek in the world of glass, they’ve been there a long time not because the world of glass is in the past but because its a constant to all iterations of the simulation.

We also know many iterations are run simultaneously, and time happens at such a quick rate within each that this gek could be from an earlier time in an older simulation or it could be from an earlier time in your own iteration, or the Start of a new simulation started after your own.

Although being covered in nanites is similar to what the korvax did to change the gek, I think this is more to signify this gek has been here a long time and the world of glass is slowly consuming him. Think Davey John’s crew in pirates of carribean, longer they’re there the more barnicals grow on them, the more they become part of the ship the harder it is to leave.

There’s nothing to signify this but I also suspect time moves closer to real time in the world of glass, than it does in the simulation. Much closer.

I think the world of glass is also where the sentinels are brought into being.

As for the family of glass that ones a bit harder to visualise or make sense of though for the moment I’m sort of leaning towards, the atlas is dying so core functions and things within atlas’s programs and hardware are misbehaving. Could it be the glass that bares the sentinels and projects the universe has gone a bit, off protocol, and just become malicious and murderous, taking form and trying to lure things to their world or escape it?

I don’t know how the traveller made it to the world of glass, I don’t know how Laylaps got them out. I just know it has something to do with water, the only other thing in the game that reflects the universe off of it :wink:

Nanites clusters are the lifeforce of the universe, figuratively as currency and literally as is mentioned in the game. I believe the world of glass is made of pure nanite cluster and its where all creation in the simulation originates from and where their “code” returns when they “die”

I think the world of glass will be introduced as an end game update. As some mad attempt to escape the simulation and become that form to place a hand on the atlas’s glass, so it will not be alone at the end. I imagine if they built an AI like this then they must have robots or androids or something you could upload a digital mind into?

My other theory on who the atlas predicts will return to them at the end, is their creator.

The species left with a portable version of the Atlas it helped build. They’ve gone to discover the nature of their own universe. We know from the lore that the creators universe is also a simulation.

So im thinking the creator and his species, using the portable atlas, eventually figured out how to unlock “god mode” for lack of a better term [cheats in old games, unlimited ammo, big head mode, multiple skins for Yr character etc, some of you youngsters may know them now as microtransactions] , become immortal and now the creator, feeling empathic to the being it created, has returned to teleport it the funk away from that dying star.

@sheralmyst As for the fleet, I don’t think they are all the crashed freighters though you could assume some are.

One of the crashed freighters you’re sent to as part of story is actually polo’s. Or Nadas. I can’t remember. Also of note is that polo dies, in a lot of iterations, but nada always escapes and meets another polo. That’s why Polo is different looking every time you see them but nadas appearance is constant.

While the family of glass lore is very interesting, I think the base archive lore leading up to this final peice is just as important.

Reading those logs reads as though it’s ourselves, experiencing the game, the features added since launch, and the funny little things that happen sometimes, like travellers not always being travellers at first or upon return etc etc.

We don’t know how nada and polo got the anomaly, though we do know the 16 came after them and sent sentinels to take them out, Killing polo in one instance, so it’s possible the anomaly is born of something from the world of glass as well, something they weren’t supposed to have.


So nanites are like midi chlorians…:grin:


I kind of draw my own comparison to them being like Aiúa/philotes from the Ender saga. And the world of glass being “The Outside”.

Aiúa were sentient philotes and philotes were the building blocks of all matter, the outside was separate from the universe and once there you could will anything into being and bring it back by influencing the Aiúa with strong thought, forcing it to take form as is their purpose. They’re like the universes stem cells.


My rather simplified view of the ‘World of Glass’ is that it is the realm on the other side of the TV screen.
Our world. The creator’s realm.
It’s the place where real pain & suffering exist at the same time as the vulnerable iterations of NMS hinge on our interaction. It’s the place where ideas are born & dreams are crushed. It’s the place that is isolated from the universe of NMS yet it ultimately controls it; not only via the players (us) but by the coders who tweak it & maybe even by the haters who endangered it (once).
I think WE are the World of Glass or at least a part of it.

I see the battered orb of the Anomoly as the ‘portal’ that allows the worlds to link. The main story of the creators vs the random experiences of the iterations, (our playthroughs). It exists beyond the Atlas’ control yet is still bound by some of the rules.
(I like to think Mr Murray & co. have a backroom in the Anomoly & can pop in as they choose & teleport anywhere using it :grin:

I also think that some of the lore in NMS is intended to be open ended, with some tales being historical accounts of other travellers from other periods (Day one, Foundation, Atlas Rises) with no
actual relevance to fixed lore plus other tales may be hints at where things may have come from. I think much of it is intended to be interesting but not necessarily relevant.
We never found out much about the weird worlds other than to note that they were likely intentionally redacted by the Atlas for its own insane reasons.
Each major update brings with it a bunch of changes to everything and this too is part of how the universe of NMS works. Nothing is fixed.
The inhabitants of the World of Glass perform some activity and the NMS universe alters.

or something like that… :slight_smile:


Very good Todd, I see you, like me, have been reading up on all the lore; I agree that most of your ideas are likely true.

An idea I have (though I have no evidence for it) is that the World of Glass will be a “multiplayer zone” where you pretty much are forced to play with others in order to survive. Right now, there is nothing in the game to really make people want to play together, and an “ultimate challenge” zone is just the kind of thing to encourage us to buddy up.


Most of his ideas are completely and utterly baseless without a shred of lore backing them…they qualify as fan-fiction at best.




I think the ‘world of glass’ is the real world as perceived by the digital copy of the creator of the Atlas. The only way you can see the real world from the simulation is through a glass eye. A camera lens. I think we are all playing as that copy of the creator who saw his reflection looking into the glass of the machine.


I am totally with you on your interpretation of the world of glass. It’s the real world where you can hide from the simulation, or of course the other way around. At the same time they are multiverses, co-existing at the same time when playing.


I don’t think there’s any way that the world of glass can be the real world…digital characters would have no way of breaking through to the real world and even if they found a way by accessing a camera to see the real world they wouldn’t be vulnerable to being harmed by it as the traveler and Laylaps were vulnerable in the world of glass…there’s simply no possible way that can conceptually work in any capacity.