NMS Interceptor

Sean personally jogs across planets for us to record these videos? :face_holding_back_tears:


can you please post the trailer? stupid forum won’t let me


Well, the name looks more like seany murray to be fair. But I was admittedly in a hurry to beat sheralmyst’s first post. :wink: I am so rarely right there typing when something interesting happens.


I think we posted new threads at the same moment :laughing: I deleted mine and it would not let me post the trailer again


Steam Update where are you??? push the button Sean!!! lol


I am excited for this one! I love the camps and the corrupted looking critters.


Indeed. While I kinda get bored of the “new class” and here all the stuff you collect for it…like Living Ship etc. It looks great. Love the idea of finally blowing away the Sentinel Frieghters.

i just hope down the line we get more planetary stuff for us. (new parts, new survival stuff, terraforming etc)


So effectively we’re getting a new, pretty content-heavy planet type with this update, and a few extras. Yeah, that’s pretty neat.

Does anybody know what the “personal records” stuff is all about? I assume it’s too much to hope that I can write my own records in there…
Also, I hope the personal wonders can be used to generate a waypoint leading back to them, but I have my doubts.


still waiting for release on Steam. I saw someone say it is on PS5…


I think just like bookmarks for the planets we personally like


Expand your fleet with your very own salvaged Sentinel Interceptor starship. Hunt down your perfect Sentinel ship , or collect a whole range of these sleek procedurally-generated Interceptors. (there’s your ship customization, sort of)

Sentinel fleets have evolved. System authority ships now appear in hundreds of procedurally-generated variations , dramatically diversifying their silhouettes and styles.

Sentinel quadruped combat units have been improved with new animations and intelligent pathfinding , tremendously improving their mobility and agility when hunting Travellers. (oh great) :upside_down_face:

The Quicksilver Synthesis Companion is engineering a blueprint for a traditional Gek Spawning Cowl . Synthesise this exotic customisation to don the appearance of an esteemed Trade Lord. (finally, a hat for the Gek)

Scraps of robotic anatomy can be found littering corrupted planets, but it remains unclear how they relate to the crystalline power seeping from these discordant worlds… ( a mystery)

Face off against a swarm of corrupted Sentinel spawns . These aggressive mini-machines know no fear, and will relentlessly pursue their Traveller foes all the way to the bitter end. :scream:

Ominous Dissonance Resonators drill into the crust of corrupted Sentinel worlds, pumping out whatever decay and darkness simmers below the surface. Built from rare Sentinel materials , destroying these machines is both lucrative and highly dangerous… ( a new line of profit)

Mysterious Harmonic Camps can now be found across corrupted planets. Explore these abandoned sites to solve puzzles , reclaim technology , and perhaps learn the secrets of whoever constructed and then fled these scrapyard encampments (yes, thank you)


That was me, I saw that PS5 updated for NMS, but I didn’t have time to check it before going to work.


steam just dropped.


Updating on GoG (3.2GB)


Post from HG on LinkedIn


Sean Murray save us. The corrupted are so hard. I’ve died for the first time in a long time. They warp gravity around them. They cause grav-storms. I need to upgrade my weapons…


I’m sorry to say; this statement made me look forward to checking out this new enemy (after work.)


SPOILERS but I will hide them.
This is how it starts though, just to get you on the right path
corrupted sentinels

Also, it seems you do not need to avoid these planets. The Corrupted Sentinels seem to go about their daily routine as normal as long as you leave them alone. I am not entirely sure if that is true with the Sentinels guarding the Dissonance Resonator, so beware.
As for their difficulty, I just piled onto them with grenades and had no real problem defeating them. They will hunt you in between waves and you can get away on foot, however, taking to your ship is the same as normal Sentinel waves, they will fly in and hunt you down.
One note, these Sentinels do not have Healers as the normal ones do…they ALL heal each other. Good strategy, damage as many as possible, they will run to repair each other. Once clustered together, blast them with a well placed grenade. :smiling_imp:

SPOILERS starting now


Living Fragments and Radiant Shards

Corrupted Sentinel

I have no idea what this is called so I will call it Swarm Mother

She brings her babies with her

Destroying an entire wave will give Dissonance Spike Coordinates which lead you to a proc gen ship

It contains lore

bits to gather

and a parts list for repair

Use your scanner to locate a Dissonance Resonator

Destroy it and the waves…then probe this

You should also receive an Inverted Mirror. Not sure if you get one every time or it is % based.
The coords will lead you here

Where there will be more lore

You will get this

You can now fix the ship

You should also get this
You will receive Harmonic Echo Coordinates which will take you here

This place has a bit of a puzzle to it. I will let you figure it out. If you do, you get one of these.

also proc gen…
You also receive the new backpack. Remember to check in the Appearance Modifier

So there is a bit of a puzzle to solve at the end of the above process. I will leave it for all of you to figure out.
Enjoy! and Good Luck!


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Have 2 of my base planets “convert” one was infected already so looks like I have a planet fighting two viruses.